The Legendary Prince Orobas Grand Grimoire 2.0 RELOADED 😎

This journal will house my new version of my famous online E Book in “That other forum”

I will be adding new material, new rituals, techniques and wisdom directly from the horses mouth :horse:

This work is lovingly dedicated to the Mighty Prince Orobas “once more into the breach my friend!”

Note on the subject of bibliography.
Guys I can’t possibly remember where I picked this and that up over the years. Sometimes I do remember the book and author and I give them credit wholeheartedly. I’m not a plagarist intentionally.

Now where I list a specific ritual and tell you it’s my signature work, I expect you not to circulate that without naming me as the source. Thank you.


Following this! Great to see it on here!


Chapter one:. Tarot basics. I see alot of people shuffling thier decks intuitively that have no idea how to actually listen to thier own intuition and that’s cool but there’s a better way that gets better results. Alot of people were never shown how to properly shuffle the deck, if you weren’t it’s not your fault, yes intuitive can work but this method gives crystal clear readings.

For our first lesson in tarot basics I’m going to show you how I was taught to shuffle my deck for all kinds of divinations.

Start by taking the deck in your dominant hand. Take the deck and make two pikes towards the right. Pick them up and shuffle them. Repeat those two steps three times.

Then take the deck in your dominant hand and make three equal piles going from left to right again.

Pick up the left pile And place it on the center pile, pick up the center pile and place it on the right pile.

Take the deck and hold it between your middle finger and thumb and hold it sideways along the decks edge and using your index finger tap three times along the side of the deck.

Then take the deck and cut it from left to the right again. Pick them up left on top of right again. Now you are ready to draw your first card.

Tarot basics 2:. Don’t begin by trying to learn the famous ten card or other bizarre spreads, focus one one card question and answers to begin with and move on to three card.

Three card you can cover the past of a matter, the present and the likely future outcome.

Tarot basics:3

Interpreting your cards, quick couple pointers the court cards page, knight, queen and King are usually indicative of people I find.

The minor arcane are elemental representations these cards can tell you what the out come of a situation may be but willpower or Magick can change the course of the future set in monkr arcana cards

Major arcana cards represents the will of God or Gods, a force greater than you and something you must react to instead of dictate terms to. I find these cards must be faced and magic is almost totally ineffective at changing outcomes where these cards are concerned.

Tarot basics:4 Reversals

Do not try to use reversals when you’re learning tarot it’s complicated and you can easily misinterpret the meaning of a situation especially when viewed by the relationships between the cards or on the whole.

Instead focus on dignity of cards. Fire and air work well together. Water and earth work well together. That means watch wands and sword combos they accentuate each other. Likewise so do pentacles and cups. You can tell if a card is well or ill dignified by the position of the card and the neighboring cards.

This ends your intro to the tarots basic concept and divinatory functions. We will revisit this in more advanced capacity later in the grimoire.

Here is a video illustrating the above technique


Chapter 2: dream works

Alot of people don’t realize this but the dream world is actually a portal to the astral. You can shift gears through lucid dreaming and go astral If traditional methods of projection don’t work.

Let’s talk about contacting spirits in dreams.

This is simple, place the spirits seal under your pillow 3-5-7 days. Your chances of seeing the spirit are very good. Here’s the problem. You’re probably not going to remember.

Almost all of us forget our dreams on waking within 3-5 minutes. How do we address that? Place a journal or your phone by your bed and create voice notes or write your dream in as much detail as possible.

Now comes the fun part decoding the dream. Easiest way to do that is examine what you’ve been ruminating or fixating on.

Often after evocation the spirits will visit our dreams to give us signs. Now don’t read into it what you want just observe.

A tip for spirit communication is to place a glass of cold water by the bed as an offering for the spirit. Water will energize the spirit and make communication easier.

Lucid dreaming

I’m currently doing sephirotic initiation and my dreams are almost all lucid during this time. You can usually get lucid by ruminating for a week prior to takeoff. Think of this as preparatory immersion.

Once your lucid you can go basically anywhere by just imagining it. Take a step and your there. I can’t astral project worth a damn so this is how I do it.

Protection during dreams

Yes parasites imposters and tricksters can and do attack us in dreamscape. Place a cardboard or wooden pentagram under your mattress for protection from this lower grade of spirit.


