The importance of spirit/magician relationship

There is a huge importance in establishing a relationship with any spirit/deity/demon that you plan to work with more than a one shot. That you plan to have around and in your temple.

It is a 50/50 relationship or should be. The relationship between you the magician and your spirit could be life saving.

First off, you need to gradually build up to a solid relationship with your spirit and build on trust and communication. I cannot stress how important those two things are.

Once you find a spirit you feel comfortable working with and having around you basically 24/7 , then you may choose to bind them to something in your temple. They may be bound to more than one thing. One permanently for temple area and one for on the go.

From my experience, if the spirit is comfortable and happy with the magician they do not mind the binding at all. What item they are bound to becomes a type of home for them. So the stronger the binding the better.

Your spirit can help you with the things they are known for, example Bune for financial help.
But they can do so much more.

Spirits will become protective over the temple they are in and their magician. They will be extemely loyal and protective. A spirit can come to love the magician and temple. The temple area will feel like home for them. So any threat to the temple is also a threat to their home.

The object the spirit is bound to will appear to you to just be a box, a bone , a skull or whatever you both agreed to. But the spirit will, if they are happy make it their dwelling. For the spirit it can have a bed, and other things in it to make it feel like its theirs. ( Ive seen a wall a spirit was bound to and she made it her own bedroom, with bed, dresser, rocking chair. It was her wall and she knew everything about it. Even when someone other than the magician was close to it)

The spirit will learn everything about their magician. And will be able to identify if the magick is from their magician or not just by the way the magick feels.

The spirit will be able to pick up on any signs that something is off or wrong. But here is where communication is key. The magician has to pay attention to their spirit. A spirit can only try so many ways to warn someone of emergencies. If you are not paying attention you will miss them, no matter loud and in your face.

You need to be open and ready to communicate with your spirit. A threat to your temple will also now be considered a threat to their home.

Abusing your spirit should never be done under any circumstance. They feel abuse on much deeper level than you could ever know. Once you hurt your spirit you have disrupted the level of trust your spirit has for you. Your spirit a true spirit and not imposters (please learn the difference) will only have your best intrests at heart. They will try to find ways to help you ascend, to grow and become more skilled. Your spirit may even come up with games to play with you. Theses games can help see how much you can pick up on and how well the spirit can interact with the magician in their domain. The longer the spirit and magician have a relationship the stronger they will both be.
I once knew a spirit that was in a magicians beads and ahe knew when he was driving , could see the speedometer and hear a conversation.
Your spirit can become so strong in the temple that they can hear music playing, conversations and know when magick is being done. They will be able to know when you are getting sick and tell you to see a doctor or some type of medical help.

They can also see attacks trying come in. They can protect the magician. But its key that the magician and spirit have a strong bond. If the spirit has been offended or ignored they may not want to help. Abuse of a spirit is the number one reason they will turn their back.
You should always respect and care about your spirit and their well being. Just like you would a person you love.

Spirits feel things very deeply and the hurt they feel from abuse or neglect or disrespect is very deep.

It is traumatizing to a spirit to have the temple they reside in be harmed in any way. Or to be forcefully removed from their temple. It hurts them deeply, whether it was intentional or not.

You should keep a clear line of communication between you and your spirit. Learn how they communicate with you. And work on improving it. Its like a marriage of sorts and you have to work at it daily.

If your harm or disprect your spirit you should apologize and make things right as soon as possible. Im not saying kiss ass, but its a relationship and you have to be big enough to know when you need to apologize. Your spirit is not your bell hop or maid or slave. Respect given will be returned.

If its possible give the spirit a choice of items to potentially be bound to. They will be happy in having a say about something they will be connected to. Think of like if your going to look for a home you would like a say in the house your going to live in, and having a few options to choose from means you will pick one you like the best. So you will feel more at home. And that is how a spirit feels.

If a spirit is in a temple they are connected to it is their home. They do not want anything to happen to their home, so they are going to protect it. But, its a two way street, you have to pay attention, you have to know what your spirit is saying.

Be responsible for your actions and your mistakes and know when to make amends.

