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Greetings! I wanted to start a thread to offer some experiences and insights that I’ve gathered along the way. I plan on posting here every Wednesday, but I may miss a week here and there as I have a relatively large amount on my plate.

For the first entry, I’d like to share something somewhat personal. Perhaps this will help you to understand me a little better, or perhaps it will have somewhat of a contrary effect. Either way, I’d like to talk about some of my “visions.” For me, there are two types of these: those of the “intrusive” variety; and those that are intentional. The former are often more intense.

The first one I ever had occurred as a sort of dream within a dream. It lasted about 10 seconds or so and then faded into something of a lucid dream. I was thirteen (yeah, I know) and saw a vision of myself surrounded by fire. I woke up, grabbed a dozen tea light candles, went outside and made a circle around myself with fire and began to invoke the spirit of the flames that I saw within the dream(?). Many more of these visions would occur over the years.

I would later come to find that two of my sisters have epilepsy, but I have never been diagnosed or had the seizures they experience, except once, which I believe was due to my own ignorance, and occurred while trying to provoke one of these visions intentionally. I’ve now gotten to the point where I am a little more experienced in the matter, so I’ve begun recording them in a journal recently. One of those I would like to share with you now.

The Sidereal Stranger

While reading about Jung’s childhood dream of the Man-Eater, I began envisioning the surreal landscape. Suddenly I found myself before the same beast, and watched as I began to slice my finger open before pressing my blood into its flesh. At this point, the entire thing began to tremble, and black smoke began billowing out as I stood frozen in awe.

I began to inhale the black smoke and then became momentarily blinded. I began to see a starry night sky, but it was billowing like a wind-blown cloth. Upon noticing this, I realized it was enshrouding a very ancient looking man. He was wearing the sky like a wizard wears a robe. His hair and beard were disheveled, and he was muttering about having lost something or someone dear to him. Only by igniting the sky would they ever become reunited. I was bewildered and confused…

He then waved his mighty hand, gesturing toward another sky above him. Then, with a second motion, he pointed to a small blue bird that seemed to be caught in some bramble below. He let out a cry of despair as he reached down and grabbed me, tossing me into the thicket of thorns as well.

I began struggling to free myself, but only served to tire myself and terrify the poor blue-jay beside me. Suddenly, a massive wind picked up and with it I heard a voice echoing loudly in my mind. “Only one who is drowned in the flood may carry the torch…” At this moment a loud crack of thunder was followed by torrential downpour. Before I knew it, I was consumed by a sense of dread. I felt myself becoming weaker and weaker, while the water was collecting faster and faster until I could no longer discern to what degree I was lost within its depths.

Darkness eventually enveloped me, yet again. Panicking, I thrashed about finding nothing but thorns. Fearing that I would become a vessel of this darkness, I plunged one of the giant thorns into my chest. I felt agonizing pain, and then – a shift in the flow of water around me. Still encased in a void of utter blackness, I could make no assumptions as to what had caused this. A brief moment passed, and I began to perceive a faint light overhead. I could finally see the sky above me, piercing through the now-receding waters.

My head was finally freed from the onslaught of ocean depths. My shoulders, and then my waist were next. I immediately began to scan my environment, finding an enormous gaping hole in the earth just a few hundred feet away. Apparently the water had drained into it, displacing the vines, and freeing me from the clutches of an uncertain fate. Then I remembered the tiny bird that had been trapped also.

I turned around only to find that it had drowned, and was incredibly bloated. I gently squeezed it, attempting to remove the water from its lungs and stomach. Slowly, a golden sap began to excrete from its mouth. Again, the loud voice boomed within my mind. “Behold, the medicine of the fool and the poison of the wise, that you should imbibe it and know all worlds before!”

Running my finger across the small animal, I wiped some of this substance up with my finger and applied it to my wound. A massive cracking sound, then the sense of ripping in half from the top down. “Blessed is he who believes in his grief,” the voice chimed. I began to rise above my previous awareness and then, looking down, saw a massive crack in my skull. Mystified, I begin to draw my gaze upward.

