Tarot Consecration Incense Recipe & Ritual

Tarot Consecration Incense Recipe & Ritual

This recipe and ritual is pulled from The Big Book of Magical Incense by Sara L. Mastros. She designed it “to cleanse, bless, and empower tarot cards, runes, and other divination tools. For most tools, you can pass them through the smoke, but if you’re concerned that it will damage them, then you can instead bury the tool in unlit incense.”

Tarot Consecration Incense Recipe

  • 3 parts mixed resins to lend the Sun’s illuminating perspicacity
  • 2 parts night-blooming jasmine to lend the Moon’s intuitive premonition
  • 3 parts star anise to lend the enlightening rays of the stars
  • 1 part citrus peel for clarity
  • 1 part thyme for the courage to speak the truth
  • Honey to bind

This incense wants a lot of smoke, so the only limit to how much honey you add is that it not be too sticky to handle.

Consecration Ritual for a New Deck

Begin by lighting the incense. As the smoke builds, handle your cards. Fan them out. Recite the modified Orphic Hymn to the Fates.

Modified Orphic Hymn to the Fates

Endless infinity, children of inky Night, Fates,
Providence, Moirai, I call you to this rite!
O many-named ones of the heavenly pools,
Whose warm waters burst forth like shining white jewels,
Everflowing by night, into the grotto,
In the whole holy hole’s innermost hollow.
You first bubble forth from spiritual places,
From whence you fly forth o’er earth’s boundless spaces,
then, nimble and quick, you scamper on down,
To be with the Ancestors, under the ground.
O Atropos, Who Must Be!
O Lachesis, Assigner of our destiny!
O Klotho, who Weaves all that we see!
Nocturnal, eternal, invisible, implacable,
You are indestructible and all-unattackable.
All things you give, and all things you stay,
And you are they who take all things away.
You who are the contingent and the necessary things:
Fates, hear my prayers, and hallow my offerings!
As these cards pass through the hallowing smoke,
I ask you to embrace them inside your cloak,
Hold them close to your heart and bless them with your grace,
That I may use them to speak Truth in the name of the Fates.


I’m lazy. Can’t help it.
In part, I consecrate by sleeping with what I’m consecrating, usually under the pillow. Do it for a few nights. Did it with my Magickal weapons and taro deck.
I’m so slack!