Short-acting love spells

I have been successful in what I have done.

I petitioned Gaap, she took it apart, she became more interested in me,A week later it broke down, they started talking, the woman almost lost interest in me.

I worked with Furcas, they argued and she cried a lot, met me etc,but then they got back together, she completely lost interest in me, she only greets when she sees me that’s all.

The effects I wanted were not permanent, it worked, but it lasted very little, what is the reason?


I’ve had similar effects. I think now is a good time to examine your base compatibility. Are there other obstacles preventing you from being together? Religious, cultural, classist, financial, psychological, or anything else?


He has a relationship of 3 years, he has a lot of memories with that boy,They broke up whenever I cast a spell, but he said he was obsessed with her,That’s the only obstacle I feel.

I always used the woman’s name in my spells,Even if the girl left, the boy probably wasn’t affected.

Does it change if I start a spell using the man’s name?

You could “bless” the other man so he finds another person to love.

You could also curse the current relationship so your target suddenly falls out of love with him.

Doing both ^ might be a good idea.

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So who can you recommend for this curse?

I’m not a fan of love spells, I’ve seen people use some very heavy dark magic even involving animal parts and the work still failed.

Manipulating people is tricky. If all else fails you should try a cut and clear.

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Sorry to repeat myself, but I’m pretty sure there’s an evocation to Naamah on these boards. And Naamah is lovely, radiates (dirty) sex/love and works quickly. Most material entity with whom I’ve ever worked.


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when the effects wore off, the spells got worse,the person has completely lost interest in me and her family doesn’t want me anymore,She no longer responds to my messages and I have no friends to hang out with.

I cast a spell to fix my life, it got worse,The books I translated into my own language without sleeping for days are spells I read for hours and then apply,I don’t know why they don’t give me anything even though I do it with complete faith and overcoming my lust and focusing on the result.

All I wanted was to receive endless attention and devotion from that person, those who did the practices I did would be successful anyway,I survived a very deep suicidal period, thanks to that woman, I came out of a very dark depressive state, but I came back to my old self again.

I’m really tired of trying for days for beings to make this woman fall in love with me and failing then getting worse,I don’t know if I will continue, but I don’t think I will.

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Hello. The first demonolatrer that I’ve encountered online mentioned demons are better for ‘short term’ spells or spells with no lasting effects.

For long lasting effects, maybe it’ll be better tl reach out to a different pantheon instead.

But in all technicality, I don’t think spells like these will be good for you as they may stay but grow to resent you. Even the demons I’ve encountered with a similar request told me to move on from it and extract myself out. I would suggest requesting for a new love instead. Someone who will be better for you. Or self love so you can grow past this connection and find apathy for this woman.


Many “love” spells’ function and results are based in a mirror-type ideology. In my opinion, this is where some people do really well with their castings and where others fail (miserably) at times.

When we look back to the roots and foundation of a good portion of magick (teachings), we find a common theme of attraction and what can be/naturally is attracted to what. When you aren’t careful in your workings, you allow yourself to attract certain things you many not want around and similarly you limit yourself to only attracting certain things. In “love” magick, people often find themselves making use of mirror-type magick which just means what you put in is what you get.

If you’re aspiring to be loved by someone you don’t love and the magick (demons in use or otherwise) is reflecting your level of input or your energy, it’s just never going to work. Because you’ve had short lived results, I would consider this idea if I were you. At the beginning, you’re excited, excitable and feeling the power/energy/“love” but then it quickly wears off because it isn’t real. What you’re putting out is just being returned.

Consider tampering with your ritual, consider communicating what you want more clearly (don’t be afraid to end up fucked up the ass though with a different type of “love” magick in the works), consider your own feelings and how they might be influencing the ritual/results, and/or consider just moving on.


I drew the naamat seal last night before I went to sleep, today morning I started to get more attention from that girl.

@UncleAl what do you think about that?

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About your results? great.
About the Sigil (or Seal) I can’t comment.
Just learn Naamah’s evocation. I know it’s hard, but I did it and so can you. Then you’ll realise what else Naamah is great for.


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naamah changed my perspective on magic.

that fear is unnecessary and that there is no morality in magic,fear keeps people in the background if you want to get what they want you have to fight for it you have to be brave,you should not be afraid to work in souls you should be protected you should not be afraid to meet new souls.

a person brings evil himself, magic does not encourage it, even the most harmless creature can do the worst, everything is about the will of the magician,If you want to get the woman you want, you should not be afraid to separate your two bitches, separate them from your lover and make that woman happier with you.

death is just a door to another dimension, why don’t you fight for your wishes on the physical plane before you die, it’s worse than dying to regret what you couldn’t do.

These are just the thoughts this soul has given me.

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what will this do

Make you stop caring about them, at times if you do say a binding love spell you can bind yourself to them

Even if not sometimes it just best to let them go

Can you help me how to do that ! I want my ex back

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Hello friends!
Edtou planning a petition to more than one demon.
It would be for Asmodeus, Sallos, Dantalion, Gremory.
Reason? Bring some women to me.
I intend to make the demons’ sigil on a notebook sheet, and write down the requests and the names of the pussies.
And put my semen on paper with the seal.
What do you think?

I forgive the way you write here because we’re not allowed to judge.
But…if you wish to perform a layered petition, you need to petition each demon demon separately.
it will bring more power to it.

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I posted here instead of using my own topic, because the forum system wasn’t accepting it.
The best way would be for me to petition each demon??

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