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Welcome to the Spider’s journal!

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Intro first. Something a little more detailed in certain areas, something a bit different as a mark of where I am now and how I’ve gotten here.

First, I have been known as the sound a cat makes at another location in case that helps anyone recognize me. The change is largely due to me stepping into another name since that one was created. I won’t speak to the first part’s personal significance to me, but I’ve always been avidly struck by spiders, whether by fear or awe. They—of all critters and humans—have taught me the most about my path in this life and my craft.

Laurel holds victory and triumph but means far more. It holds a memory of perseverance. Frames death’s transformation under the sun’s eyes in love, forces cleansing by its nature and shows a poet admiration.

Spiders are creatures that both weave and walk their webs. They have taught me to weave my path into creation and walk it with trust; to lay in wait until what is mine lands in my own magick laden web.

Names and their value aside, here’s what makes me a magician. If we put away the “spiders have pretty much been part of my identity since I was 8” we’re left with what brought me here and why I’ve stayed.

Anger. Aching desperation. Once I wasn’t sure about another day and a god denied my wishes. I sought out the devil instead and found him inside myself. Living in me, the devil I could never fear enough and the spiders swarming in the hollowness of my need showed me magick is no balm to anger but satisfies desperation quite well.

Desire. Lust of power. Once I had a taste of what magick could bring me I could never let it go. No god to deny me, no demons to torture me, no humans to refuse if I wanted enough. Limits are only imposed when trust or knowledge is lacking. I am still learning to trust, I am still learning the depths of humanity’s reach.

Manipulation. An opportunity to know. Once a pact settled into my soul and bound me with another whose talent and power I revere without worship. Flames and coldness intertwined, I will not be led back from the edge of walking into all I wish to see. This web I am learning to walk despite not having woven is spun so finely of mind.

And the reason I haven’t looked back since jumping in so deep, how could it ever be worth it to renounce what I have found weighing down my web?

Knowledge. Protection. Relationships. Acceptance. Knowing myself and all that I am and can be. Seeking what lays still beyond what I have and know. Magick & the occult offer more variety in niche and possibility, and in acceptance largely than I have ever found elsewhere. Even I feel lost in the maze of magick, I intend to never feel as though I have given myself up in exchange again.


Interpersonal Energy Weaving

Weaving together energies of different living creatures is a fascinating type of magick. The level of intertangled that people have the capacity to be astounds me sometimes. To be across the world and know the feelings another person experiences or know the situations they are facing is remarkable. To have someone willing to follow your every step or do whatever you ask (command). The effects are bone and soul deep if done with those intentions.

Energy “weaving” is one way that I have used to keep in touch with people across distances and to keep people bound to certain promises, actions, inactions, and the like. I have found that some people are naturally inclined toward entanglement and others present a more difficult case. Regardless, everyone ('s energy) can be woven in the right conditions.

Without further ado, here a method I use to interpersonally weave energy together.

First things first, materials, meditation, and perfect posture. Any materials will do because they aren’t required but just add to the power and feeling of the magick. I like to use incense that feels like it goes well with bondage, subjugation, and/or obsession. For me that means Rose, Myrrh, Dragon’s Blood, Sandalwood, and Cinnamon or spicy is a good choice to but not to my preference. Red and black stones are great for this type of working and candles that are either white or black (or match a certain person you’re binding’s energy) are good additions. I tend to do bindings in silence, but music and sound tracks are important to some people and that’s fine too! Pictures, names, and birthdays are wonderful empowering additions but unnecessary if you have at least one solid link for each person being bound. Posture matters in that you sit upright (if your body does not prohibit that) and do not restrict subtle movements of the torso, arms, and hands.

Choose any two humans to start (although more can certainly be added in to the mixing cauldron, two is good for this example) and put their photos (name and birthday written on them) or representations in front of you. Make your intention to bind them very clear. This could mean writing down “I hereby bind ___ & ___” and putting it between the photos, could be you stating it aloud, or could be you just setting that intention in your mind.

There are a few ways to do this, but in the spirit of spider-y-ness and web weaving I’ve elected to post this method:

Visualize the two people as separate from each other in your mind or with your eyes open as you view their images. Forget about appearance now except all but the basics–whatever that means to you–and see them as nothing more than the energy that composes them. If they have a couple colors, see that. If their energy swirls, climbs, stagnates in certain places, then see that. Accuracy is important here, don’t just ascribe someone purple swirls because you think it’s a pretty pattern. Sink into the feeling of them and be precise about what makes them up on the energy sphere/ plane/ level/ whatever.

