Removing the desire for a child

With a woman yesterday - aged 39. She had long decided she did not want children as they would take too much time from what she felt to be her spiritual/planetary work.

She told me that a while ago she started to have the urge for a child - even without the presence of a suitable father.

So I had a look around and said that her mother was suffering from “child deprivation” - a concept that just appeared in my mind.

It turns out that her mother has had 3 miscarriages and the death of a child. That might well result in child deprivation.

I thought that her mother’s trauma might have been affecting my friend so we removed the energy anchors of the 3 miscarriages (next to the left thigh of the mother) and that seemed to reduce my friend’s desire for a child.

The next day however there was some residue of that desire so I went looking and there was an incoming “soul” (personality field) off the left and well behind my friend. I pointed that out and she used heart-light to send it away.

A few hours later I asked her to check and her desire for a child was quite gone.

Her work is with planetary energies and later with systemic energies


This is some awesome experimental work, thank for you sharing!

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Another woman I know complained about a problem with her left hip. So I looked at it and then said: Did you have a miscarriage?

She said: I had forgotten all about that.

The incoming personality field was still attached. So we removed it.

I had not seen her for 10 years before that accidental meeting and have not had any feedback but when I look at her now her left hip is almost as free-moving as her right hip