I’ve been reading Tarot for a while and I still don’t use reversals; I find that the upright version of cards is enough to tell a story in and of itself. However with the method I use for card selection, occasionally a card will jump out of the deck, and I take those as significant to the reading, especially if they jump out reversed.

I take note of this closely too. Not always, but often, there is a predominant suite or suites which point toward the most heavy influence over the querent and their reason for asking for the read. For instance if someone asks for a general reading, and there’s a heavy influence of swords, it usually indicates that the person is being rational, or it could be that they are too rational and ignoring emotion or other factors (material, spiritual), or that they are completely stuck in their own head to the point of anxiety (you know, depending on the other cards in the narrative). Same for the other suites; an abundance of cups tells me they are either prone to being ruled by emotion, or that their current mental real estate is filled up with emotions… that kind of thing.



Yes I completely agree about watching for overall elemental patterns as well.


Chapter: 3 common tools and implements for basic evocation.

First of all I don’t deal with lamens and things like that anymore. Most of the solomonic procedure is either symbolic or antiquated and doesn’t need to be used for satisfying results.

So here’s what I recommend you do have.

Athame: a black or white handled knife or dagger.

This is important to carving candles or lbrp other destructive rites.

Wand:. I follow the Dragon Rouge methods loosely since I’ve found how effective they are.
A wand is a necessary implement. It directs your will during the ritual. Think of a traffic cop with his baton directing traffic. He points and traffic moves. That’s the effect you’re shooting for.

Now you can get wand two ways. The internet, like a to Harry Potter wand or you can go o n a walk through the be forest and see a fallen branch ( or still green is ok too) and you can do it yourself to make your wand.

It should be 10-14" long and maybe 3/4 of an inch thick. If you get a harry Potter wand don’t worry about the colors just pick something that draws you.

For naturalists,. Let the branch dry. Sand it fully down. Apply gesso, then paint with acrylic paints that you can find at Lowes or home Depot or a hobby supply store.

Next take your wand and place it under your pillow 7 days. Then after that pass it through incense smoke in your temple. Say with conviction ’ by the power of the four el9and the Divine inside of me I do consecrate this wand that it may serve in my art.". That method has served me well.

Brass singing bowl:. They cost about 20-30 dollars on the internet. A brass bowl generates chi energy. It can be used to charge jewelry and objects and banish unclean spirits and invoke for manifestation of your wishes.

Blasting rod: this should be approximately 16-22 inches long and about 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches thick.

Now this recommend you make out of dowel rod or elder Wood. I highly recommend you paint it red and black and paint symbol’s of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, you can Also add heavy duty godnames if you wish. This thing gets kept under your pillow 7 days, consecrated similar to the wand also.

Black mirror:. I recommend you get a 5 or 6 inch obsidian mirror for scrying work and learning to see spirits with clairvoyance.

Crystal Ball:. Bigger is better. I have an 80mm orb and it works perfectly. Always keep it out of sunlight and covered for fire safety.

Sword: yeah I’m old school, a sword is necessary. I draw my circle with my sword and say “may no spirit penetrate this circle without my consent” you can also use the sword to punish unruly spirits.

Chalice:. You need a chalice for offerings to the spirits you’re evoking.

Cauldron:. You need some kind of burn safe bowl.
I recommend you spend 20-30 dollars on various incense and 20 on small colored candles.

Try to keep a good reserve so you are prepared for everything.

Those are the tools I employ ( not every tool every time,) for basic evocation and spirit work.

No it is not Necessary to have all these things to evoke. It is a system I use and have found superior to other systems of organization.

These tools are are about the bare minimum I want to go into the action with.

Probably wouldn’t hurt to have a couple big black candles and Large black tapers too. You can never have enough of them.


Chapter 4:. The basic rituals of Ceremonial Magick.

(Infernal rituals @UncleAl Signature work)

First what you need to know.

Casting a circle ( where you operate the ceremony from. You, the magician is the dot in the center of the circle, SOL. Divinity, a facet of immortal divine energy.

Using your sword or handfuls of salt or chalk or scuffing up the dirt in a circle. Say ",May no spirit penetrate this circle that I do not give consent. I visualize it glowing with golden energy And runes.

Next the LBRP learn the angelic side first, if you get a furious goetic spirit only archangels or God’s can turn their anger.

You need to practice the LBRP twice a day for two months before you start evoking. LBRP will teach you how to direct astral energy and how t ok gather your force and authority to send s spirit away by force.

