Sound Wave Frequencies and Their Effect on Humans and Animals

My husband is a musician and is interested in this topic and based on my knowledge of how energy works, it does makes sense to me that different frequencies might do different things.

I’m particularly interested in the healing frequencies, if this accurate or anyone has better information.

I’m familiar the concept of a cats vibrating being a healing vibration, I’ve seen data that even seems to support that, so I’m curious and would love to hear from anyone doing work with this subject.



The 528 hertz seems to be beneficial. I can’t swear it heals DNA but I do seem to feel better after listening to it for a bit.


There is a lot of information about this in qigong medical theory; I’d recommend picking up a (free digital) copy of Jerry Alan Johnson’s Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: Vol. I. He goes into the basics and some modern research that has been conducted.


There are parts of DNA that intentionally get swapped out by the body as an adaptation mechanism. [Trasnposons/transposables] (Transposable element - Wikipedia DNA is meant to mutate.


Oh cool! Thanks!


Back in the 50-60’s there was some research into healing hearing and similar which was promising. The point, iirc, 20+ years later, was to restore healing using sound toward subject that had some defect in hearing it.

But Transposons, well, the odds aren’t great. Possible, but not good or even reliable. Well, by modern medicine. Personally, would rely on Ancients and mantras, not medicine for this.


I can agree on that.

I haven’t been to dr since I had COVID last year. And I know being diabetic people will get on to me. But I’ve learned what I can eat and how much. I know what foods stabilize my sugar for longer runs. And meds kept me feeling washed out and drained. But just watching what I eat and paying attention to my body to know when I need to eat. I feel like I’m doing better on my own.

I guess that is a little off topic but just agreeing modern medicine isn’t always the best choice .

But I’m not Dr if you have a condition or are not feeling well please seek professional help.

This is just what I have felt is best for me.


I mean, the body, at it’s core, IS built on adaptation. Doesn’t mean it can’t be used. At this point, my Biotech background says that I can’t suggest much more. Otherwise, I would say to call to those you work with and ask for what you need.

Personally, this is my last ride. I’m not looking to extend it past seeing my son successful. I can influence things, without the cost of daily life, from elsewhere.


Abaddon, Amaymon, Belial and Azazel helped me so much. I learned things like color therapy that goes back to ancient Egypt and Greece.

I much rather try alternatives than just pop a pill.


Even if they offered a pill, I would refuse. I want to be done, when I’m done.