After you have the feeling and/or vision of both parties separately, the weaving (entangling/binding/intertwining) can begin! Here’s the part where you should be a bit careful if you hadn’t considered caution before for now. Relax your upper body a bit, enough that it can move with you as you breathe and shift in a flowy way if it wants. Let your hands rest on your legs/ knees or hold them out in front of you a bit. You can imagine that in your dominant hand you have a “needle” of sorts pinched. It doesn’t have to be a needle, you can just swirl your fingers in a way that lets you feel the energy of the first person. Whatever helps you focus best.

The image in front of that hand, imagine you are twining that person’s fundamental energy either around your fingers or threading it through the needle. Bring that energy over to the other human’s. This is why I said let your body move if it wants to. Not big abrupt movements, but little pulses or soft movements as other energy moves through you into where you direct it. Try not to let it up very far, keep it in your hands and don’t let it travel into your body, but don’t be afraid to touch it either.

Now comes the binding part, and you get to decide how bound, by what, and for how long (assuming you or another don’t destroy your work). You can begin binding their energy at the hand, heart, root, or anywhere else. This is where the binding will be the strongest (you’re going to start here and come back at the middle); it’s where the energy will be most securely interwoven and where the weaving will set in and grow roots.

So pull energy from one place on one person and set it down into the other (places can be the same or different; choose with reason or don’t). Let it burrow there for a moment before you repeat this process. Bring more energy over and set it down into the other. If you continue with this process, you are placing a heavier bind on the second person; they are becoming desperately attached to the first due to the energy being placed into them and obsessing them a degree with it(self). After the next paragraph are notes on ending the energy weaving, no matter how you weave end the rite strongly.

If you want a more evenly weighted binding, then after that second placement of the first person’s energy into the other, begin mixing the energy together either with swirly relaxed movements of your fingers or by envisioning them weave together through the needle’s point as you move it (slowly, deliberately) through each energy body. Watch as they begin to bleed together and into one another. Each energy body should have clear marks of the other (whether color, pattern, movement, or feeling) after the fourth or fifth movement of energy between them. This is the weaving, let the bodies get closer together until they are (nearly) touching. To finish, do twice from the second person to the first what you did in the beginning (move only the second person’s uncontaminated energy into the first).

Make sure you reinforce the place you most want bound at the (25%,) 50%, and 75% way through your weaving. End the weaving at the hands, feet, or center. Avoid ending at a head or places like arms and legs. End the binding well and securely. You probably don’t want this unraveling anytime soon. Pin it down and make the energy understand where it belongs now. You can even add a spell or incantation to help lock this in place. Do away with ritual items, burning them is a good choice so that the magick cannot be undone. And you can check in over the next couple (max. 3) days to see your work but then let it go and know you’ve done your part.

Stop at the right time! Unweaving (for another time) is not what you want to do in this moment and it’s a bit heavier lifting. Yeah, with enough time, effort, patience, and skill you can make a couple people either basically the same person (personality wise) or bind them so much that they become obviously inseparable, but there are consequences to this energy weaving. This can be done with yourself, or only other people.

Have fun & remember anyone you bind to yourself you also bind yourself to! Binding work in all directions.

A fun way to spice this up? Imagine a spider or little spiders doing the weaving for you! With all their legs running back and forth and mottling the endings of one person with the beginnings of another.


Nice work. I usually don’t work with bindings, it always seems like I do some other type of energy work more efficiently. I don’t like to fail lol, so I have a tendency to stick with what works when the situation matters enough to influence- even if it means it’s more complicated to accomplish.

This could help though, you did a very good job of explaining how you do it :slight_smile:


I know what you mean. Trying new things is always a little scary because I’m doing magick for obvious reasons–I want/need something enough. But sometimes it’s worth it and can be fun in the process. With things like this, I feel like all you need to know ahead are basics and then it can be dressed up in anyway you like.

I feel this. The elaborate things I go through for others sometimes are such big contrasts to what I do when I’m playing around with personal matters or bored and testing things out.

Aww! Thanks :smile:

I’m hoping to post a couple of my things on here that are newbie-with-the-basics-down friendly!