The sky ignites into an amethyst flame. It rapidly deteriorates to reveal another scene. An enormous mouth with an eye inside of it. Its iridescent iris was absolutely astonishing. Its lips were a pale blue, as if deprived of oxygen or warmth. I immediately knew this was the source of the voice inside my head somehow.

The stranger in the sidereal robe cried and bellowed toward the skies, “My love! Why have you hidden yourself from me!?” The echoing voice replied, “Because you would forget yourself, leaving countless ages to the darkness. Leave thy robe resplendent to the fool who was wise enough to sacrifice his future so that we may come to rescue the past.” The stranger removes his garment and it glides down to me, blanketing me with its beauty.

I become increasingly aware of terrestrial gravity and the physical world surrounding me. I find myself sitting on the floor of my study shaking, in a cold sweat.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for you interest. I will be sharing different things each week in a different way. This is just one of the more meaningful visions I’ve had so far, so I wanted to share it with you, and experiment with what interests all of you. Stay tuned!


This is off to a very strong start. I definitely prefer quality to quantity. Book marking this and looking forward to subsequent posts.



Very interesting vision. I also have visions, not so detailed, but still quite frequent. Bookmarked.


@Jk999 Very interesting. Mine aren’t always this “profound” or detailed. More often than not, it’s just a flash of an image of some kind. This was just one of the more intriguing ones, which is one reason I wanted to share it specifically. Thanks for your interest!

Welcome, and wonderful Wednesday to everyone! I’d like to start by thanking @anon75849095 for having me on his YouTube channel for a very enjoyable discussion on esoteric practice and philosophy.

I thought it would be useful to detail one of the techniques that I shared in that video with you here! This is a technique that I originally called “The Shadow Druid’s Evocation,” but these days, I just think of it as the thing that I do at the end of my morning ceremony…

I recommend using this as more of a template (if it resonates with you, that is), but you are more than welcome to use the thought-forms that I’ve built up over time. I’m sure they’d be happy to assist you, as long as you treat them with respect.

The primary purpose of this rite is to integrate and transmute the toxic portions of your psyche - and therefore, your aura - into a more useful energy.

The second purpose is to attach those toxic parts of your psyche - that you’re currently unable to integrate - into your aura, so that anyone who is acting offensively toward you comes into contact with this energy and is coated with it. Your aura is then programmed to ONLY effect those who would wish you harm.

The thought-forms are as follows

(Each is imagined as being massive and composed of black flames.)

Batishlal - a spider in the east
Denitak - a wolf in the south
Sh’kulkura - a serpent in the west
Rozumet - a rodent in the north
Kxonu - a bat hanging underneath you
Ordas - a vulture circling above you

The Evocation is as follows

Batishlal, let thy tenebrous webbings weave my myriad bridges; but incessantly snare my enemies before my eyes, so that they may never tread tracks toward their path again!

Denitak, let thy growl of fury enfrenzy me; but strike terror into the hearts of my foes, so that they may cower in fear of their folly forever and further!

Sh’kulkura, let me drink deep the wisdom of thy venom; but let its potency poison my antagonists, so that they might be stricken dumb and damned until the diminishment of days!

Rozumet, gather for me a harvest of thy hollow grains; but spread plague and putrid pestilence to all providence of those who would oppose me!

Kxonu, grant unto me thy wings of blackest night; but cause my nemeses to wander in the darkest depths of thy caves, blinded and starving for the luster of those lighted lands!

Ordas, Vizier of Vile Vermin, illuminate my path toward the endless eons of eternity! And devour the carrion oceans of carnage that enshroud me and those of my brothers and sisters beside, before, and behind me, oh Reassurer of Unrighteous Routes!

I feast ravenously upon the Endless Serpent! I drink from the Black Torch of twelve incandid flames! I bow before nothing and no one henceforth!



