[SOCIAL] What are you listening to?

Proposed premise involving morning multidimensional shenanigans before caffine.

What happens whe you evoke the ten commanders/commandments As aspects of the infinite that can be actively interacted with to unfold the self even further as points of power, consiouness and expression.

Over here contemplating the implications of The black sun from the angles of consciousness where the "solar center " in flesh becomes the black sun and the gate to the lower worlds = Arezura when the soul "Roots its existence " in the heart center.

Survival takes on whole new perspectives at this point of view.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: made what I thought was the most innocuous decision of my weekend but synchronicity tells me my soul is cackling maniacally in ecstacy.

Nothing quite like Yog-Sothoth showing up like an Interdimensonal multiversal Naga after a completely unrelated meditation to make things interesting and entertaining to say the least :rofl::rofl:


Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

Chumbawamba had few left-wing Anarchists as members, but I’m a right-wing Anarchist.

Then there’s Fat Les - Vindaloo


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I grew up listening to songs like this and I guess that explains a lot.


My Dead Dog Rover:


All By Myself by Eric Carmen (who died this year).
They don’t write songs like this anymore!
I was 12 years old!


I’ve been falling in love with this guy and his music a lot lately.

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Death Grips, “The Money Store” mostly.

You’re going back more than half a century! Great!


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After nearly 2.5 hours of qigong and astral travel work body was so wired opted for some weapon work to burn of the excess energy. This :point_up_2: popped up during a break :joy: givin the overall theme of evolution and smashing limitations the last few hours have had i found it ironic considering the ocean waters can be symbolically tied to the unconscious mind aand the unprocessed resistance that can lurk there from one angle from the perspective of "fear of the unknown.

Also has ties to the various underworlds with their rivers that are often used for passage and the symbolic tie the underworld also has to the unconscious mind.