[SOCIAL] What are you listening to?

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Used to listen to Evanescence in Iraq. was pleasantly surprised to come across this.

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Not sure why it gives all the extra info sometimes…

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This was the first song that played from my Spotify liked songs shuffle as I walked away from the burial site of the 7 day uncrossing spell

Dream baby dream -Suicide

And 2 covers I like:
By Savages

By Bruce Springsteen

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Every time I see anything that has to do with Frankie, it brings me back to my time in the military when I was stationed overseas in Diego Garcia. We had a big tough guy in our unit from the Bronx, NY that listened to rap, r&b and some Latin music while at work. He was always swearing, was obnoxiously loud, overbearing and arrogant, but I liked him because he was always nice to me. Every time we went out to the base club to party, he jammed to aforementioned music so I just assumed that’s all he liked…

…until I came home from the commissary one day and had to pass his barracks room to get to mine. I heard loud singing to Frank Sinatra and couldn’t believe it when I saw the guy in his room with the door wide open, ironing his uniform in plain view while singing and dancing. This big burly 300+lb Puerto Rican tough guy prancing around and when he noticed me standing there staring, he said don’t judge him, he loved him some Frankie and didn’t care who knew it, dared anyone to say anything to him about it and went back to ironing.

The characters I served with man…good times.


This song came up in my feed yesterday

And the first thing I realized was that they stole the background from an Enya song that I listened to back in the 90’s.


My new post-curse song😂


If you make it through the whole song you win…


That’s hilarious. Haha :joy:

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The first half of this contains some very moving poetry.

Fast forward to 3:19 if you must.

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The Lady of Rage!!!
One 3 greatest female MCs or rappers

Also MC Lyte too…

Still I’m more of a Lady of Rage kind of guy.

Her + Snoop = unstoppable



And I had just knocked over Azrael’s candle, was getting ready to make a blood offerings, and this comes on. :joy:

This is a nice, different one.