Insights and Exegesis

Actually imagine the things happening that you are saying. For instance, imagine the tenebrous webbings weaving you bridges to successful pursuits while simultaneously snaring your enemies from completing success pursuits, etc.

Iyavole hakoh lashiin - “Spirits, here gather!”

Iyahode - “Shadow of the Solar Eclipse”

After the evocation, I recommend channeling some of the excess energy this incantation stirs within you into the thought-forms themselves. This will empower them and also create a link for them to channel the resources they acquire from external sources / adversaries.

Hopefully you have enjoyed this, one way or another, and have found some utility in it. Please enjoy the rest of your week, (if you choose) and I will be back for more next Wednesday!


Greetings and wonderful Wednesday to you! This week I thought I’d share a portion of an evocation I performed of President Marbas recently.

Friday, May 5th 2023
1:39 AM
Full Moon
Neptune sextile Pluto
Tired, but in good health
10 minutes of meditation prior
Warm but windy, with a clear sky
Cinnamon mixed with Lavender incense
Orange candle with a Red sigil carved into

Ritual of Evocation

I begin by lighting the candle first, then the incense. I then bring myself to focus on the sigil as I breathe deeply and begin to cast my attention more deeply. A moment passes. A train’s horn bellows in the distance. I’m carried away as I fall into trance, the sigil warping and flashing like a plasma portal as I gaze more and more deeply into it.

I call into the depths of space, chanting and swaying; beckoning and bellowing. A moment passes and the pressure in the room shifts. I feel as though a cold blanket has been placed upon me. I hear what appears to be the clinking of small, glass bottles and Marbas appears before me, his form regal and fierce. A tall, robed, lion-esque humanoid with horns. He is winged with the scales of serpents, and carries a tome in one hand and a vial in the other.

I greet my visitor with a warm welcome. “Great President Marbas, who’s glistening fur radiates like the rays of a thousand suns! Thy twisting horns penetrate delusion and despair. I welcome you, and I ask for your portent in this hour…”

My skin prickles and my ears warm as they begin to ring, his voice echoing out through and around itself. “I watch you… and I know you… You are a healer… Yet you waste the poisons, passions, and parasites that you extract from yourself… And others… Keep them… store them… Trap them in a bottle… as black as night… That you might unleash them… Unleash them on frightened foes… Foes faded by the fog of future… You cannot see them… but I can, and I do… You will be thankful… when this time comes… and you have fire for their feathers…”

Incredibly intrigued by this idea, I respond. “A wise idea, indeed. Very wise, as you well know. I wish I had thought of it before, honestly.” I chuckle deviously, “Thank you. Thank you…”


Veey cool, I like Marbas. This is purely conjecture and UPG but I’d like your opinion. Do you think Marbas could actually be a fallen deity of a mesopotamian origen? He doesn’t have a fully infernal feel to me and it’s very alien to other spirits and distinct.


I can only speak from my experience and can’t comment on the Mesopotamian deity origin, but I would agree that he doesn’t feel “infernal”. I carry a consecrated pendant of his in my wallet to bring it with me daily.

“Infernal” seems to be a thing for authors and people selling books, though. Especially JCI-adversarial ones that are, by default, JCI-based.


Good question! This may be due to some degree of indolence on my part, but I sort of assume all of the spirits are Persian or Sumerian in origin. Of course, they probably borrowed them as well.

And, no. None of the Goetic spirits feel infernal to me. That being said, I may be a bit desensitized. Haha it’s hard to say.

Edit: I suppose it’s relative. They feel infernal in relation to the Shem current (which I still see as the “Sephiroth” to the “Qlippoth” that are the Goetic Spirits), but not compared to entities like Abaddon…


You make a very important distinction there. I complete agree with that. There is a huge difference in the energy signature of say Prince Sitri, who came into being in hells themselves, versus a fallen and like Amy, Marchosias and say Orobas. There’s a huge difference in the energy of say Azazel a water angel fallen or sere’im or angel something than say a fallen angel.

