Shadow Tasseomancy and Tarot Rite

Shadow Tasseomancy and Tarot Rite

This is a fairly complex divination ritual I designed involving invocation, tea magick, tasseomancy, tarot, planetary magick, and shadow work. I haven’t tried it yet but wanted to record it as inspiration struck. This is not for fortune-telling but for self-analysis and exploration of the shadow.

Must be done on Monday during the hour of Mercury, preferably on a waning or dark moon :new_moon:

Shadow work is painful. Be ready.

Necessary Materials:

  • Tea
  • Tea Cup
  • Tea Saucer / Plate
  • Tarot Deck
  • Offering

Optional Materials:

  • Incense
  • Flying Ointment / Oil
  • Shadow Work / Divination Tincture

Step One: Tea Spell

Blend Oolong tea with psychic ability enhancing herbs. I will use:

  • Lemongrass (Mercury, psychic ability, clearing)
  • Lavender (Mercury, revealing secrets, calming)
  • Mugwort (Moon / Venus, divination, psychic ability)

Steep loose leaf for 3-4 minutes at 195ºF. No tea bags, tea balls, strainers, etc. Go very easy on the lavender! A few tops is more than enough. Avoid lemongrass if you are pregnant.

Stir counter-clockwise and recite Jason Miller’s Mercury of Luna planetary call, sounding out the second syllable slightly longer than the first:


If you have a shadow work or divination tincture, add some to your tea. Ponder your shadow and your query and take a sip. Don’t finish it yet.

Step Two: Invocation

Dab on some magical oil or flying ointment if that is your style (I will use datura and artemisia) and invoke a divinitory spirit of your choice. Have an offering ready. I will invoke the Fate Lachesis, and offer divination aiding incense.

Invocation of Lachesis

Hail Lachesis, Apportioner
Matron of the Moirai!
Daughter of Darkness and Night!
Daughter of Heaven and Justice!
Daughter of Holy Chaos!
Daughter of Water and Earth!
Daughter of Necessity!
Drawer of Lots!
Who wanders in the night
Fair-armed and robed in white
Who wields a bronze mace
Unseen by mortal sight
Who sings the things that were
Who issues the letters
Who determines our destiny
Who guides our souls
O Relentless Goddess
O Bringer of Fate
O Staff-Pointer
High-Throned and All-Terrible
Behold this offering of _____
And with placid mind, hear my rite
Grant me sight!
As you size the thread of life
With your measuring rod
Aid me in my appraisal!
With vision unconfined
Hail to you, Lachesis!

Step Three: Tarot

Select a shadow tarot spread of your choice. @Laurel_Spider has shared some incredible Halloween Tarot Spreads that would be perfect for this.

Pull cards and drink your tea. Dont finish it until you have read your cards. Pour your follow-up questions about your reading into the tea, and be sure to leave a sip.

Step Four: Read the Leaves

Use your own method, if you have one.

If not, hold the tea cup in your left hand, swirl the tea clockwise three times, and gently flip it onto your plate. Tap the bottom to loosen the leaves, rotate the cup three times, and turn the cup back upright (handle facing you).

Interpret your leaves using your own intuition or a tasseomancy guide; tea leaf divination is beyond the scope of this post. This video might help get you started:

Step Five: Close

Thank and dismiss the spirit you called. Record your reading and close your space in keeping with your own practice. Banish, if you feel the need to.

Indulge in a little TLC.

I will try this when I can. Please share your experience and results if you do too! :tea::flower_playing_cards::busts_in_silhouette: