The Strange Sigil

So this morning I wrote in my dream journal about a strange sigil I thought I had dreamed about. But know I realize there is more to it.

This sigil is black and gold. Feels like someone took the to make it out of some kind of metal. Which isn’t odd. I know sigils are made like that for necklaces and stuff all the time. Ive just never seen this design.

It has like a filigree design.
Here is an example not the actual one I see.

In my dream I called it a sigil. It feels like it works as a sigil. Its sitting on a table inside of an old barn up against a wall.

There is a two story old home on the property. Its still in use. Its in good condition but build several years ago.

It feels like it may have been a family farm or something.

I know this wasn’t a dream now as I am still there and my vision of this place is increasing constantly.

There is a man around me. He’s very close to me. Im guessing he is the magician that pulled me here. Though, Im not sure if he is aware that I am there.
I can feel him very very close like he’s touching me but not touching me. His breath is right there.

Im not sure what type of magick he’s doing or why yet.

I don’t know why Im here yet but something about that sigil object pulled me to this place.

Maybe its some type of fetish item used for a spirit. But sense it seems to work as a sigil does as pulling one in, i processed it as a sigil.


So it is a very real place the barn is coming more into focus for me. There is hay on the ground and a big red tractor.

Looks similar to this


I think it’s a bracelet .

Something similar

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