I saw your post about breaking steps into smaller chunks so they’re more friendly for the newer folks, and I definitely agree. The way I learned my practices was almost all by doing and trying new things without (human) instruction. But I’ve had a couple chats with newer folks more recently and as long as I understand what I’m doing, it’s not so hard to teach. I still stay away from the more dangerous-type instruction though (don’t wanna be responsible for that).


Just about everything great I’ve learned I stumbled upon while doing something else, or needing something beyond what was presented.

But a lot of people won’t take that step, they need help to do it- and even I get that way when I know a round about method to get there, so I can’t blame them for needing help. I need it too so, damned what can I do to help, because I’m always being helped.

Is how I feel I think. Sorta kinda…:woman_facepalming:


I’m all for helping people that have taken the first step or come from some (any) kind of background. We all need help and advice sometimes. Part of the reason I like being in touch with people who “specialize” in different types of magick is that we can all benefit from each other while everyone still gets to bring something to the table. I need so much help sometimes and people have been really kind to me for the most part.


Exactly, theirs a place for everyone and their special little niche.

I feel this one!


(The Dangers of) Weaving Glamours into Yourself

The Story / Premise

When I was younger there was a “family incident” that led to a semi-permanent glamour I wore around for most hours of the day/night for about 18 months… I was 16 when child protective services was called, by my mother, to investigate allegations of problems on my dad’s time with me. Before that, I had been engaging in not the best of habits and had run into other various but connected “family issues” as a result.

I was in deep shit and I didn’t want people poking at me in the soft places. I’d rather no one see me. I’d rather pass as someone else entirely. I’d rather lie to myself about who I am/was than walk as I am into any room. I was into magick then but I didn’t understand what I was doing. I think if I had understood I would have scaled it up a lot and wound up a lot worse for the wear.

(This glamour was not just cast onto me, I wove it into every cell of my being and every slice of energy that composes me.)

The glamour had been in baby stages before the straw that broke the camel’s back, which means I had been toying with how I wanted to present myself for a while. I had trained myself pretty well by this point to “shift” (my personality, my energy, my projection of self) by way of snapping my fingers three times successively. It was at the point where when I would do the action I’d immediately snap into focus and “shift” into the portrayal (of myself) that a situation required. I’d do it stepping into school, right before getting into a car with someone, before taking a test, when I needed to breathe for a moment alone, before walking into certain rooms, etc.

It wasn’t not a glamour. It was a shift in the energy I gave off and consequently a shift in/of my energy. It fucked with me a lot. I was always sliding into being a person just to the left of myself, or maybe all the way across the lot from myself, the person in the mirror who was backwards in all the right ways.

The day I met the appointed investigator lady I had an there was an event accompanied by an intense feeling of anger (rage). My mom and I got to the house before her and I walked back down the stairs a different person than I had been. I did my snapping trick at the top, smiled big, shook her hand, and greeted her. She was dumbfounded as to why she had been called. That was the first day of this nearly 2 year long glamour I embedded into myself.

And it was a trick, right? To move a certain way and change the air around me, the energy within myself into something more palatable for others, the energy they could feel coming off me even if they weren’t conscious of it. The thing about glamours is that some people can tell you are lying (being deceptive if not outright lying) and some people can see through them. Especially those trained in reading people and those who are spiritual. The trick was that the glamour couldn’t be skin deep: I part dug up myself up to lace with this falsity, and I part buried myself deep to cover with this lie.

I was around too many people trained to look for lies and manipulations to take risks. That and the people I was around that had known me and at least some portion of my dirty secrets since I was small. I needed something that couldn’t be called a lie, something a part of myself that looked, smelled, felt like me in all the right ways and didn’t reek of deception. It was my energy but shifted; something else woven into it to make it what I needed.

It was mostly the adults in my life who saw that glamour in full effect. My peers were not subjected as often to it because sometimes, I really did feel safe enough to pull it away for a few moments. Those moments were loud then and I remember some clearly now, breaths of air amidst a time I truthfully can hardly remember. So that is the why behind the glamour.

TLDR; Why the Glamour?

I was told to be good, told to not be a bitch, a drama queen, a manipulator, a stupid, silly (little) girl. I was told to be a certain way and the reality is that if I couldn’t be that way, I was fucking in for it. So I understand that a need to be someone else or a need to be understood a certain way can be important and come from desperation or fear.

That glamour probably saved my life.

How It Felt & The Effects

I drown myself bleeding out my mind and feelings to twine that glamour into my body and anchor it down well enough storms and made-for-wish-granting lightning bugs couldn’t uproot it.

