The Qlippothic Tunnels of Choronzon

Grab a headlamp! And

32 Tunnels Edition!
Let’s get ready as we introduce Mr. Choronzon. Our reference chart for the 32 paths.


Ground Zero

I am not even a person to ask questions about the Qlippothic Tunnels. I do have opinions, like this one.
1: Please stop calling these tunnels those of set. A teacher that charged you hundreds of dollars for a edgelord coseplay might be just the sort of fellow(s) to make egregious errors. Avoid stevie wonder teachers. Having ingested Matthew 15:14, you might elect to call them something else. I call them the Tunnels of Choronzon. Having an Eagle’s Sight, you observe that Da’ath and the Tunnels have the quality of Not, Naught, Zero.
2: Having shit, piss, vomitted, and cried out the nessessary muckcompleted a journey on the tree of death. You arrive at this scenario, my rough draft of Choronzon. I am not experienced here. Somebody told me to “Come On”, :face_with_monocle:

Start with something akin to Thedore Rose’s Lucifer and The Hidden Demon’s Pathworking of Lucifer. Remember, I am “Keeper of Kitchen and Cutlery” and we are cooking in here! Take the base of the lucifer pathworking, we now add in my ingredients and spices.

Tofu’s Current Recipe

with echoes of Azazel and Animal-Goat-Quintessence,

awareness opens at Desolate Desert.
Desolate Desert is Barren.
Only Sand and Sky. Infinite in every direction. Dim lighting.

I, as Tofu, see white colored sand and a muted blue-green seen only in the Artic in the sky, ala Auror Borealis.

The introduction of the sensation of radiation, such as uranium-235, to this image-scene, essentially set the stage.

for whom?

A voice in the tone of a 1920s announcer
To me, it feels like a radio advert for a boxing fight? {I know nothing about sports}
volume increases {I felt a waft in my ear as I wrote this. this note is mainly for me}
INNNNtrooooduccccinggggg Mister Eighteen and Neighteeen of the English Alphabet itself: R-S (a vibe of runes meaning ice and mutation. i dont know runes at all, so i got that translation. ice and mutation. it’s a piece here)

Tofu and Choronzon?

R is the 18th Letter of the English Alphabet.
S is the 19th Letter of the English Alphabet.

R is as Radiation, or the Quality of Radiation.
S is Stagnation, the Quality of Stagnation, that crawls as a worm.

Norse Runes have a ??? with Ice and Mutation. I’m from Central America, so idk. a rune fits here?


Choronzon has always ate I AM.
You see, the serpent spoke to eve,
if i was a serpent upon THY Tree, this id tell eve


Weezy S-Baby, and the S is for Stagnation.

I am is stagnation


In Rites of Acharayim, VK calls the tunnels of set, and after their completion a few more “secret” tunnels reveal themselves called the tunnels of choronzon iirc. What’s your take on this?

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Qlippothic Tunnel #17
Satariel to Thagirion

Reference Page: Zamradiel – V.K. Jehannum
Initiation Avenue: The Universal Gapworking, from The Rites of the Acharayim by VK Jehannum.

Having gone up the central pillar of the Tree of Death, I stopped at Satorial. Amon, Aim and others counseled that I spend time with Saturn. It is the one planet I have ignored. Doing this, I was guided to initiate into Tunnel #17. This tunnels is from the Saturn sphere to the Solar sphere. I worked with Lepaca and Aim to ensure the validity of this recommendation.

Notes on Tunnel #17’s Initiation

Choronzon took notice prior to the rite, as I was drawing the sigils. Currently, to me, Choronzon is Stagnation. Stagnation is an aspect of my regular life. Therefore, Choronzon-as-Stagnation is already a “spirit” that we all interact with!

The Spirit of the 17th Tunnel of Choronzon is Zamradiel. Being utterly new to these tunnels, my senses here need time to acclimate. I sensed that I was devouring everything I called via a black hole that was “turned on” as I began this work.

This energized me greatly. As I drew the energy in, I observed that I was radiating love. Mind you, this was more or less automatic. I am not planning to eat or radiate love in ritual.

Seconds after, I got the knowing that the ritual was completed. The Tunnel spoke briefly, telling me that they would talk to me. Like a “we’ll be in touch” note.

Zamradiel Experience
tofu and tunnel 17

This tunnel confirms something I suspected in the Qlippoth. I have called the Sephiroth lesser, and Qlippoth greater. This approximates the Greater Samael or Satanail & Christ the Younger motif, another Brother-Pair. :sunglasses:

Brother-Pair is significant in that it is before the Genesis creation. Much of Maya Mythos is before Genesis. It has to do with the upper and lower waters, before creation. This material is innately shamanic by nature.


Zamradiel led me to witness a person dying. It seemed that Zamradiel lesson (man, I dislike this word) involved the examination of my attitude and empathy regarding death and dying.

A point was to show me my rather cold reaction to death is a schema that can be updated.

A dream consisted of being visited by Zamradiel. Very foreign and unknown. It felt like Zamradiel was an avatar or puppet, similar to an idol.

I woke up thinking about “The Labyrinths of Ayin”. I’m unsure about the spelling on the last word. Ain, Zayin. Hmm.


This tunnel revealed to me what appeared to be black indestructible strand-strings. This felt like Will. I was show how to channel and use this at a more concious and purposeful manner. Dream-wise, this seemed to supercharge me. Rather than flying at the speed of an eagle, I was yeeting around the place like superman.

Bilocation is a skill it taught me automatically (?)
I was aware of myself as I was watching tv and simultaneously aware of myself that is always at (?) The Saturn Sphere. I saw a decrepit old woman smile as she placed a mantle upon life, which was in-bodied by a Christ-Figure.

:sunglasses: Unwarranted Recommendation :sunglasses:

Unfortunately, I will have to add the memes at a later date. :frowning_face:

the tunnels are not
silence speaks
seek your song of silent speak

The tunnels of choronzon are best navigated via Song.
You just get a feel for it. With a spirit of song, like Goetic Amducias, meditating on the image of the Tree of Death reveals that the paths sing to you.