Then learn the middle Pillar.

You should practice this a month. Three of times a week and before evocation experiments. This will charge your psychic battery and give you more authority and power.

Next you need to learn the LHP LBRP and middle Pillar.

I highly suggest next you go for the gold and memorize the bornless ritual ( headless rite). Use the translation where the magician identifies with ankh af na khonsu in the beginning.

Those are your basics,. You can learn sword banishing if you wish too.

While you study these rituals I suggest you start a practice like rei ki or qi gong to get s better grip of energy work.

Now I’m going to transcribe the rituals I listed above here for your reference.

Kabbalistic cross

Face east
Touch your forehead with your right hand.
Vibrate:Atah ( thou art)
Visualize a ball of radiant light at your crown.

Touch your groin
Vibrate malkuth
Visualize a ball of light at your feet

Touch your left shoulder
Vibrate: Ve- Geburah
Visualize a ball of white light at your shoulder

Touch your right shoulder
Vibrate: Ve - Gedulah
Visualize a ball of light

Clasp your hands over your chest together.

Vibrate : Le olam ahhmen.

LBRP angelic

Perform Kabbalistic cross


Face east
Draw a pentagram starting at your left hip going upwards, trace this pentagram in blue astral fire. Touch the center of the pentagram with both hands and take a step through it
Vibrate: Yod Heh Vahv Hey

Face south
Make another pentagram as before but connect the two pentagrams with a white line of force between them.
Vibrate: Adonai

Face west
Make another connected pentagram and touch through it vibrating
Vibrate: eheyeh

Face north
Make pentagram as above
Vibrate “agla”

Finish connecting the pentagrams facing east you have a line of force connecting all pentagrams in a fiery circle.

Face east vibrate the bold
"Before me RAPHAEL "

Behind me GABRIEL

On my right side “MICHAEL”

On my left side URIEL "

Perform kabbalistic cross

The Middle Pillar represents just that, the central pillar on the Kabbalisitic Tree of Life.

The Middle Pillar:

Standing, feet together, facing east,

Visualize a white sphere above the head and vibrate EH-HEH-YEH.

Visualize light descending to form a sphere at the throat, and vibrate YE-HOH-VOH E-LOH-HEEM.

Visualize light descending to form a sphere at the heart, and vibrate YE-HOH-VOH EL-OAH-VE-DA-ATH.

Visualize light descending to form a sphere at the genitals, and vibrate SHAH-DAI EL CHAI.

Visualize light descending to form a sphere at the feet, and vibrate AH-DOH-NAI HA-AH-RETZ.

Visualize and feel a current of light rising from the feet, entering the body at the base of the spine and continuing upwards to flower out at the crown of the head to descend light a shower of light to re-enter at the feet. Continue to circulate the light at least four times.*

Repeat the Banishing Ritual and then close with the Kabbalistic Cross.

*Alternatively, and more traditionally, return attention to the center above the head and visualize a current descending from it to the left shoulder and then down inside the left side of the body to the sole of the left foot, and the over to the sole of the right foot and up through the right side of the body back above the head. Then do the same only visualizing the current descending from the crown down the front of the body and then returning up from the feet and through the spine to the crown. Both currents should coincide with the breath, and should be repeated several times. A third circulation of the current is from beneath the right foot over to the left foot and then upward in a tight spiral about the entire body up to the center above the head.

Ok demonic kabbalistic cross

Touch your forehead, visualize a black glowing sphere at your crown.
Vibrate: Azazel

Touch your groin and visualize the black orb
Vibrate: Belial

Touch your left shoulder and visualize the orb
Vibrate: Asmoday

Touch your right and visualize
Vibrate: Astaroth

Demonic LBRP
Face north
Make star and touch.rhe center and vibrate

Face west, make a pentagram and vibrate

Face south make a pentagram and vibrate

Face east make a pentagram vibrate

Make sure your pentagrams are all connected with silver or gold light so you have a bubble above you, below you and all around you of flaming pentagrams.

