The Honey Pot: Jar Sweetening Spell 🍯 💕

The Honey Pot: Jar Sweetening Spell

This spell is Sarah L. Mastros’s version of the classic honey jar spell. Most of the text is hers.

“This is a common tactic to reduce tension and drama…I’m doing it with honey, but the spell can be done in an almost identical way with sugar or any other sweetener.”

Personal Note: I would aim for doing this on a Monday, Friday or Sunday, during the daytime planetary hours of Venus, the Moon, or the Sun. Other days / hours could be ideal as well; this is explained below.


  • A jar of honey (avoid alfalfa / clover honey ; pesticides)
  • A small empty jar that is not shaped like a bear
  • Herbs/spices that support your intent and are deliciously sweet.
  • Paper and pen
  • Photos and names of the targets
  • A plate
  • A gold-colored coin
  • A tea light
  • About half an hour of crafting time and half an hour of suspended disbelief.

Step One: Intent

Begin by writing a short description of what you want. In this example, my intent is “All who eat of this honey are linked by bonds of love, friendship, and hospitality.” Shorten your intent to a few words. “Love, Friendship, Hospitality.” Shorten that into a single “barbarous name” for the working. I generally do this by mushing together the sounds until it seems right; others make anagrams or use other word play. You can apply any method that seems right to you.

Step Two: Specify

On the paper, write the names of your targets, three times each. Turn the paper ninety degrees and write your barbarous name over them nine times. Roll this paper up, and put it in the empty jar, along with photos of the targets. If using herbs or other combustibles, add them to the jar now. Vanilla or rose are good for love. Cinnamon is homey. A hint of black pepper can spice things up. And so on. Put the jar on a plate.

Personal Note: I like using poppy seeds / cannabis to make them forget, chamomile / lavender to make them relax, and angelica / lemongrass to clear out negativity and rejuvenate positive feelings.

Step Three: Alchemy

Enter into magical time, space, and consciousness by any method. Slowly, sloooooowwwly pour honey into the jar. While you do so, chant your barbarous name. Watch the honey seep into the contents of the jar. Feel the jar awaken to life. Keep chanting and pouring until the jar slightly overflows onto the plate. Speak directly from your heart to the jar, addressing it by name. Introduce yourself. Butter it up. Tell it why you have awakened it. Make your specific request. Thank it for helping you.

In our example, I might say, “I greet you, Lofrenospy. I am Sara. I, Sara, have awakened you, Lofrenospy, to help me spread love, friendship, and hospitality. Oh, Lofrenospy, sweet and delicious one, alchemical essence of the flowers and herbs, golden nectar of magic, I ask you to help me! Let all who eat of this honey be linked by bonds of love, friendship, and hospitality. In thanks I give you this coin.

Drop the coin in the jar.

Step Four: Candle Magick

Close the jar and put the candle on top of (or in front of) the jar. Light it. Exit magical space, time, and consciousness.

Personal Note: I would work in a full candle spell. Select a candle with a soothing color, anoint it with an appropriate oil (Dove’s Blood Oil for example), and carve a sigil (etc) into it. Say a little spell over it. Meditate on it and pour your intent into it, using the flame as a gateway to the target(s).

You could work in a planetary call from Jason Miller’s excellent Advanced Planetary Magic. Be sure to sound out the second syllable a bit longer than the first syllable.




Step Five: Distribute

After the candle burns down, open the jar and add a small amount of the enchanted honey back into your regular eating honey to “infect” all who taste it with the spell. You can repeat this every time you open a new jar of eating honey. Add a new coin to the jar every you take out a sample. Making baked goods with the enchanted honey and taking them to work— or wherever—is a classic tactic in sweetening magic.

Personal Note: I find this part a little impractical; the people I need to use sweetening spells on aren’t living in my house or eating my food. If you can get them to eat it, great, but it should stand on its own- especially if you work in a candle spell.

Ref: The Big Book of Magical Incense by Sarah L. Mastros


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