I remember a moment of the magick that I didn’t know was magick. I would see myself, as I was in my own skin and with my own mind and feelings and I would let her sink down as deep as possible and I’d smother her so she couldn’t see, or hear, or feel. That way, she couldn’t challenge the glamour. I’d snap three times, nod my head, take a breath, and smile. It turned all the way up and I was another person. A mirror-foggy reflection that moved exactly right without being prompted.

It was like someone else—whether spirit, human, or robot I could not say—had walked into my body. That glamour was bone deep somedays and attached to all the oxygen in me.

It changed my mindset, my feelings, my attitude, my perspective, what was true and wasn’t. It made me feel like I was an imposter within myself. It made me feel like I didn’t have a right to be trapped in there with it. (When I made the glamour I intended for it to be woven into me, as deeply and entirely as possible. I intended for it to be me. I did not expect this result.)

Everyone would tell you a different story of who I was. I was no one. Not a person at least, most hours.

Anger was my only constant un-doing. It was really the only thing that could break my glass menagerie. I’ve always had a trashy relationship with anger in that it governs me a bit too avidly. When I got really angry the glamour would fade or even shatter in some places.

The level of continuous dissociation / distortion of reality was fucking insane. (Because you cast a glamour and it isn’t only how people look “in” at you, it’s also how you look “out.” Glamours like this don’t only change how you are seen; they change your perception of everything both internal and external.)

When I look back at that time frame, certain pieces/times stand out. But mostly it’s either a blur or I can’t remember anything. I have specific moments I recall, but when I try to think about things I know happened it’s like they exist within a room I can’t see into. I catch flashes of the vision or feeling sometimes, but that’s it. It’s probably for the best though because what I do catch feels too much anyway most of the time.

I was 18 when I realized how badly I had fucked up toying with my entire sense of self and personality like that, constantly shoving my energy into a certain shape it didn’t fit into.

I promised myself–when I decided I was done–that I’d not pretend to be another person ever again. Which means that I wouldn’t wind and weave another glamour into myself with such dedication it became more me than I was.

Stay tuned (but probably not right away) for how to weave a glamour into yourself so entirely you forget you’re a person and have to cleanse your energy actively every moment of every day for over a year to get over it.


Fantastic @Laurel_Spider you’re a top shelf Witch. I salute you!


Yep, I get that. I got so lost trying to be what someone wanted once, that I am still working on it.

I didn’t even know who I was anymore, when I finally realized I couldn’t make them happy by being their perfect person. Even if I could do it, they still weren’t happy.

Now sometimes I speak too loudly when it comes to how I feel, or what I want. Always progress to still be made, it seems.

Wonderful post. It’s hard to share these things, I’m proud of you.


Crazy how long it takes to get over.

I lay boundaries down so fast now. And I just walk away after a couple strikes. It’s been a wake up call how many people only “care” as I’m walking away.

Aww thanks :face_holding_back_tears:


Dantalion 19

Just some stuff from last night’s ritual. August 18, 2022

I decided I wanted to take him up on an offer from a while ago. There was a human in my life once who I thought I wanted to be around but later I realized was a stupid ass with a lying kink. So it was toward the very beginning of our pact, when I was just learning about what we would be doing when,

Dantalion offered, “I can show you his mind.”

Last night I took him up on that offer. I asked, “Hey can we go see [NAME REDACTED].”

And Dantalion just says, “I knew you would say yes.”

We ironed out a few details (good to have a basic plan, time limit, focus) and it was really fucking easy. Man has up exactly 0 wards (despite multiple witches having it out for him), 1 of my spider parasites that greeted me, and a (conscious state of) mind of black mush.

First things first I guess, it’s really easy to tell who has wards and who doesn’t. Even easier when they trap you, but I’ve done this once with a non-magician and there was at least some of a boundary still. He had nothing. You just step right through basically and it was weird but also convenient.

This might be because I’ve kinda had my energy tangled up with this human once upon a time, but it’s my inclination that it wouldn’t fucking matter he just has no sense of boundaries or any type of (even non-magick) wards up at all.

Right away going through, I see a spider. It’s large and looks like it’s perched so it’s about to land on my head (also it’s pretty human-sized). I thought it was an intrusive thought because I’d been looking at spiders earlier but it said hi and I knew immediately it was one of mine. I never anticipated seeing it again, I never thought we’d meet or anything again after it became a gift. Does not surprise me though that he picked one up.