“For around me flames the pentagram the stars of fire and force,. I am eternal and immortal!”
Now you say firmly with great conviction

Here is the Infernal Middle Pillar Ritual:

  1. Perform the infernal LBRP

Begin with LBRP infernal

  1. At you feet imagine a black light sphere
    Vibrate akal es shachor x3
    “The consuming black fire”

Visual globe at groin level
Vibrate: theli Elion
“Dragon most high”

Heart level
Vibrate samael acher
“Poison of the God”

Nakash Hakamoni
"Ancient serpent "

“Highest self”

Above crown
Au She aiybohm
“The thoughtless blacklight manifests”

Circulate the black light from base to crown over and over.
Absorb the black light energy of the nightside. Imagine drinking from or bathing in a dark fountain with a cold inky liquid.

This will increase the psychic energy your subsequent workings.

This should get any serious student started.

Neglect the basics because you think you’re already too advanced at your own peril. Do not go DMing me inane questions either. Im going to refer you right back here to get your basic training in.

To create other elemental powered pentegrams for banishment or to invoke follow this chart.


Chapter 4: Basic evocation.

This will be a short chapter because ik just going to like my tutorial here.

I’d like to make it a point to say that there are many of legitimate ways to contact a spirit. Here’s what you need to do. Trial and error. Don’t be afraid to fail as you learn.

If you’re attracted to demonaltry that’s fine, do it, ceremonial Magick, do it, eastern tantric and shamanistic practices, do it , western spiritism, do it.

The relationships you form with individual spirits means much more than what method you’re using what offerings you gave.

Treat the spirit like foreign royalty and you will not be far off. Now do not get bullied or pushed around in your temple either but choose honey instead of vinegar to motivate your spirit allies.


Chapter 5: Correspondences

An aspiring magician needs to know their correspondences. Proper correspondence on your altar for evocation ( proper table cloth covers, right colored candles, oils, incense, ect) Can make a big difference between you ( The new magician) having success or failure.

Correspondences are like vibration keys that get you in touch with whatever specific energy or spirit you’re calling on. This requires only a minor bit of memorization and really helps.

Let’s start with days
Sunday : The kings, sun, yellow, frankincense, gold,
Monday:. The marquis, moon, violet, jasmine, silver
Tuesday: Earls Mars, Red, dragonsblood, silver or copper
Wednesday: presidents, mercury, orange, copal, mercury or silver
Thursday,: Princes, jupiter, Blue, Cedar, aluminum
Friday: Dukes, venus, Green, Sandalwood, copper
Saturday: Knight’s, saturn, black, myrrh, lead

Let’s start with that right there. You can do alot wiyh that.

For the time being I suggest you download a Magickal hours app on your phone and begin planning your rites in accordance with the proper days and hours.

You are not so powerful that you can afford to leave the power of the planets and stars on the table unused. You are a new magician it’s important to learn how things work.

In Francis Barrets: The Magus we ate reminded that the Magus works within the rhythm tide ls and flows of energy from the planets, days, weather, ect.

Learn to use this to your advantage.
Once you’re an intermediate or Adept magician these things become more optional as you go.
For now learn how to do things the right way.
8f you’re going to study my book and I’m going to teach you then I’m going to show you the proper ways to do this.

You really need a teacher or mentor or else you will wander in darkness many years before coming Into your own. I suggest you network and find someone willing to help you.

To keep to things simple for things like petitions I use a white paper base and the colored ink of the order of demon. We’ll talk more about that later though.


Chapter 6: Goetic Evocation…To Shem or not to Shem, thst is the question.

Guys I know there are popular books like gallery of magicks stuff out there and many respectable magical orders such as the OTA, and OTO that do use Shem angels.

What exactly are we talking about here. The angels of the shem?

Shem HaM’phorash (Hebrew: שם המפורש, also Shem ha-Mephorash), meaning “the explicit name,” is originally a Tannaitic term describing the Tetragrammaton.[1] In Kabbalah, it may refer to a name of God composed of either 4, 12, 22, 42, or 72 letters (or triads of letters), the latter version being the most common. - Wiki

Basically for ever goetic demon there is an angel who frustrates it. This angel has power over that demon.

Look on this to understand. This comes from a mage I deeply respect, Poke Runyon Archimage of the OTA.

Now what were talking about is evoking a demon and then sending a Shem angel to bind and constrain the spirit to do your will ( That’s me explaining it to you). The other side of the argument is that the angels provide structure and guidance to the demon on his to fullfil it’s request.

I do not use Shem angels and my results are typically 60-70% with goetic evocation.

In my experience the way you treat a spirit and how you forge a lasting friendship with it matters more than anything else. I don’t want spirit slaves I want partners in change.

