Staff Changes

UPDATE HERE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Rebranding, the way forward, & dispelling confusion

To the valued members of our community,

It is with heavy hearts that we wish to inform you of a change in our structure. Effective immediately, this forum is no longer associated with the The Occult Nation (TON) business.

This unforeseen event was largely in part due to a party personally unknown to all but one of the founders of this forum being given sole financial control of the previous TON collective. Unfortunately, this situation was used as leverage following an event of hostility instigated by the co-founder associated with the unknown party against another founding member, following which the previously uninvolved party joined the forum with a threatening username and demanded written apologies from the co-founders.

We will be undergoing rebranding efforts shortly to reflect this change in its entirety, however, nothing will change on the front-end of the forum other than its appearance, and potentially its URL (domain). We hope you can continue as normal and bear with us through this minor change.

If you personally have been affected by this change, all possible provisions will be made by the staff team to provide you with original copies of any content you have posted. Your Intellectual Property, as always, belongs to you as an individual, and will never be plagiarised or used for profit. We will make every effort to actively conceal and/or delete, at your request, any content written by users who are no longer participating in the forum which they do not wish to be publicly available here.

We part ways with The Occult Nation business entity with no ill will, and respectfully ask that the community keep the public forum (with the exception of this thread) free of any additional threads discussing the matter, and to please flag any threads you see which are in breach of this request.

In the very near future we hope to explain further so any concerns can be addressed.

DMs (private messages) are, as always, only able to be moderated when a DM is flagged or a staff member and/or the moderator team is explicitly invited to the DM thread.

Bearing no ill will, we wish to make this changeover as amicable and free from disruption as possible. This place was founded with two prime values in mind: your intellectual property is solely yours, and we wish for peaceful co-existence with no drama, only to make a place for occultists to come together and share knowledge with no infighting or invective.

Please bear with us through this transition, and we are all so grateful for your continued support.

If you have questions or concerns about the nature of this change or its details, please don’t hesitate to DM the @moderators group or any of the individual forum staff.

The Moderation Team