The block world concept

I’m borrowing this concept from Lady_ Eva and would like to get your opinion about it.

My understanding of it is basically extreme subjectivity: we all live in bubbles. Everything outside is really a part of our consciousness.

We only perceive it as external because we haven’t developed our consciousness enough to perceive otherwise.

So why not jump off buildings and fly?
Why not shoot lasers from your eyes?

It’s obvious such myths exist in our culture and for good reason: the multiverse is infinite in its possibilities and forms and can invent new ones

As we invent them.

We’re limited only by our imagination.


When I encounter ideas of complete subjectivity like this, my usual response is something along the lines of “alright, try to jump absurdly high” or, “try to make a planet literally move backwards”, or cause something that will be on the world-wide news.

People like this always have all sorts of excuses. “He didn’t have enough faith!” “Oh, uhm, we’ve just been programmed so hard that we can’t possibly invent a new reality, our faith is just too firm!”. It’s the same as when you explain to a Christian that a “Pagan” God has blessed you with many wonderful things and done a lot of good in your life and they respond with “That’s because they are actually a demon, doing things for you to take you further from God!”, or when they say “The world is older than 6000 or so years? That’s actually false, the Devil (Or God) has altered the results of carbon dating to decieve people/test their faith”.

If you can’t prove it, I don’t see a reason to bother with it. And I have known people who went to lengths to build a reality to their liking, and, well, surprise surprise… it didn’t work.


I am adding this post here with a passage from Ophiel’s ‘The Art and Practice of Talismanic Magic’ since I believe it is appropriate:

"Now here enters a very important point which must be understood and correctly acted upon, or all your Talisman work will come to naught. To illustrate it I am going to retell a little fable which came originally from Greek mythology and was written down by that Roman slave Aesop.

A man was driving this car along a road and it became stuck in a mud hole. Seemingly the man could not get out and he began to call upon Jupiter to help, crying with a loud voice. Luckily Jupiter answered him, and said, “You nut! Get up, shout at them – put your shoulder to the wheel and push! The gods will help those who help themselves!!!” The man did this and he got out of the mud hole and on his way.

Now basically this is what the Talisman does – it places a channel for the Force to reach through to us. BUT we must make the final physical effort onto this final Physical Plane. The Force can push through and, using the physical effort as a channel, we do the work. WE CAN THEN DO THE WORK. So there you have it. Nothing alone can work. The Force that the Talisman invokes, that you invoke through the Talisman, cannot work unless you make a physical effort. The Physical Plane is just as important as the Force that comes through from the Inner Planes. They are really equal. There is a great tendency to regard the Physical Plane as a burden, as inferior and as something to escape from, but that is a pack of lies. The Physical Plane is just as important as the Inner Planes and is the final result of them all.

So there you have it and that is the truth. There is no other truth. If you hear something different than this and it proves out to be true, then let me know and I’ll change my ideas if I find that it is true." (Page 45-46)

Well, if you find someone who has gotten comic book superhero powers just through belief, let me know and I’ll see if it is true!


That’s not what I meant. I was referring to the concept that in the multiverse everything is possible.

I wasn’t saying that in this universe everything is possible. I didn’t mention faith even once @Dankquanicus

I gave examples of impossible fits in our universe.
There’s a difference between a mostly energetic and mostly material being.

They move along different blocks of itness.
For the material moves along axis of space while the energetic one along axis of time
We’re both so we move through space time curved by gravity

There’re several versions of the material universe with their own unique set of rules
Here we’re limited by a lot of restrictive laws


My apologies! I should not have assumed. There are communities of people who believe that there are indeed infinite universes where anything is possible and we can switch between them with our minds, so that is why I assumed what I assumed.

I did speak with someone else about the idea of a multiverse with infinite possibilities not too long ago, although with the idea that you could actually go to these places.

My response is the same as in the last part of my first message: If you can’t prove it or use it, then I don’t see a reason to bother with it too much. But it is still interesting theoretically.

Now, something popularized by TikTok is “Shifting”, which is the practice of actually going to these different universes. However, the experiences I’ve heard are exactly the same as astral projection. Whenever they die there, they simply return here, and often times pain isn’t experiences.
I think the idea of the multiverse is more appealing to people who have a general materialist world-view, in that they use it to suggest that all spiritual experiences are valid and not illusory, or it is actually a material experience than a spiritual one etc. As it’s simply an intermingling of different universes. Which, I am hesitant about personally. I think it’s something that can perhaps be reasoned on, however, which is important.

But some Ancient Greeks also believed in the idea of a multiverse. Interestingly, Plato seems to have disagreed with this, but his dialogue “Timaeus” will have to be read on the reasoning regarding that.

The Renaissance Magician and Astrologer Giordano Bruno, in a time when Europe still held onto an Aristotelian model of the cosmos, said that the Stars we see are actually Suns like ours, and they have their own Worlds like ours, and the Universe spans on infinitely, so the center of the Universe is essentially everywhere (At least, to my knowledge this is what he said).

So, the Universe could also be singular but infinite, rather than there being a Multiverse (Uni- does mean “One”, to represent all things together). We could also then say the physical laws here do not apply everywhere in the infinite Universe and are vastly different elsewhere. So, that essentially makes this singular Universe like the idea of the Multiverse with widely different laws.

Again, if it can’t be put into use or proven then I don’t see too much reason to bother with it, unless it can be reasoned on.


But I think we can experiment. I experienced shifting myself it’s powerful especially after using powerful Magic I’m not special…

You can physically go to the different universes imho we just need to build a portal. Now how to do that is a different question: part astral part aetheric and part physical.


If anyone ever does, let me know!


It must be a joined effort of the physical astral and aetherial realms.

Only cooperation and steady experimenting with shifting and astrally and aetherically traveling the multiverse can lead to that result.

If you want to join me @Dankquanicus in this endeavor I’d very much like to try…


I’m afraid it’s not my path or area of specialty, so I won’t be joining the endeavor, but it’s still interesting nontheless! Maybe you should start a working thread on here for this? And see if anyone will join. Would still be interesting to see what you find!


Maybe when the forum matures and I’ll prove myself in the community for people to work side by side with me I will.

@Dankquanicus talking with you is always intellectually stimulating…


Likewise! It’s always good speaking with you. I think it’s not often spoken of about what a wonderful tool for knowledge discussion is, which sounds strange to say, because we all know this, but aren’t always aware of it (And so, people get angry from conflicting points of view, etc.), if that makes sense.
It’s a wonderful time to consider and go over our established beliefs as well.

If I can give a suggestion for a future goal in exploring the multiverse, I think the goal should ultimately be to bring a physical object back from another universe. Ideally, multiple, and increasingly strange ones. I think that gives the idea of multiverses some merit, that whatever is experienced is not just entirely in the mind (Or, that it is simply astral projection).


Multiverse explained shortly
Is there one reality?
To anyone interested in the multiverse


Being a bit sci-fi/maybe a bit crazy we need to build
A form of a gate.

I’ve heard magicians can open astral gates, if the dead interact with us then there must be an aetherial gate and a material gate will stabilize the previous two.

I’m not going to call it names to give the wrong ideas but if we build it surely others can too…