I think Shem is unnecessary and borderline cruel to the spirits but many mages say it’s the safest and best way to go.

I leave that decision you to you. It’s your practice.


Chapter 7:. Required reading

The Zohar
Sepher Yetzirah
3 books of occult philosophy
The Magus
Rites of the acharayim
Book of Sitra Ahra
Skinners book of Magickal tables
Modern Magick
Psychic self defense
Ophiels art and practice of creative visualization
The greater key of Solomon
The lesser key of Solomon
Practical Djinn Magick
The serpent and the rainbow
Lords of the left hand path
Unquiet dead
Bucklands book of color magic
Initiation into hermetics
Sacred magick of the angels
Sacred magick of abramelin the mage
The heptameron
We’re going to endlessly be adding books as I remember them.


Chapter 8 petition spells
( Signature work, please respect it)

This how I perform a Goetic petition and an Archangel petition.

I start out with two white pieces of paper. I get the ink of color I need for the spirits class. Blue for a prince, black for a knight, Green for a Duke, ect.

I begin by lightning the appropriate incense and a colored candles of the spirit. I play the enns in the background and chant along with it.

At the top of the page I draw the spirits seal

Now there is a difference between a seal and a sigil. A seal has a circle around the glyph, the glyph is a sigil. Know the difference so you don’t sound stupid to other ceremonial magicians. I made that mistake myself at first too don’t feel bad.

So we have the spirits seal.

J then write out my request to the spirit on the paper, keep it simple no more than 4 to 5 sentences. Then I sign my signature at the bottom and add a drop of blood over my signature.

I make a copy of that document but that is for my record.

When you feel you’ve connected with the spirit and you’re in the reverie of light trance, call the spirit by name and read your petition aloud. Take the petition and burn it intending for your wish to make it to the spirit world and be delivered to the spirit.

Do what you wish with the ashes

The other copy I keep until it manifests and then I burn that too usually with an offering of gratitude for the spirit.

This method is tried , tested and true.

I’m going to give you a method of petitioning the archangels directly that I learned from the book sacred magick of the angels by Goddard.

Try to find one of those small cardboard saint pictures they sell in catholic stores or religious stores. Thru have them for any saint and angel in existence. So get the one you need.

Orient your altar east ( I do not recommend you do this on an altar you regularly work with demons on. Better to use a different table.

Set a white table cloth on your altar, lay out 9 tea light white candles in a row. Place your photo on top of it. Place a cold glass of water for the archangel.

Now. Burn frankincense, myrrh and copal or benzoin for this ritual.

Circle the altar three times while chanting "Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Adonai tzabaoth, Kadosh , Kadosh Adonai tzabaoth ". Circle the altar clockwise three times.

Write your petition to the archangel on clean white paper in any ink.

Light the candles starting with the left most candle and say "this is for the angels,light the next and say "this is for the archangels, this is for the thrones, this is for the virtues, this is for the powers, this is for the principalities, this is for the.dominations, this is for the seraphim, this is for the cherubim.

Now call the archangel by name three times and read the petition to him. Light it on fire and dispose in the wind.

Allow the candles and incense to burn out.

Now I’ve given you two stellar petitions


Chapter 9: Training your Clairaudience
(Signature work, influences from Ophiel, please respect it)

Ok first. You don’t need to be able to hear or see a spirit to evoke it successfully and give it a task and get results.

Being able to communicate with them in a meaningful way is like taking the game to the next light-year. It’s a whole other ball game after you develop this.

I’m going to share with you a tried and tested method of developing your clairaudience.

No, we will not talk of endless meditations or chakra openings.

This will require good old fashioned hard work.

If you aren’t willing to spend 60 to 90 minutes a week training for 4 to 5 months then stop right here. Seriously. But I guarantee you if you follow my instructions you will succeed. There are 4 members of this forum besides myself that did follow directions and now they can see and hear. This is a verifiable fact. Who knows how many this has helped on the forum. Here’s the rub, nobody’s gonna do the work for you, you’re going to have to earn your psychic powers the old fashioned way. Work on it.

Ok to start, you need to take a look at this list of goetic divination spirits. Find the one who calls you the most strongly.

