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I didn’t post my words earlier so please applaud my elite tech skills. Nonduality + English as a second language is a bitch and a half.

Tldr im yeeting shem and goetic as one, and asking for that name. It’s nameless so, you know, text posts fall short. I may post audio recordings in future posts


In case you weren’t aware (which maybe you totally are), this link is invite-only or request access.

Looking forward to this thread taking off!


So, this.

The coins
These are used as a divination-y exercise. I toss the coins and one coin always stands out. My left hand is facing palm to the earth. I place the coin ontop of my hand and stfu. When I stop trying, I get a kinesthetic impression. A feel, sound, or sight. I then use the card to compare my impression.

So, note the two trees at the bottom portion, under the circle. Correspondence, blah blah. My point is that I asked the first battery, which is my term for Bael & Vehiah as one, for it’s Name. Mind you, I wasn’t a dick about it. After some sphinx-y q and a type stuff, my ego took a backseat, and the “power behind all powers, the form behind all forms” stuff occured.

Anywho, the name of the first battery seemed to be a combo of the left and right sides of these two trees.

I have been meditating on this


omg you got the coins? I remember seeing the whole set on a YouTube video once, I forgot what they’re called tho


The set is called “The 72 Angels by FraterSetnakh” I’m just glad I bought something I actually consistently use :laughing:



Nemamiah - the discerning angel
This is the angel I drew today.


Oh I have this set! Cost quite a bit of money, but it sure is beautiful. I havent used it yet myself, but someday…

Keep at it!


Divination, Pathworking and Invocation

Here is my workout.

  1. Raziel to oversee this work.

  2. Cast the Coins

  3. Choose one coin, without looking at them.

  4. Avoiding looking at the coin, just chill and hold the coin. Scry it and write down impressions.

  5. Look at the name, and repeat it. Considering the name attunes you to the energy of the spirit.

  6. Repeat the Name, Titles in Latin and English. Quickly, you’ll intuitively know the connection is primed.

  7. “Raziel connect me to Leuviah”.

  8. The Cancer/Venus is excellent info. Since Cancer is associated with the color yellow, imagine a yellow angel-thing with the sign of Cancer.

8A) You can task the angel here, as you would any Pathworking.

8B) Or, be a nondual occult bro and invoke. You see youself as the angel. You are a yellow robed angel with the sign of Cancer.

  1. I wrap it up with the psalm verse and a license to depart.

Mega Charge this, dude
Here’s how to charge up the energy, you can really feel the angel wanting to show up with this. It also provides a very precise address. (It’s the difference between somebody shouting your name on the street where you live vs knocking on your door to call your name).

After step #5, you repeat these stats.

For example,
“Leuviah, who is of the choir of thrones.
Leuviah, who is of the sephira of binah
Leuviah, who is governed by Tzaphkiel”.

Final Note

This gives you a more live wire flavor of these types of angels. An angel who is associated with storms gave me like a pissed off goetic king vibe. Another angel had like a blank computer screen for a face, which is downright freaky.

Some angels do try this pissy spirit “who are you to call on me” thing. Pro-tip (I’m not a pro): just remain silent. I’d say this is not newbie, but most will get this: What is the most holy name? Who are you? By who’s authority do you call…

YHWH is a very useful holy name. But the holiest name is ineffable. Since ya cant speak it, stfu!

This or just signing the Sign of Silence, to me, seems to have effect of tilling new soil. It just feels like new, fertile ground.



I agree, it’s art. I had to take the leather poster down bc it made me dizzy looking at it :joy:





I really like this one. It makes me think of a forgotten castle, in someone’s fantasy.


Mystery Keeper Raziel + Shem

Raziel showed up egging me to image circles. Being my edgy oppositional self, I decided to not exert any mental effort. Literally just taking a second to not overthink or plan anything, just chilling.

The energy around me formed into a circle. This had the four elements scratched into the circle itself. The elements seemed different. The symbols would move a bit, like, they felt like they were looking at me. Staring.

I fell into a deep trance. (Something about four elements are the four petaled lotus-rose, idk bro. Really :man_shrugging:t5:) Spontaneously, I spoke to each of the elements. “Oh air, my Air. Oh fire, my Fire. Oh water, my Water. Oh earth, my Earth”. I commanded them to harmonize within me, with Raziel’s supervision. This feels like prep for this:

The second outer circle had the words “the planets 7” written on it. This outer circle begin to spin clockwise. Faster and faster. The passage of time. Obviously, if the planets spin in the direction of a clock… this indicates the passage of ages, time, milenia.

The question: who stands in the two circles?
I reply: the eternal. the wordless. More precisely, Adam Kadmon
Raziel: Correct

I then had a chat with Raziel about all this. I guess 5 years in, I’m still super cautious about anything larpy in magick. Raziel told me if I verify something several times, I should trust that I’ve done my due diligence


Your own or others?

I recommend Marnes either way- Genius of Discernment.


Myself, and yeah! The Genies are criminally underused


You read a grimoire and observe two spirits seem like almost the same.
Maybe you read a Goetia, and happen across Halphas and Malphas. Maybe you read a Shem, and observe two titles that share a give and take. Patron of youth and custodian of elders, that sort of give and take. It’s initially subjective, but should be objective as more users verify.

When you come across any two such spirits: take your trusty psychopomp spirit bro, evoke them, merge them, ask for that name. Seriously try this!


I had a hoot of a time with a spirit (they asked for privacy). I put this name into an AI image and got results consistent with the nature of this spirit.