[TECHNIQUE] Overcoming Lust for Results

This is a method I have used successfully in the past to help overcome lust for results. It relies on the power of Dantalion, as well as Law of Consciousness principles.

  1. I petition Duke Dantalion to turn my thoughts completely away from the situation.
    Alternatively, or in addition, you can petition King Belial (or other similar entities) to help remove obstacles and blockages in your mind that are interfering with your cast.

  2. I use Law of Consciousness (“Law of Attraction”) principles to redirect my thoughts and change my mood. I visualise myself experiencing a brief little movie reel, an “outcome reel”, of my desired outcome. Then every time I happen to think about the situation, I immediately banish the negative thought, close my eyes, and imagine my “outcome reel” again, in detail, letting myself feel how calm and happy I am in that moment. When I open my eyes, I feel am calm and happy.

For example, say you have performed a ritual to get a new car. Close your eyes, relax, and then visualise yourself driving yourself off the car sales lot, thinking what a great choice it was, how fuel efficient, how cool it looks, et cetera. Feel the steering wheel under your hands, smell the new car smell, listen to your favourite song blasting from the speakers. Embrace how happy, content, and fulfilled you feel in your car.

This is the “outcome reel” you will visualise every time you start to obsess about needing a new car, or stressing about how your current car is about to break down, worrying about when the new car will manifest, or thinking negative thoughts like “I’m never going to have that new car”.

Do this every single time you have a thought even tangentially related to the situation, even if you have to do it 20 times a day.

  • Make the reel short (10 seconds max).
  • Visualise the exact same reel each and every time.
  • Visualise yourself experiencing it in first-person perspective.
  • Add as much detail as possible: sight, sound, touch, scent.
  • Invest your emotions into it. Feel how absurdly grateful and elated you are at that moment. Let yourself smile. Let yourself truly feel that happiness every time you play the reel.
  • Focus on the outcome and the finality of the situation, i.e. you have what you want, it is integrated into your life already.
  • Finally - try and make this reel your last thought as you fall asleep each night.

These two things have helped me hugely to cope with lusting for results in the past, and it is incredibly satisfying to have the power to turn an obsessive negative thought into feeling content and fulfilled.

When I first started this method, I probably ran through my outcome reel upwards of 30 times on the first day, because I was anxious and lusting for results. The second day, maybe 20 times. The third day, around 10 times, and the obsessive and anxious thoughts were occurring less and less. If I had even the briefest flicker of worry about the outcome I would tell myself “it is too late, it is already done” and then play the reel and come out of it feeling happy and calm.

The fourth day, I only needed to play the reel about 5 times, and on that same day my results manifested.

Some final notes:

  • Throw yourself into mundane things, reading/research, personal development, spending time with friends, and so on, to keep your mind occupied.
  • Stop doing or seeking repeated divinations about the outcome, from yourself or different sources. (Absolutely major hypocrite here who had to learn this the hard way – trust me, it doesn’t help and just gives your obsession and anxious thoughts another potential foothold.)

Trust in your work and know it is already done.

You might find the below thread helpful as well:

Happy casting!

(Note: originally posted here, tidied up and reposted here as it’s my original creation.)


really great article thank you this solves many problems.

and roadwork with kevashiel is also very effective, suddenly removing all obsessive desires for results, at least for me it was,then I didn’t care about the outcome of any magic I’d wonder about the results and go crazy about how it would come to me.

and then came the explosion. I did roadwork with angel kevashiel in Jareth tempest’s raziel roadworks book 2 and as a result of my curiosity, all my wish for the result disappeared.


Awesome to hear :call_me_hand: Kevashiel really gets the job done, I think he’s such a good entity to call on.


If you want, you can call him after casting a spell and use a phrase that says “Destroy all my desire for results.”

or you can use the phrase “permanently destroy all my desire for results” and you will no longer experience lust for results in any of your spells.


Rather than destroying the desire for results, I usually give my desire for results as a treat to the summoned spirit. It works… Right after the ritual, I do something else. It often happens when I don’t think about my request until the ritual is over.