The list of divination spirits
Kings: Paimon, Asmoday, Balaam, Purson
Princes: Orobas, Ipos
Dukes: Gremory, Gusion, Vual Astaroth, Haures, Berith
Earls: Furfur, raum
Marquis: Marchosias, amon
Presidents: glausa labolas, botis, camio

Chose one of these spirits that strongly draws you. Use a pendulum if you like to determine if the spirit is willing to train you.

Now you need your pendulum and a glass of cold water present on the altar for each training session.

Paraphrasing from my awesome e book on that other wack forum…

Evoke your spirit for a training session.
Ask the spirit to speak it’s name to you. Sit quietly in front of the spirits seal. Place a glass of cold water near the seal. This will assist in communication. Concentrate on the seal. Quiet your mind and listen to the sound of your breath.

Your head is like an antenna. It can send or receive transmissions. You’ve been hearing spirits your whole life and didn’t know it. Just like everyone else. We frequently believe the thoughts in our minds are our own creations, inner dialog we call it.

You need to learn to still and quiet that internal dialog and get used to questioning your own thoughts…did I create this thought or was it sent into my mind? With practice you’ll quickly get the hang of that. Let’s move on.

Your first question to the spirit you just evoked should be ( you should be speaking verbally to the spirit) it’s name. Wait until you hear it in your mind. Ask the spirit to adjust the volume of its name up and down. It’s very likely you will feel this thought coming to you from outside yourself. Take note of directionally where it’s coming from. The future communications will likely follow that direction from that spirit. When I say that it’s like when I get a prince Orobas thought I feel it come in the upper left side of my head. King Bael, behind my head. It’s surprisingly consistent you’ll discover.

You’ll hear it in the background. " Orobas, Orobas, Orobas". Be patient and don’t lose heart if it doesn’t happen in the first session. Learn to distinguish your own inner dialog from thoughts that aren’t yours in daily life. This requires Abit of self awareness and introspection.

I recommend 4-8 sessions of this or until you’ve got the hang of it.

Next start with yes and no questions. Ask the spirit questions you can easily verify and keep a journal of the results. “Will the weather be clear today?”. Things of this nature. Pick 4-5 questions and go with it. Soon you’ll be hearing the answers and verifying them. The reason you picked a divination spirit to work with is so the spirit can tell tell you of past present and future events too.

You see training your senses with a spirit can be fun and exciting.

Do yes and no questions 4-8 times. Your sessions shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. Aways thank your spirit after the session and I recommend giving them a small token gift. A cookie, a cup of coffee or tea, a cigarette. These gifts go a long way in keeping the spirit happy.

After your first month of work re evoke the spirit, reward it it’s due and renew the work agreement for another month. You should be having small successes at this point and your biggest obstacle will be self doubt. This is normal. After your second contract consider renewing for three months.

You should by the second month of work be hearing your spirit. Do not expect it to always say lofty, noble, deep things. Sometimes it will be funny, or mundane in nature. This is normal. Sometimes the spirit will even make gossip. Expect it to take 4-9 months to really confidently hear the spirit clearly in a conversational way. If you do it faster than that kudos to you. I’m just giving you my experience.

When you ask the spirit a question the very first thing that comes to mind is almost always the spirits answer. Learning to trust this is the real secret. The spirits reply will come so fast it almost steps on or cuts off you off before you finish asking the question.

With time and having the spirit tell you things you could possibly know and it turns out true will convince you.

Always give a gift of chocolate or a cigarette to the spirit after each session.

Be sure to reward the spirit when a training pact is finished. Then start the next one.


Chapter: 10

Common oils of art:

Here I will list the best that I’ve found. Yes they take a little doing to make but are very worthwhile.

The moon:

Grapeseed oil, mallow, anise seeds, valerian

Mars:. Oil oil, rue,. Basil and Chili


Grapeseed oil, dill, anise seeds, lavender


Olive oil, borage, juniper,mullein


Almond oil, mint, myrtle, rose


Hemp, mullein root, nightshade, skullcap


Olive oil, bay, orange peel, galendula

You anoint your forehead, heart, wrists, palms and groin with oil before ritual or evocation. The oils change your auras energy readings so that you begin to vibrate in harmony with that planetary energy. This for evocation helps make a quality psychic connection with the spirit you’re evoking. Example I wish to evoke King Asmoday. I use the sun oil because goetic kings resonate to the sun. Get it?

You may also anoint talismans, or magickal tools or jewelry, this will help them stay charged.

