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Yes, the fae

I just think it’s perfect, the books, the plants, the stained glass windows, the hardwoods.

It’s cozy and magickal.


It’s beautiful.

IRL you’d need a lot of money to pull off the custom woodwork and stained glass but nothing says it can’t be in astral right?

Which brings the question how do you transfer idea to astral? I forgot if we have a thread here about that (astral temples/getaways)?

Add:not specifically that image (I have my own perfect room ideas that I don’t get enough moola for presently). Ones including fireplaces, leather wing chairs, and built in bookcases.

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More along these lines (room styled like the room pic but a fieldstone fireplace similar to the other pic (sans chandelier).

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Always dream big because if you can’t dream big you can’t do big even if you get the chance. :woman_shrugging:

Did anyone else look at it and think about all the dusting they’d have to do? With three cats and a lot of climbing space there for cat fur to fall on…


Site be glitching for me this afternoon (in the last hr) when editing & posting new.

Didn’t think of cat’s climbing or about the dusting.
Just of a dog lounging at the fire on the rug at my feet after a long walk & me reading one of the books.

Which makes me ask this out of curiosity…is there dust in the astral

Add: depending on dog breed I might have to reconsider the lying after I walked it at my feet in the future :woman_shrugging: currently my imagination has a redbone or some other hound in mind.

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I could see someone visualizing a barrier meant to irritate intruders using the imagery of dust. About as close as I can think of.

That was my first thought :joy::joy:

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Well, the family is continuing to grow. My sister in law is having her fifth today, my younger sister is due fairly soon, and my eldest daughter is due in april. Even if I only live to the average 60 that males in my family live, I may be the one who sees the most generations, which is a blessing.


Let us know if help is needed! Congrats!


This tasty little Oak branch landed on my deck. I smell a wand. Smelled a bit better when I knocked the slug off of it onto the grass to try again. Safely.


Yeah that looks like an awesome wand.


I was out on the same deck earlier to do my Cthulhu ritual in the shed (decomposing fish smell and all that).

So not only did it land away from the numerous plants taking up most the space, but a slug was on it. Not pretending to understand or making predictions. I’m an analyst. I note the oddity of both, note it, appreciate it, but that’s where it goes for now.

Actually, my geriatric, day walking (:sleepy:) ass needs to head to bed. This stick may get carved this Winter, when it’s jad a chance to dry.


I actually wonder if that might make a better rod than a wand… idk

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But I don’t have cats. I have a dog a black hellhound who will just sleep on that nice rug.


So, short hair and slobber?


It may, but I don’t use rods.

I have several long dogwood branches drying from either storms or electrical pruning. Several long straight Oaks that were cut down to prevent siding issues.

This one dropped on it’s own. Once it dries and the splitting happens (or doesn’t), we can see how long it is. I’ve set it aside to dry. I probably won’t look at it for a while

I am likely to rake down a few American Holly branches/off shoots to bring more light into the backyard. Definitely rod length if they don’t split. If you remember that staff from Abiel Dante’s book, twice as thick as these, hasn’t suffered from splitting as bad as I feared. Different tree, but same species. The staff tree was a female and this is a male.


Oof, forgot to say I’m about to “buy back” that staff so I can use it for other things like wands.

Will take some work, for sure. Shit ton of offerings. But it’s collecting dust.


Kinda long hair … he’s a mix breed so idk what he is but his hair is kinda like a cocker spaniel’s but he’s bigger than one. He doesn’t really slobber though.

He’s super protective.


I’d like to get a piece of ash, yew, Hazel, cedar, elm, and elderwood. I have some custom wands id like to put together for different kinds of energies and projects.

I used to go to the city for r&r every 2 weeks but i don’t think I’ve been out for nearly 3 months aside from haircuts and such. I’m turning into a recluse… getting these woods would probably require leaving my temple on a day trip.

Which would also mean getting off my ass… something I am loath to do …

Maybe I’m getting agoraphobia… maybe I’m just getting old, of maybe I’m spun out and crazy.

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