The demon star Algol

I’d like to talk with anyone familiar with this star. I read about it in VK Jehennums WordPress. I’m very excited by the idea of harnessing this star for my own qlippothic Magick.

If anyone has anything to share it’s appreciated.


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From what I get it’s a blinking star and the head of the Medusa, very interesting…


Yes I know that too.

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It is considered the most sacred star to the Ghul, according to the Gospel of Ghouls, due to its Arabic name. Has a similar one in “Chinese astrology” according to them. Plays a part in their funerary rites, with the crypt “aligned” to it. They also believe that Saturn and Jupiter are energetically linked to it, but don’t cite anything else related to it.

All I remember seeing about it.

I did just read of a “stepping” procedure done in a Taoist sect. You may hit up some of the expats over there and see if there’s a practice they’ll talk about that involves Algol.


Awesome I’ll contact a local Feng Shui master and get his read on it


A wonderful and divine star. Like all the Stars and Planets, wonderfully benevolent and great. Although it is a very malefic Fixed Star in predictive astrology, my experience, and the experience of others, and a traditional view, is that all the Star Daimonae are very benevolent.

So, Hermes Trismegistus in the manuscript called ‘Quadripertitus’ of the De Quindecim Stellis says that Algol is of the nature of Saturn. I believe you will find the same in Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos. Now, I want to explain what that means since it has led to some confusion. When our traditional sources say that a Fixed Star is of the nature of a certain Planet, it does not mean that that Planet rules over that Fixed Star. Rather, traditionally it is viewed that the Fixed Stars are actually higher than the Planets, and so it is the Fixed Stars that have power over the Planets and not the other way around.

Rather, it is saying they have a nature similar to that Planet. The Fixed Stars are very interesting since they are so high up in the Chain of Being, that they can be difficult to understand. But we can understand part of their nature and what they are like by considering that they are similar to a certain planet.


Awesome answer @Dankquanicus


That’s interesting. Thanks, @Dankquanicus


I have used this ritual for my temple and I can say that it works really well. It gave my space a different vibe and the spirits loved it.


@Duchess I’m super interested in the specific ritual you used to saturate your temple with Algol energy. I haven’t found a suitable ritual or even a good framework to build on to do this.

Please, direct me to your methods. :pray:


I got it from VKs website.

Hope this helps :blush:


How did I possibly miss this one? :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

Thanks @Duchess you rock


Happy to help :blush:


Ok update:

I created the sigil of Algol in black ink and applied it to my main temple wall, directly on top of my Qlippoth tree of death, on top of Thaumiels seal.

I did perform the ritual with the intention to saturate my temple with the internal energy of Algol.

This was some high octane ritual work, I could feel the air almost cackling with a staticky electric feeling energy. My body tingled and my ears began to pop towards completion.

This was some righteous, hot shit!

Highly recommended to others!


Alright, I want to talk about something because of that article from VK.

Now, my impression from it is that Algol themselves is considered demonic, and this can come from their name which is sometimes translated as “The Demon Star”. However, from the Arabic Ras Al-Ghol it can also be translated as “The Mischief Maker”.

There is a serious problem in viewing Algol as Demonic, and this is why I tried to clairfy something in my post regarding the Star Daimonae .

The problem is that Algol is commonly called upon to banish demons and evil spirits, and they are very good at this. In fact, they are often considered the best star for this, and Hermes says of Algol “Know that this star is one of the mightiest in the entire firmament, both in nativities and in the conceptions of things.” (De Quindecim Stellis, Quadrepertitus Part I, translated by Regulus Hess, commentary by Christopher Warnock)

I don’t think Algol would banish demons you work with in ritual, since they like any other celestial spirit are highly intelligent. But to view them as a demonic spirit is odd, and likely comes from a quick look at a translation of their name.

(Interestingly, many of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars in our traditional sources are protective, while we rarely have mention of other celestial factors being protective in our traditional sources)

Now, I don’t want to seem like I am bashing another view, so I want to say what I have said here is my view, although it is also the view of others, and a traditional view, and experience confirms it as well.

From that, of course, some will be divided on whether Algol should be called upon for Qliphothic work.


@Dankquanicus thanks as always for sharing your views, even if they run contrary to mine. Admittedly you know more about this subject than I. I was aware of the power of algol that it can reflect curses and subdue demons yes.

I do think at this point that. VK is correct to Link this energy or vibration to Qlippoth and
It’s entities.

Now having said that you know my position. If a belief or view or practice does not produce for me reliable, consistent and satisfying results then it goes directly into the dumpster. I don’t enjoy wasting time on things like that.

We have an expression in my home country “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Which that is to say , let’s see if this application of algols qualities truly produce results as VK says.

And just because VK said it, it doesn’t necessarily make it so either. I always keep that in mind. Side note I really didn’t like or trust VKs work until about a year ago. He slowly won me over after much trial and t testing of his methods.

So I appreciate your thoughts on this my friend, let’s keep an open mind and put it to the test.


I have great respect for you my friend. So as I said I don’t want to bash another view. My current view is that while the intelligences of the Stars, Planets, and other celestial factors are benevolent, they have immense hosts of spirits under them that complete their effects. Some can be considered as Demons, others can be considered as Angels.

And yes experience is indeed very important, I completely agree with that. My personal approach is while I have my own gnosis from experiences, I primarily follow a body of tradition. Recently I discovered that Plotinus had a similar approach. He had his own mystical experiences, but believed the truth to be found through reasoning, if I heard correctly.

However, I believe that the truth of reality cannot truly be understood. Unless, perhaps, one is enlightened. But some views come close to it.


I usually do this several times a year for my temple and the energy and changes it brings are quite amusing. I have noticed easier evocations, better divination, faster manifests and such. Quite useful.

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