So no there no one word like infernal that describes like a one size fits all for all of them. They do share something in common though, they were cast down in Sitra Achra and my theory is that over time spirits develop and grow ( very slowly it seems as time is different there). My thought is over time they adapted and took on Qlippothic characteristics.

Look at Lilith for example starting out as a Babylonian goddess “the warm desert wind” that protected children and their dreams.

After JCI thought became the predominant power and Kedusha went wild Lilith got turned into an abject monster.

My thoughts on that are if you think she’s a monster she’s more than happy to be as bad as you want her to be. She was one thing and became something different… interesting. Asmoday a very powerful Djinn eventually and I have traced it back to an approximately 300 year span where he became a God, which was clearly more than he started as. Now he’s rocking the suburbs just like quiet riot did. :laughing::laughing::laughing: Outta control ballin.

Interesting topic despite the lack of consensus or agreement on nearly any point. There are things that make me curious to go looking for answers at any rate…:thinking::thinking::thinking:


The thing they MOST have in common is that someone with the ability to take notes, right or not, published a book that people clung to and that one book survived… Sounds familiar…

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If I may add a comment on this here in your journal @Heathen_Hermit:

The Goetic Demons’ association with the Gods complicates the matter.

I reckon that they are somewhat Elemental (And so, higher than the Infernal World) and Infernal. Rufus Opus says in his “Neoplatonist Basics” that he considers the Goetic Demons more as Elemental Spirits (But, I am unsure if he kept this view later on), which can be a further case for them being a sort of mixture of Elemental and Infernal.

But we should understand what “Infernal” means, as I believe Demons are very different from a lot of other spirits, each Spirit having a role in the Cosmos just as every Mineral, Animal, Plant, and so on has its role and plays its part in this world (And, Minerals have a certain class and play a broad role for the Material Cosmos, and Plants and Animals are a development from that foundation and each have their own role within what has been given Life, serving to augment it as needed. I add this here, because as Occultists, we should know that the Higher is in the Lower. As Proclus has said, Celestial Things are found in the Terrestrial, and Terrestrial Things are found in the Celestial).

Demons are seen in pretty much every culture, not just JCI religion (In fact, it seems Orthodox Judaism rejected the entire idea of Demons, to stand out from the “Pagan” nations). Demons to me are spirits that carry out destruction and torment in the world, which is a necessary thing for the World to be perfectly maintained, and otherwise spirits who influence a sort of corruptive love for the world. Which, in itself is not bad, but if you believe Man to be Gods who have fallen into the world, so to speak, because of their love for it and lost their memory in the process, like in Platonism (See, Plotinus’ ‘Enneads’ and Plato’s 'Meno’), then it makes man’s journey longer, you could say. We love the eternal, we grow sorrowful at the temporary (And grow similarly unstable).

We have seen how the Demons of the Goetia tend to inspire such a love and desire for the world in many Magicians first working with them, and often times sorrow and torment follow them (Which many of these Magicians delight in). So, we see how Demon is an appropriate term for the Demons of the Goetia, and show their Role in the Cosmos, since their role appears to be to “lower” things (But, in a strange way, at the same time encourage Man to hasten their journey upwards, in the end).

I wish to add here, I very much love the word Qliphoth, “Peels”, signifying that Holiness is a Fruit, and the Qliphoth is part of that Fruit, serving as the Peel that surrounds it and protects it (And the Peels of Fruit protect the core from being corrupted by taking the corrpution themselves).

Respectfully, I don’t quite hold the view of @anon75849095 that the Demons of the Goetia were once either Angels or Gods that over time “Fell” as if they are beings that are in a specific place, their bodies having a specific boundary like our material body, and growing or separating from one another like that.