You maybe the all powerful one but you are still working with a spirit. You are still in a relationship. Its 50/50. If you hurt your spirit there is good chance that you will not be able to the trust or the relationship. And that could set you back a long way on your journey.


Ok I’m reading this and I’m agreeing with everything you’re saying so far. There’s plenty of newcomers reading this and nodding along with you while they secretly fantasize about pacting Valac ( or whoever) after 3 meditations listening to their enns.

Heres the problem @Arianna the idea of working repeatedly to establish or rule out rapport and chemistry sounds too much like building a real relationship in real life, also sounds alot like work which a good 50 percent of newcomers cannot be bothered with.


Then thats fine if they want to do one shots.

The thing is it limits the communication and the spirits ability to protect the magician.

This is probably for more advanced magicians that are making magick a life long endeavor.

It is a relationship that is very real.

No pain no gain.

Are you in it to win it … or a one hit wonder?


A two pump chump…:joy::joy::joy:


I dont think most magicians grasp the level of power they can have by having this relationship.


Muggles and our sort bear witness to the awesome power of Orobas Insight all the time through me. But people need to know we’ve been rocking the suburbs for 23 years now.

It takes time to achieve the level of abilities where you appear to have supernatural abilities.

( I keep telling y’all it’s 95% Prince Orobas)



I agree with you and your post, but I have had different experiences. Back in mid-2006 I performed my most powerful ritual. I was in street clothes, un-showered and in my room. I didn’t use a circle of protection and I didn’t call upon any spiritual entities. That stated, after that ten minute, sweat drenched working I got what I needed in less than forty-eight hours and spiritual entities became involved. I know they became involved because the persecution stopped, I achieved too many victories, too often and too good; and some people died (and one was a former friend of mine but could easily have been classified as an enemy by spiritual entities. Long story. No loss, but good man whose death involved an elephant.)

As a lhp, Satanist I’m seeking Godhood, so I always try to rely on myself/Myself. Gather energy, then direct. That’s not to say I haven’t or won’t use spiritual entities, just that it’s a last resort. And because I know I’m a living God, that’s how I interact with spiritual entities. “Don’t fuck with me because I respect you! But if you fuck with me – I’ll fuck with you – Bigtime!” As a physical being I can cause a spiritual entity problems – think about it.

And for any newbies reading this, just remember that Old Ancle Al told you to build a relationship with Naamah. After you’ve done so, feel free to praise me and/or send money.



As a very young, pre-Internet Magician who couldn’t make anything fucking work, I got sucked in by Anton LaVey, whose Magic(k) was essentially atheistic. Anton taught the importance of emotion in Workings! Take note! And old habits being hard to break, I tend to do Magick by myself/Myself.

It’s sad isn’t it, but what can I do? I’m locked into old-fashioned, tried and true, tried and tested by me methods. Like others already have, I get drawn to start a web group where I can sell my expensive e-books for exorbitant prices and charge big bucks to give lectures I could have memorised from Techniques of High Magic, by Stephen Skinner and Francis King (1976).

I’ve worked with spiritual entities, but rarely. And oftentimes the spiritual entities I’ve worked with have given me inspiration and ideas for me to successfully work on.



I think mymain point is that having a relationship with a spirit , that spirit will be able to warn you of danger and other things. Things that even so called gods cant even see. Your protections may keep normsl things away. But there are times it is wise to have a spirit you know and trust having your back.

Yea you can do magick and have the help of spirits without that bond. But if your dealing with multiple things its a good thing to have.
The more out there and known you are the more things that come.

But I digress , I will never find a magician again that can understand or handle that level of magick.

There is a power that most magicians cant access or handle. And I should realize that. Raw power from a source thats out of reach. The one time it was possibly tapped into it was abused.
So it sucks, I dont get the rush or high I experienced during that time anymore. No challenge. No experiments. Just cant find anyone tapping into that level of power to play with.


But as you say you are a god. So who says that spiritual being you want to cause peoblems isnt also somewhere in physical form and can do the same??

You assume they are not in the physical but yet you are. You call yourself a god in the physical yet assume no one else is?


So you have noticed this too? :clap::clap: Very good,I thought I was alone in this matter.


Not at all. I too thought along those lines, but moreso in my early days of practice.

