[Social] points to ponder

So, my points to ponder. :thinking:

I found this really cute , but fake diamond cross necklace to wear to my sons graduation. It was really dainty and just nice looking for the event.

My middle daughter jokingly, says mom you hypocrite its going to burn your flesh. :rofl::rofl:

I said well have two cross tattoos that havent done anything to me, so I’ll take my chances.

I make it through the whole graduation with no issues. We get in her car to go get something to eat, and I say well i made through the whole thing sitting in sunlight and wearing a cross with no ill reactions. Maybe you should wear it.

She gets this repulsed look on her face and says oh no, you know I cant wear it its not hypoallergenic or genuine like 14k gold.
She said you know what it will do to my skin…

So I said maybe your the one with the problem then :rofl:

But then i thought , what if it isnt even the cross burning all the vampires but an allergic reaction to the cheap metals the cross is made out of??

… points to ponder… :thinking:


Silver is reported to have antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, and vampirism and lycanthropy were generally said to be spread by disease. I’ve always thought there may be some connection between this and silver bullets / silver crosses…


Thats interesting.

You might be on to something there!


I’ve cured diseases with silver, including an old man’s Staph infection. Been using it since about forever. Used to dose up bigtime before airline trips (decades ago). You can also use silver jewellery to keep an eye on your body’s acidity - more or less.

Could post more but am apprehensive that it’d be edited or removed because I’m not a medical doctor or simply dismissed as ‘precious metal therapy’.

All the very best,



There are a few articles online detailing the alleged health benefits of silver, silver jewelry, etc. I didn’t know such a thing existed, mainly because I’m not a silver person, so I never had a reason to look them up. It’s interesting nonetheless.

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Satan’s (traditional) metal is silver.
The Romans used silver coins in milk to stop it going bad.
Overdose (yes, overdose) on colloidal silver. The dosages given relate to a court case/American government ruling dating back about a century ago. Overdose on colloidal silver - then post the benefits. And if you die from (pure) silver overdose, you’ll be the first in history - ever!


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