The Black Book of Azathoth

Well, it would be a bit one-sided, tbh. I place no real value in those representations, outside of my identifying/validating an entity. About the same amount as I place in most dreams, tbh.

If you’re interested, I may consider releasing the sigils I projected through, but most are for locations. Locations for gnosis (to further peel back the layers to get to the source energies), mainly.

The Gate of Cthulhu above is a location I mentally project through that lands me in a place to go speak to him (as he is in a stasis-like state). I have gone there to make requests and speak with him. Since I haven’t done the same with this book, I can’t speak to anything similar yet.

But I can say that I didn’t go through Nyarlathotep to speak with them. When you feel the call, to whichever, you find a way.


I would be very interesting, thank you.

I’ve had a similar experience with Cthulu, as well. Although, I’ve never made requests. I just sort of let him speak and try to keep up with the words and images i recieve…

I didn’t go through Nyarlathotep, either. That’s funny. I just figured “Yog-Sathoth knows the way, and he is the way.”

If you’d rather have this conversation in private, let me know. But, have they started giving you a language?

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Nyarlathotep wanted the circle, triangle, the callings to him and Yog-Sothoth - and the dinner timer (pressure cooker) was at 10 minutes. I’m game.

Traced and opened the circle, triangle, the ToT, and Nyarlathotep’s sigil. I called to YS first, the Ny. I lit the black candle in between the callings and by the time I was done, I was so intune with Nyarlathotep’s sigil and the energy coming from it, I sent the excess from myself into the candle (right move) to charge it further as it was burning. I stayed like that for a bit, until the call to end it came.

I then closed everything down, snuffed the candle, and walked inside to the pressure cooker beeping. I had made it within whatever that time limit was with the timer and beeping. It’s still decompressing.

I had the distinct feeling that the Haunter will come to me tonight.


I don’t find value in barbarous languages, so they don’t have any effects on me. Well, most don’t. I don’t ask for them.

It almost seems like we should start a thread for different gnosis for the current. That would keep the practices of this book more contained, yet allow for discussion, words, sigils, etc… Since it’s more than “just” me, I think a thread to curate that would be beneficial. I’m getting ready to start also working through Smokeless Fire (meant to days ago), so, truth be told, I don’t know if I could keep an eye on it like I’d want to. If you have the time, would you mind starting it for the good of the forum? If you don’t have the time, that’s fine. Sounds like we write our stuff down :grin: It will be there.

Something tells me there’s a lot more than just us two…or there will be…


Just a thought, this may have to do more with the stage your consciousness is in than the entities themselves?

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I would be more than happy to, I just might not be able to check it every day. I’m also sort of terrible with technology, so it may take me a second to figure out the optimal configuration(s).

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I don’t (largely) use the psychological model. When I call them, they feel the same, in a similar mechanism to other currents that are external (my point of view).

But consciousness also depends on the point of view. The vantage point of awareness can matter in that model. Am I the ALL of this part, this “whole” or a drop in the next?

The real answer is that it doesn’t matter until it does, but that’s an experiential thing, too.

Here, with this book, they are external only (outside of lip-service I may have forgotten). I will be treating them as such, to keep my work-through as true a possible, as I do with other work-throughs.

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Nightmares and sleeplessness marked last night. I even took extra Benadryl. A nightmare would start and I’d jerk away. I’m reasonably certain the Haunter is involved. Pretty rare to have those with the concoction I take before bed. Thankfully, I did get a solid hour around 4 am and another solid half hour after that. I think I got a good hour at the beginning, but am uncertain.

I reached out a little bit ago and got the same instructions as yesterday, essentially. That’s fine. I wouldn’t mind the sleep issues as much, if I felt that I was getting something out of it. I can’t say either way, if being honest. Hope I get some solid sleep tonight, though.


A recent news article reminded me of predatory practices against senior citizens and my blood started getting hot. I had a grandmother that had severe dementia and was swindled into signing away her house to someone none of us even knew. This was over 20 years ago. Not surprised it’s still happening.

I have another working to do tonight with a Smokeless Fire entity, but was trying to figure out how to divide the payments with the labor, while only calling on djinn (to preserve the initial experience). Nyarlathotep and the Haunter of the Dark both send pings and then it was solved.

Nyarlathotep and the Haunter will target an organization I found from some web searches doing similar things to what happened to my grandmother. I did dig up a few names, so I can keep an eye on things periodically. My ask was to “haunt” them, ruin their lives, and leave them as destitute (with interest) for all the people they knowingly harmed. I asked that non-predatory members be left alone, unless there wasn’t a good way otherwise (they will be harmed by bad business, for example).

This was my ritual.

The incense was at the request of Yog-Sothoth, I believe. One in each corner. He is helping with this, but I’m not sure how and he didn’t elaborate. Those are close to the cardinal directions, but purposefully “off” for the spaces in-between (it’s what came to mind). It was lit from Nyarlathotep’s candle, at their suggestion.

Only Nyarlathotep’s sigil/symbol is visible. The idol is a gate itself. The target company and names are on the back of the sheet.

I opened the circle, the triangle inside it, the ToT in the air in front of me, over the idol. I recited the evocation of Yog-Sothoth, Nyarlathotep, and then the Haunter, despite all three already listening or present.

The tasks and targets were accepted. My wishes for what happens conveyed, the sigil was blooded. The payment, per the instructions to me, was to pay Nyarlathotep and he would dole out whatever as he chose to. In this book, the Haunter is an egregore of Nyarlathotep, so that makes sense in this context.

