Spiritual castle

Imagine you want to completely hide from a powerful god and his numerous servants, through what ritual and ward do you hide yourself?I want not to be seen even for a second. I don’t want my thoughts to be heard.I use lbrp and ward but it seems they’re not working, that’s my ward

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i tell you what i do for protection, i like dragons snakes hydras and envision them encircling me and protecting me.

do you have an animal you like?


Interesting idea. Firstly, this makes an assumption about the Gods. It assumes that the Gods are like us, finite, a singular intelligence, and at a specific place. So this makes the Gods anthropomorphic. However, we are able to call upon the Gods at more than two different locations at once, and they are present (or at least, we reach them). Meaning, they are quite different in existence to us, at least different from our physical form, since our spiritual body is more similar, being able to travel infinite distances in no time, and maintaining spiritual connections to all things, and especially things we have encountered, or become aware of.

So the Gods seem to be similar to our spirit, but more aparent. Whenever you go, they seem to be there. Traditionally the Gods are higher than the Stars, but the Stars and Planets are called the Encosmic Gods. With the Stars and Planets as a lower manifestation of the Gods, their omni-presence is starting to make more sense. Who can hide from the Sun? It’s light extends all over the world, and the Sun is what keeps the world functioning. Its gravitational force pierces through everything in the world. It is present at all times in one from or another.

The Gods are also said to be the creators of everything in almost every culture around the world. Similarly, it is said that all things descend from the realm of the Planets and Stars. We see this as when the planets go through their dignities and debilities, and form their aspects with each othe, those things in the world which they rule over are affected the same way at the same time.

And everything is an image of their celestial rulers. The Rooster has the powers of the Sun and sings his Hymn at each turning of the Sun.
All this is because the Stars and Planets inwardly nourish everything in the world. Everything is spritually connected to them, and a manifestation of their power. Similarly, Orpheus has said that Zeus, who is identifies as the divine Demiurgos (Craftsman), inwardly nourishes the entire cosmos.

With that, I don’t think it’s possible to hide from any of the Gods, similar to how one cannot even hide from the Planets and Stars. There is no time when one is not touched by their being. And it seems this would not be favorable either, as it seems that everything is nourished by them, and relies on them, just as nothing can live without the Sun.

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I was once told that if I pissed off any Gods the only way out is to face the storm. The second option would be to seek an equivalent, or an enemy of that God.

I know its not warding exactly.


My personal view is that one cannot anger the Gods. Aristotle says each of the Gods live in a state of divine bliss, and the Platonist view is that each of the Gods are perfect.

With that, the Gods are not wrathful. Socrates rejected that sort of anthromorphism of the Gods.

However, there are certain acts that can incur miasma, which is spiritual pollution. That leads to all sorts of trouble. In which case, spiritual purification and expiation is appropriate.

That is my personal thoughts and suggestion.

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I personally disagree. Why? Because the gods want our prayers/offerings/ceremonies as they grant favors. This means there’re some who miss out on the favors.

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I wouldn’t say that they want our prayers. Many Gods have been lost to history, or their worship has dissapeared for a long time. And yet, this has not caused any trouble. Rather, they have simply gone on serenely without urging anyone to worship them. Similarly, many of the Encosmic Gods are not widely worshipped, and actually, many are hidden, yet manifest in all things.

But, we can at least agree some are lucky while other suffer mercilessly many times the wicked prosper, so how is it in such a world the gods are perfect? Kinda makes you wonder…

Certainly, some are indeed more fortunate than others. This is largely because, as we have said, this world is the furthest from The One. It is an imitation of something perfect. But since it is far from the fire, so to speak, we are seeing the shadows of things, there is a good deal of darkness.

And darkness relates to illusion. We can agree that ultimately, only the form of the image in material things is destroyed. It appears to be indeed how Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita, that death is an illusion. When a person dies, this is like a person shedding a worn garment.
And"evil" is largely just our experience of the world. We experience pain and pleasure, which is necessary for how the world works, but unpleasant to us.

Indeed, this sort of life is not so ideal for us. In Platonism and Hermeticism, it is suggested that our Souls have been created by the ultimate creator, and Plotinus says we ourselves are of the race of the Gods. Our souls have fallen into the world and been trapped here. We’ve lost our memories of our existence prior to incarnation. And we try to reach where we came from. So this existence is rather strange to us.

Now, for the world to function, there is destruction added to the constant creation. Practicing gardening can reveal why this is necessary.

I see the Planets and Stars as very benevolent beings but with unpleasant work to perform.

A lot of suffering seems to be brought on by necessity (circumstances), while other times it is often from our own doing. Socrates said his Personal Daimon does not prevent him from doing something that will cause him suffering. But rather warns him before he is about to do so. Not impeding with his free will.