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And what type of god are you? A new baby god that just reached godhood during this physical lifetime? Or are you an ancient god thats been here for longer than any time can remember?

If you are a god what is your purpose? Besides doing your magick that you see results for? Which would just mean your a magician. What deems you as a god? What god qualities do you possess?

One cant just simply say oh Im god. When you reach god statis something tramsforms you, you can see and hear others, you can move through space and time, you can see and feel being evoked and invoked, and know a magician just by how their magick feels. You are in anothers temple watching and helping them.
Being a god doesnt mean you just do your shit all the time. No, your god, so your being evoked and invoked , magicians are asking for help constantly. You know the powerful ones because you can literally see and feel their magick. You know when one of yours in trouble and needs help because you see it. You black out because a magician is doing magick so strong he pulls you to him and requests the hell hounds.

Being a god is not just saying oh im a god and there it is. Being a god is a pain in the ass most days. Evocations, invocations, rituals and gaurding circles, and protecting your magicians from danger. Seeing/feeling and knowing which magick belongs to which magician. And how it affects you.

I doubt 99% percent of these “gods” could ever BE a god without going completely insane.

Please have a clear picture of a god. Its not easy its fucking work. Answering calls and trying to understand what that damn pact was even all about because their communication sucks ass.

Being the game 24/7 even if your physical body sick, oh no the god still clocks in and protects theirs. Always on call.

And then theres being bound to things, figuring out why your bound to things that you may or may not have given consent for. Dont even get me started on that shit. Being a god is not just some glamourized fun thing. Its hard ass work, its staying on top of your game, its being there. Its like being a parent that never gets a babysitter. But still tries to teach the baby and help it grow. But its so stuck on itself its attitude of oh Im a god, that it misses everything it could have.

But push a button far enough and say your prayers but to another …god. because some are in physical form.



I didn’t say that, did I?
It’s just that I deal with spiritual entities - when I do - as a God in physical form. I always show respect and I expect the same! I’m not fucking with spiritual entities and I expect the same.

Otherwise, it smells to me like the obsequious rhp.
Then again, I may well be demented, deluded and my perverted teachings dangerous both to know and apply. Most of my Magickal life has been very much by myself, striving for Myself.

Still have dreams of establishing my own School of lhp Magick with Old Uncle Al’s Streetwise Grimoire: Dangerous Shortcuts and Nasty Techniques.


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My claims are based on Aeonic Workings and given their nature; I can’t post. I’ve given foundational help in the building of an international empire and gifted tens of millions initially, then their descendants. Then again, I could be deeply deranged, living a life of pure, abject phantasy. It’s not my call – it’s yours. With the 20/20 vision of hindsight My Magickal career led me to Aeonic Magic(k). Moreover, the 4th Law of the Sphinx binds me! Aeonic Magick is difficult and the explanations almost impossible, being (effectively) bound. It’s fucked! Trust me!

Seriously, I’m not chickening out. I can’t explain and have no need to. I’ve dropped important material on these boards – but the 4th Law of the Sphinx! Again! Moreover, I could be lying my arse off, gilding the lily and/or full of shit – because you weren’t there, and I can’t explain. What can I do?

And I apologise, but I can’t do any better. Sorry.
Living, Breathing, Walking, Talking (Shoot from the hip) Godman,



The Order of Nine Anne-Girls really influenced me. Always going on and on about achieving Godhood in this and the next life. I am a God, encased in the physical. Rather than regret, I exploit. Why not? This incarnation is a learning experience, as I strive to enjoy and grow, ‘that I will walk with Satan, in His world, with His bride (Baphomet). And that I will become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind. The mortal which must die that a God will be born!’

That stated, I intend to come back, because I enjoy the physical – like the beasts of the field, rejoicing in the fleshly life. Always more Work to do!



No adrenaline rush anymore. :pensive:

I think the points I was trying make fell of deaf ears.

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Though I would be interested in reading your circle. @UncleAl


I caught that…very clever…

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Great interview here:

Inter alia, goes into a Magician’s relationship with spiritual entities.
Moreover, I agree with everything that is stated in this presentation and therefore highly commend it!
Thankyou Mike Bee and Norse900.


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