[SPREAD] Major Decisions/Crossroads

This morning I had one of those “moments” when I really needed to understand where I was stuck on some major life decisions that were going to shape me as a person.

This spread came to me serendipitously in the middle of one of those moments. I held the cards in my hand and they were like: “Yo, split that into two decisions and we’ll show you what’s up.”

If for some reason you can’t load the image:


There are likely other V shaped spreads that also talk about split decisions, so I am by no means the inventor of such a concept, but I like that there is a “journey” in this one. You don’t have to remove any cards or anything, as I like to think of minor archana as those lesser-impacting situations or experiences.


Major crossroads or major decisions which you require foresight into two options.


1 - This is the situation as it stands today. The environment of the situation.

2 - This is the nature of the decision to be made.

3 & 6 - These are the two options that can be made (think: “should I stay or should I go”)

4 & 7 - Because I use this spread for major decisions, I want to understand how these decisions will change me or how the journey will be to my outcome. Let the cards guide you to understand if this is your experience, the type of journey, the guider of that journey, etc.

5 & 8 - Outcomes of the journeys. Once you make the decision, go through the journey, and come out on the other side, HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT GOING TO BE?