Now to make oil it’s very easy.

Get a piece of straining filter cloth or a coffee filter. Several small jars, and extra extra virgin oil oil.

You’ll need the herbs mentioned above to create an oil.

Let’s take rose oil,. You fill your small jar halfway up with rose petals ( fresh scented) then you fill it to the top with oil. Turn the bottle upside down. out of sunlight and upside for a week. After a week, flip it upside down again and give it another week.

After that strain the oil through the filter paper into a fresh jar. This is your infused oil. Congratulations.


Chapter 11: Petitions to Archangels.
(Signature work, please respect it)

Lets get something straight right now. If you identify your path with the LHP there is absolutely no restrictions for for you. You can work with any kind of of spirit you damn well please.

Being able to communicate with spirits is your birthright.

Don’t take any shit from LhP people who look at your funny if you start talking about working with angels. If that’s how they feel then fuck them. You do you!

Now if you wish to petition an archangel the procedure Eli’s extremely simple, according to the kaballah all one needs is a sincere desire to ask an archangel for help and a humble heart.

First identify which sephira your request falls under. Say it’s Money. We go with malkuth.

Now the archangel of malkuth is Sandalphon, and the god name that acts as a password is “Adonai Ha Aretz.” The lord God of the world.

Then you make on paper a simple petition to 5he archangel and sleep on it 7 days. Look for symbols or call signs from the angel during that 7 days.

Malkuth “Adonai ha aretz” - Sandalphon
Yesod “shadai el chai” - Gabriel
Hod “Elohim” - Michael
Netzach “YHVH tzabaoth” - haniel
Tiphareth “eloah Ve daath” - Raphael
Geburah “Elohim gibor”,- samael
Chesed “El” - tzadkiel
Binah “yhvh Elohim” - tzaphkiel
Chokmah “yhvh” - ratziel
Keter " eheyeh Ashur eheyeh" - metatron

Write your petition in 6 to 8 sentences roll up the petition and pass it through frankincense incense and put it under your pillow 7 days.

Easy breezy

Highly effective.


This would be an infused oil, not an essential oil. Essential oils require distillation or mechanical pressing, and not all plants produce essential oils.


Chapter 12

Patron spirits and your altar.

First of all your altar is YOUR altar, you will make it the very best way that you know how because that’s the only kind of altar that is worthy of our art.

As your practice grows with time and evolves your altar will change.

Here is my altar. The spirit portion of it anyway.

Going to use Abit of demonaltry language in parts here. That is where I got this practice from and I’ve taken it further to meet my needs.

This is where I keep living links to the spirits I work most closely with. I am pacted to prince Orobas and King Bael. I started by placing archangel Heylel ( Lucifer’s seal) in the center of the altar. He is central to my practice and the high God of my pantheon. To his right is King Bael to his left Prince Orobas.

On the far right is Azazel. A spirit I admire and respect greatly. A spirit that was instrumental in making me the magician I am today.

Now each of the seals 8s upright and standing facing where I sit or stand or work with my altar.

Each morning I give them all liquor and incense and light a salt lamp or candle for them. This is my custom and it’s a good one because it keeps the spirits near to you. This is how you start building a relationship based on like, trust and respect.

Now that we have the spirits themselves discussed. Let’s continue with the altar.

You should have your magical tools. "Sword, wand, cup, dagger, pentacle, blasting rod, bell,.ect

These items should be within reach on your altar from the position you stand or sit and work from.

I keep a few momentos in my altar. A shell for Ipos, and a few other things. This is decorative but also has meaning.

You should have your incense, oils, and candles nearby your altar.

Most people do not have mega altar space like I have I realize. So you’re going to have to make due with what you’ve got.

Remember this will evolve over time.

Last. Keep your temple clean. Add a cup of coffee and sea salt to a mop bucket and clean the floor and walls once a week. Sweep daily. If you practice Magick you need to banish and or sage smudge in your temple regularly.

My temple is outside so I banish initially before a ritual but not usually after unless it was quite heavy work.

Psychic hygiene pays big dividends. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you are a beginner student or even intermediate ( pre Adept) then you must be employing psychic self defense and temple hygiene religiously. At your stage of the game sometimes during evocation you call the wrong spirit through and end up with a parasite, trickers or imposter. Keeping a clean environment will make it unpleasant for those kinds of spirits to hang about.


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