We got about halfway to where I’d say is all the way “in” and I feel a bit seen/recognized which is strange because he’s not into magick and obviously it’s not like I told him. Dantalion confirmed that we’d been found out, but it didn’t really matter other than it being a strange feeling of being seen. I have varying experiences with this, some people can definitely tell and others can’t… I’ll have to toy with the metrics of not being found out one of these days (nights).

So then it feels like I’m in this dark cave with a wet, gooey floor. And I know I’m not in the part where black water floors live, I’m somewhere else and it feels/looks like one of those underwater cave tunnels people dive (is there another word for it?) in. I was/am confused on it. Because this is supposed to be the place where it’s craziest due to conscious thoughts and feelings roaming around wildly. This is the first time it’s been a lights out, no movement/sound except maybe creepy whistles and slush movement, horror scene.

Either he’s asleep (& I haven’t done this with someone all the way asleep before) or something is fucked up. Maybe both. I wasn’t sure what to attribute it to then because this isn’t even really where dreams hang out when they’re in session (which I asked Dantalion in the moment to double check that I wasn’t wrong about this being super strange).

I do have a few current theories on what the fuck was going on there. First up, it was part of a dream (his) and somehow it was impacting this part of his mind. Second, maybe the parasite is having a stronger effect that I thought they might? Third, he’s feeling unwell emotionally (I mean strongly unwell). Fourth, maybe he was thinking about cave-diving or something? But the truth is I don’t really know.

After that part which I wanted to get out of when I realized it stretched on for a while and wasn’t just occupying a tiny shred of space/mind, we went down to some memories. This is like the floaty, relevant, non-repressed memories. I will be completely honest, I wanted to know if I was there. The first thing I saw was myself. She looked a little different to me, but not much. I saw a couple me’s and I saw other people as well. There were a few bookcases in there—I’m not sure what this theme is but there’s “bookcases” fucking everywhere (multiple people) I’ve come to realize and I don’t get it—so I wandered around between them looking for something that I didn’t find.

Dantalion had to usher me out of there because I was getting frustrated. One more place to visit that I’m not gonna elaborate much on other than to say it was as expected and I should have paid more attention to a couple things (mainly faces & words). Then back up & out.

It felt shorter than most times, maybe it was but I didn’t check the time like I usually do before or after. All things considered, it was pretty casual and I was less stressed. Might be because I wasn’t comparing notes with anyone at the end. It was good though, because I’ve been talking with Dantalion a lot about chilling out when I do this and not holding expectations or evaluating things too deeply as real or not real. Aside from that spider at the start, I didn’t contemplate the realness of a single other thing. I’m not sure if it’s because this is a human well and personally, I know or because I know their energy well, or something else entirely.

Anyways, good walking overall! Slight hiccup at the end on my part, but thankfully not an issue (this time around). My familiar came too and it was probably the first time he’s come and I haven’t reached out to him because something spooked me.

I wonder if differences in people known and less known is standard like this across the board. Which means, next up more people I know well. I wonder if I’ll get into any family secrets along the way. None of the humans I’m related to & have asked volunteered, but that’s okay with me. It’s not like this working is maniacal or anything.


Very interesting (as always :smile:)!
It’s very strange that he picked up on you being there.

Thanks for sharing your experience :smiling_face:


I mean all the magicians have known. Some of them are on here if they wanna jump in, I just hadn’t done it in a little while and forgot about that and he’s not a magician so it surprised me.

I mean dude has up no fucking wards but felt that… I think that’s what confused me. How do you just leave yourself open like that. It’d be fun to see if he reached out after but he’s blocked on everything and then some.



Vengeance and the Self-Aggrandizing, Self-Acclaimed “Ordained, Initiated, Adept” who’s going to feel it for speaking a single word too many.

Not quite magick… but there will be tomorrow for a couple things.

This morning super early when it was bedtime I think a little sword master crawled into my body to stab me from the inside which was very fun to deal with. Later, after wake-up time, I fell off a nightstand I was standing on top of and actually that hurt a bit in several places. In the daytime I felt suffocated on several occasions I’ve been the same cold temperature since last night even through it’s hot out and it’s not been cold anywhere I’ve been for the last handful of days.

I’m annoyed about it because I’ve done nothing to my body to deserve this from it. But it’s whatever, it’ll fix itself for tomorrow hopefully. Not like these things last long. And besides endorphins are pretty much my favorite body chemical.

