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So some of y’all voted and ended up with an even split between Santisima Muerte and Draconian Magick. I’m going to first go into Santisima Muerte and then maybe Draconian Magick after.

Who is Santisima Muerte?

La Santisima Muerte is a Hispanic folk saint, meaning she’s a saint of the people and not necess recognized by the Catholic Church at large or even at all.

La Santisima Muerte or sometimes referred to as Santa Muerte translates to Saint Death. She guides the spirit to their place in the afterlife at the time of their death. She’s a personification of death so to speak.

Many also tie her to the Aztec goddess of death, Mictēcacihuātl.

Santisima Muerte is called upon for nearly everything. She can be called upon to bestow healing and blessings, as well as curses. She has many aspects, known as robes. Each robe has to do with an area of life.

For example, La Niña Verde (trans “The Green Lady”) has to do with resolving legal issues, money, things regarding employment, etc.

She is especially popular in Mexico where she is revered and worshipped by people of all walks of life.

Symbolism of Nuestra Señora De La Santisima Muerte

Her symbolism is vast but consists of the following:

• Her owl: which ties into her aspect of the Lady of Night. Owls have a sort of night vision and can see through the dark. Owls also can rotate 360 degrees on their neck, which also hints at the divination side of her powers.

• The scales: she is the balancer of life and death and is often called upon to dole out justice.

• The Hourglass: a reminder of our mortality and that at one time or another, she comes for us all.

• The World: she is often referred to as “El Madre Del Mundo” which means the mother of the world. On her statues you’ll often see her foot on the world or the world in her hand or fist, representing her dominion over the material as well as the spiritual. Other depictions place the world where her womb would be, as if she were pregnant with the world.

• Scythe: her ability to cut all ties, both spiritual and physical. This also serves as a reminder of our mortality and that nothing escapes death. In the end, she takes us all.

• The Moon: this one you might not hear all that often. But like the owl, this ties into her Lady of Night side. But also into her Mother of Witchcraft energy or El Madre Del Brujeria De La Noche. Certain robes are stronger during certain moon phases. But also a waning moon can be like the blade of a scythe.

• Her standing on coins: also a symbol of her dominion over the earth but also over prosperity.

• The Lamp: sometimes (especially on her Encarnada statues) she is seen with a lamp of some kind. This represents her ability to guide one through the underworld, whether that be an inner underworld or the actual underworld. This also points towards her ability in divination but also to expose truth.

• Her wings: this one is actually rather straightforward. Her foot is on the world to represent her power over the material, but her wings represent her connection to the higher realms but also her divinity and divine authority.

Mini Guide to Her Epithets

*does not encompass all her aspects just some

El Madre Del Mundo (The Mother of The World)~ Called on in all sorts of works. Represents her motherhood to all and her dominion over the earth.

El Madre Del Brujeria De La Noches (The Mother of Night Witchcraft)~ Called on for works done in the dark, ie domination, baneful, etc.

El Madre Del Brujas/Brujos (The Mother of Witches)~ Called upon for all magical works and to call on dead Brujas.

La Santisima Muerte Encarnada (The Holy Death Incarnated)~ This aspect isn’t something that is widely accepted depending on who you ask. This is the more human side of her.

The Wielder of the Holy Scythe~ called on to remove things or to reap them.

Balancer of the Scales~ called on to bring balance, justice and peace or to tip the scales in your favor.

Keeper of the Hourglass~ called on for things related to time, as well as reversals.

La Flakita (Our Bony Lady)~ called on for works of death, relating to death, the Muertos/Ancestros.

La Dominadora Del Demonios~ called upon to dominate unruly spirits.

Queen of the Muertos~ called on for works of the dead.

:fire::skull:A Guide To Working The Robes :skull::fire:

La Niña Blanca (White)~ Blessings, protection, abundance, anything regarding the full moon, sanctification and purification, cleansing, invisibility/concealment, guidance and intuition, anything regarding higher vibrational forces or the higher realms, the crown chakra, road opening.

La Niña Roja (Red)~ Love, Lust, Destruction, anything regarding the demonic, violence, protection, domination work, works regarding fire, reversal magick, the root chakra

La Niña Negra (Black)~ baneful magick, Muertero Work, to remove things or bring an end to something, anything regarding the waning or dark moon, the ancestors or dead, the void.

La Niña Verde (Green)~ works of abundance and growth, prosperity, healing, grounding, nature, plant magick, birth, the heart chakra, legal matters, material gain in general, road opening.

La Niña Dinero (Money)~ Money, abundance, material gain, gambling, road opening.

La Niña Azul (Blue)~ Astral waters, spiritual waters, works in the astral, anything regarding water, healing, the throat chakra, calming or cooling things down, freezing things, meditation, matters of the emotional or heart, abundance.

La Niña Oro (Gold)~ alchemy, higher vibrational works, transmutation, healing, abundance, protection, legal matters, Crown chakra.

Siete Potencias (7 Powers aka the rainbow robe)~ can be worked for anything and to access any aspect of La Santisima Muerte.

La Niña Rosa (Rosé/Pink)~ Worked for matters of long term relationship, the feminine, attraction and glamour, happiness and joy. Matters of the heart and beauty. To sweeten things.

Reversible (half black and red or white and black)~ anything for reversing, transmuting or protection. Justice.

La Niña Plata (Silver)~ intuition, abundance, clarity, removing negativity, lunar energies, initiation.

La Niña Violeta (Purple)~ Peace, protection, crown chakra, accessing divinity within and without, connection, sobriety.


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