The cycles of ages and spiritual development

At least to me, there has been a pattern going on for as long as we know and possibly beyond
-since, for example, any sort of metal, stone or plastic-equivalent, would be ground up into dust and scattered across continents, with every ice age and its gletchers -meaning, that there could have been cars, trains and weapons from idk 100 000 years ago -but hey would be all gone by now, but lets not go too far off topic.

My thesis is, that its perhaps by design or someone’s intention, that we experience cycles of the rise and fall of civilzations, going through various stages.

1 Development.
2 Maturation.
3 Climax and
4 Decline and reset.

with the climax fading in and out with the 2nd and 4th stage.

The basic idea is, that you need some level of culture, safety, material wealth and amount of time in order to properly ascend, which is given at the height and right before the end of the civilization.

In the first stage, barely anyone will be of spiritual expertise
-they might have potent bloodlines and verbal traditions, but they will be highly specialized and adapt to their specific needs and niesche. Few people ascend and watch over their blood.

In the second stage, the ruling elites will possess the time and material wealth to persue their studies, rituals and meditation -while 3/4 of the population is busy providing said wealth.
In this stage, the practioneers will already be blessedw ith ages worth of history, culture, and hegellian development of doctrines, so to possibly grasp more abstract and higher concepts, and build greater things than their forefathers did. A small portion of people ascends regularly.

in the 3rd stage, material wealth is wide spread, it is also the time when spirituality is starting
to be challenged by the 4 evils of nihilism, atheism, materialism and hedonism.
Spirituality will increasingly become a choice of whether or not seeks to develop one’s self or not
-but this choice is still rather “easy”, since the religious or spiritual traditions of the 2nd stage are still quite popular. A significant mass of peopel ascends, while a growing number is degenerating.

in the 4th stage, the one of decay -the 4 evils are going rampant.
being spiritual is less of a choice and more of a conviction that will be challenged at every turn, more people are ascending than ever before, simply due to the massive spike in material wealth and scale of population -life, wellbeing, luxuries, food and shelter are being taken for granted.

It seems to me, that these stages occur with the goal of generating a cyclically appearing wave of souls reaching a new level. Spirituality but also fictional writing, stimulating various meta-physical faculties which develop us on a more or less subtle level, paving the way for us to eventually become world-hosts ourselves.


my apologies if my rambligns are too incoherent, its 05:30 am and im still awake :sweat_smile:


this sort of co-incides with the analogy of the apple, only that this one is about the spiritual journey on a more macro sort of scale.

stages: (for the sake of simplicity i will just focus on the main 4 later on)

-1.) tree grows a blossom
0.) blossom gets fertilized
1.) sour apple
2.) sweet apple
3.) rotting apple
4.) apple sprout
5.) a new tree [of life]

1.) sour apple
as the seed matures, it is protected by the hardness and sourness of the almost wood-like flesh of the fruit. the world is strict and traditional, but it has to be and it works.

2.) sweet apple
the world is a nursery, it is sweet and welcoming and its scent invites joy and exploration

3.) rotting apple
the limits of the world have been found, and increasingly the nursery turns into a prison of sorts
you must escape or go down with it

4.) sprouting apple
the seed is on its brave journey to become a tree [of life] on its own.
such trees are eternal, but their fruits are not -though patterns and architypes may rhyme or repeat


what i find importend, is that here it indicates, that trees of life have a exchange going on, in order to bring forth new and different fruits(worlds) and therefore new and different trees.


another comparison i like to make, is the comparison to the mushroom.

a human has a
-invisible immortal divinity, which governs the lower levels
-a visible mortal body, which appears in cycles
-reproduces and adapts/develops using said body

a mushroom has a
-(practically) immortal mycelium, which is invisible/ hidden beneat the earth
-a visible mortal fungal phallus, which appears in cycles
-it uses said phallus to adapt/develop and reproduce

a world has
-a invisible meta reality which brought it forth, and governs its make up
-a visible material reality, which appears in cycles
-this material reality is playground and nursery for spirits, which end up becoming hosts of a new world, so in a sense its also use for reproduction


that is actually one of my fundational theories, since ground all these things from the idea of a perfect being -or what we would consider to be perfect.

a perfect being has no need to do anything
probably not even a desire to do anything
it just is
but how is it that a perfect being “creates” or “does” anything, if its by its very nature -kind of nothing and everything at the same time?

radiance/self expression
think of a light source of sorts, its sends out fragments of itself
which then -either by themself or combined with fragments of other perfect beings,
condense into lumps of consciousness which then form a meta-realm

within this meta-realm eventaully sentience awakens, which then creates the realm proper.
sentient entities within that realm grow, develop and evolve and eventually the realm is ditched and they become their own perfect beings.

now, while i like this theory (yes i am patting my own back :blush: )
i do take issue with this, since (if im not mistaken) this would mean you shouldnt rise to quite that level OR that you have to create your own higher/passive instances, in order to maintian agency, but ignoring that whole thing, i think the theory makes quite a lot of sense.


EHEM, sorry -i went a tad off topic :sweat_smile:
anyway. back to the cycles of civilzations.

-what do you think about the concepts presented?