Rot asshats.

On a positive note, I slept almost 9 hours without nightmares and only woke up a few times. I’ll take that.


A few years ago someone tried to convince my dad over the phone that I was in some sort of trouble in California of all places. He drove thirty miles to my job to see if I was at work and If I was " in any trouble"

I said, Dad Ive never even been to California.

Its a scam.


Yeah and it can be “legal”, even.

But the Courts of Wo/Man are not the Courts of Norse…


I was going to take the rest of the night off, but I was called to speak with the Haunter. He wanted a name go go after. I wanted to name someone, but no pne has pissed me off recently to test it on over a night or two. Instead, he said he would choose and I would hear about it at work. Nothing too bad, just bizarre dreams.

Here’s a photo of me just prior to calling him through the ball.


An interesting thing occurred that I wasn’t expecting. I have a thread where I’m working through the Maoshan Foundational Course for magical Daoism and had to do the rituals in my ritual space. I normally do them in a separate part of the house. I got done with my daily work for that (a couple of short rituals). I had already done another ritual earlier not related to this.

But it was the Daoist energies that caused Nyarlathotep to say I didn’t need to call them. I think the other energies were fine, but one of the Daoist ones is a sort of forcefield or shield and I suspect this was the issue. Well, the tipping point, anyway. Maybe more time needed to pass or something. More about interference than anything, I think.

Thought I’d note it in here and see if that continues.


Yog-Sothoth called me to ritual. He gave me a head’s up yesterday.

YS: “Yes, I did (call me into ritual). I also told you to grab this book (my notes grimoire) and a seat. Are you ready?”

Me: “You would know.”
(He was both irritated and amused by this response. There was also a bit of ‘wonder’ in the analytical sense and ALL of this was packaged together and present. As an analyst, I get that, but the speed and transmission of all of it in a split second was interesting and impressive).

YS: “You have called the Haunter (side note to be observed, but not given much weight - and Nyarlathotep). Why?”

Me: “To expand my interactions with and knowledge of the entities in this current?”

YS: “A worthless, generic answer. I was expecting (it). No, you know why”

Me: “Integrating their energies (the energies they represent) into me.”

YS: “Have you?”

Me: “Not really. I commune when I’m told to, but outside of that, no.” (more on this later)

YS: “You have failed in that area, haven’t you.” (it wasn’t phrased as a question)

Me: “I have reached out and taken direction. What would you like me to do?”

YS: “I believe I just said it.”

He left.

It’s easy to think he was displeased, but he wasn’t. I HAVE reached out and communed when told to. As noted in above entries, I refrained when they said I should.

So, when they call you out for doing what you should have, it’s a check. YS knew it, knew I knew it, but wanted the conversation transmitted here - which is a credit to him, actually. He KNOWS others will read it and wants the experience known. If anyone things this doesn’t happen EVERYWHERE ELSE in the spiritual world, well, the coddling ends. If they weren’t powerful, impressive, dual-natured entities, we would only get HALF the experience - at best.

So, YS said I should integrate these energies. It’s easy to think that incorporating SIMILAR energies is good enough. IT ISN’T. I’ve integrated Tiamat, Leviathan, and the entire Shadownomicon series. The problem is this - integrating “shadow”-esque or chaotic energies is NEVER a one-time thing. It isn’t. It never will be. One specific layer of chaos is not the WHOLE. Unless you have some bullshit product to sell that I never will. It it also noteworthy that I’ve said similar things with Dead/Death energies and entities in the past. One is NEVER the WHOLE. If nothing else, because one is not attuned enough to grasp the nuances that encompass the current. Or the nuances between similar current veins.

But people will sell that to you. I have a heavy, multi-year, publicly vented threads of it and still advocate for numerous rounds. With variety. I still need work.

So, what YS is saying here isn’t really for me. I met the “ego test” and he wanted me to pass this along publicly (hence the writing down of it).

Now, since ALL shadow aspects are different (don’t fool yourself), he wanted it public. Once that’s done, the leverage gained in between is gone, right?

Not quite.

People want to reduce Yog-Sothoth to a gate or the key to the gate, but forget he’s probably the most intelligent entity in this pantheon. People want to credit Nylarlathotep as a sort of Lucifer, but that’s because they see BOTH in the same religious imagery as some sort or Pagan Christ (yes this can be argued, but LONG introspection should come first).

I value, but don’t need Nyarlathotep like I would need a Christ for this pantheon. BUT I do see he can be valuable. Unfortunately, I haven’t put the “work” in to see his full value yet. He’s an interface to the Gods/Goddesses of this pantheon. If they contact you directly, it changes the game a bit. So, I don’t have a good fixture on him yet.

Nyalrathotep is a messenger. And if you know where the destination is (or it came to you), this relationship will not be as strong as those that need something similar.

Someone skilled in evocation and energy work can see the…edges…of Yog-Sothoth (ot the others) and be tempted to force and conjure as that would happen. The rest of the onion will know. You can force that part, but you need…greater skills for the rest. And, frankly, with my own, I can see there are still some more.

That doesn’t meant that that matters, though, and that peach of insight may trigger all sorts of…rewards and issues. Your discretion. Your risk.

So, we’re left with the choices of weighing action and inaction, of the nuances of both. And that sort of waving, good-bad, benefit-gain is exactly what they’re looking for.

This current is a balance of gain and loss, of enlightenment and false paths. Let’s not pretend it’s anything else.