Those things aside… today some human decided they wanted to call me a “fool.” Maybe on a good day I’d tell them to fuck off and leave it be. But as I’ve given background on I’m not in the best mood. And I think a lot of how people view me is based on my mood at the moments of our interactions. I just can’t fathom knowing you’re speaking to a magician and flat out insulting not only their craft, but also all those who have taught them (which I’m going to be really honest here and say almost everything I’ve learned is courtesy of Dantalion to some level and of what’s left 98% is other spirits), and their intelligence level. Apparently because I haven’t been initiated into a cult I’m a fool and a sub-par magician.

It’s days like today that I’m happy to love my anger when it shows. I didn’t used to. I have been so afraid of my anger in the past. But I’m not that person anymore, not since I stopped giving a fuck that anger knows my heartbeat better than any other emotion I’ve felt to date. Vengeance, from my stance, is best slow cooked and hot as hell. I like to consider it a bit, patience never hurt anything. And I like people feeling their feet held over the fire for a time. Otherwise, what’s the point?

It’s late now and I was planning on a light vengeance ritual tonight over this (I’ve almost walked out of ritual with a Goetia King for calling me a similar word) but tomorrow will do well. Moon-days are good for delusions and sense-binding I’d say. I’ll hopefully be holding a little fire and this ritual will be with Shax because I’m looking to get to know him better and he seems perfect for some gentle fuckery and tongue tying. I’m not into talking about works in progress, but since I don’t really know the person irl I figure it’s fine.

This person decided to pick a fight for absolutely no reason other than to elevate herself above others because she’s ordained into some cult. She acted really creepy, like how men (sorry, it’s just I don’t have many stories about female stalkers) act online when they’re gonna be a stalker. Let me just throw some quotes out because honestly I’m really pissed about being spoken to this way and I’m wondering if anyone thinks this is actually acceptable:

“You’re still a fool, but you’re pretty cute”

  • This human doesn’t know what I look like, I think it’s just infantalizing/belittling.

“Where and whomehave you studied with? Tell your guide to DM me? I have sooo many questions to ask them regarding why they’ve let you continue this far”

  • I copied the typos over.

“If you knew thyself, you would have the knowledge and wisdom to appreciate all and any of the ego checks, all and any of the speak of real magick”

  • She means I should be thankful for her wise counsel because I’m a cute fool with no mind or magick capacity, also that egos are evil I’d venture to guess.

"I LOVE YOU. Unconditionally. In fact, I will start an hour and half to send you a nice blas of AGAPE!

  • Please let me know if you know what that means? I’m so fucking confused??? Also lol I think she might have poked my energy because a parasite definitely went home with someone in this timeframe and I can only hope.


  • …and she’s talking about my ego :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

“Get a guide and ask for help instead of moping around”

“IF I triggered you good!”

“Once again, my creepy ass loves you, and can’t WAIT to watch your growth on this journey!!”

  • :nauseated_face: :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

In response to this and the unquoted portion I responded;

This hole-digging human:

“Let’s talk then. Geothian to Geothian…Please PM me…Now I think I need to listen bit more to you.”


“You called me a fool. We are done…don’t expect any DMs or other responses. The only reason I’m replying is because I want you to know what did it. It was that word.”

So… I’m fucking angry about it. And I want her unable to speak or otherwise convey herself coherently for a little while. Til she learns about being a self-important asshole to black magicians and acting in demeaning ways. And the reality is I could wave it off and choose to not care. But that’s not who I am. I like to hold people accountable when they overstep boundaries. So she’s paying. Because I want her to and for no other reason.

Can anyone tell me what a Geothian is?? And also I’m open to vengeance and sense/speech-removing ritual suggestions of course if anyone replies before I hold it.


I’m assuming this was an attempt at sounding intelligent by referring to those who associate with Goetic demons. “Geothian”… yeah no. “Goethian” would have made more sense, but could also mean someone who follows the work of Goethe… which I presume makes no sense in the context she used it in.


She sounds like a wanna be descended from Atlantis rhp adept, she’s got plenty of light and love to give everyone and thinks she occupies a space from which shes fit to analyze and be condescending to others.

What the fuck is a goethian?

Rock her world!


No idea. It they spelled it Goetheian I’d guess a fan of Goethe’s stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Agape is one of the types of love according to the Greeks. The others being Eros, Philautia, Pragma and more which I don’t remember. Agape is pure, unconditional love for everyone. Sort of like platonic love.