Personally, I suspect they were there for at least as long as the Material World has been here, perfecting some of the Corruptive/Destructive actions of everything in the Material World (Mineral, Plant, and Animal, unless they are spirits that specifically alter the Animal Kingdom). And, it seems Magicians still often times experience the Demons of the Goetia to be like from the Medieval Grimoires while we are approaching 1000 years having past since they were written. Their office doesn’t change, their nature doesn’t seem to change.

So, I think they are more spirits that have always been there (As long as the Material World has been here, at least), rather than rising from out of this God or having been this Angel.

And, I believe there is an infinite (Or, at least near infinite) amount of Spirits that inhabit this entire Comos. I believe there are immense hosts of Angels, Demons, and Daimonae under every God, under every Face and Sign of the Zodiac, every Mansion of the Moon, and under every Constellation, Star, and Planet, and within every region closer to the Material World and within it.

And so, you can get Spirits that are between everything. Spirits that feel a mixture of Infernal and Elemental; Elemental and Celestial, and so on and so forth.

But, that’s just my view. And of course, some of it may change over time as well.


@Dankquanicus A lot of this resonates with me. Namely, the elemental and celestial facets of the Goetic spirits, and the nature of everything to “have” a spirit. I often find myself simply connecting with “the spirit of this stone” or the genius locai of a place, like my study, perhaps.

Although, the things probably exist because of the spirit in some perspectives, as the vibration of the spirits slows down and becomes more gross, eventually manifesting as a physical object, location, or principle.

Also, I love the analogy of the “husk” or “shell,” as well. @anon75849095 and I were just discussing that in a video of his. It’s also interesting to note what happens to the fruit over time without the peel. It degrades and becomes something toxic and foul. Just a sidenote, I suppose. Thanks for your insight!


Greetings, and wonderful Wednesday to you!

This week I thought I’d share a personal divination technique.

I do this on the Full Moon to get a scope of what to focus on for the next month. I draw a card and use it as an overall focus. I hold the runes in my hand until they are charged and full of my body heat as I gaze into the card. I then draw four runes at random to place at the corners. I cast the runes and where they land (towards the card or corners) determines what they’re related to. I then copy them into a journal so that I can reflect on them again in the future.

Here is an example of both. Reversed runes are written in red.


Very cool idea! I may develop my own similar practice. Perhaps you should write a more full guide on this as a post on its own thread on the forum?


Glad I could be of some inspiration! I will ceratainly consider doing that, thank you.


Welcome, and wonderful Wednesday!

This week I thought I’d share one of my favorite pathworking incense recipes with you. This is one I specifically use for Qliphothic workings. It’s a combination of recipes from here and there, mixed in with some of my own favorites. Keep in mind, many of these herbs are toxic…

Some of them are impossible to have shipped to my location, so I have to cultivate them myself, or find them wild.

Here is some Hemlock that grows near me. My recommendation is to cut it just above the node JUST before the buds begin to flower or early in the flowering stages. This is when I have found it to be at its most potent, magickally.

Also, I figured I would share what dried mushrooms look like for those who don’t know. This is the “Golden Teacher” variety of the strain Psilocybe Cubensis.

Obviously, don’t cultivate or ingest herbs that you are unfamiliar with… please.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for next week where I will discuss candle magick!


It’s been such a long week already that I’ve been forgetting that it’s not Wednesday ALL day…


Can I ask which ones you cultivate, and if you have any tips you’d be willing to share?


Oh, man. I’m actually about to be THAT guy. Haha, due to Clause 6.9 (nice!) of the forum rules - which states “The Occult Mirror expects you to uphold the laws of your country of residence, and if necessary, will cooperate with law enforcement officials in the event of a serious breach of law.” - I am inclined to plead the Fifth, here, as to not incriminate myself. Not that I think someone here would “snitch” on me, I just don’t want to put anyone in an awkward position…

Many of the herbs I use are legal to possess (some are even legal to consume), but are unlawful to cultivate. Go figure. Haha, do you mind sending me a DM? I’d be more than happy to discuss this with you privately! @Mythopoeia