Remote viewers den

This will be a home for all information, technique, stories and training in remote viewing.

I am starting this as a place of practice and collaboration between those interested in this skill.

I’ve been reading one of Joe McMoneagle’s books called the ultimate Time Machine.

Here’s the small intro for Joe.

On the 7th I have a 4 hour conference I will be attending. that will be given by Joe and he will be giving us what he calls his protocol. These are his steps for remote viewing that he will be teaching in this brief intro. I’m hoping later in the year to do the week long course.

So let’s have some fun and practice your abilities.

I’ve picked one location in my house.

In this corner every Friday as long as people are joining in. I will have my wife select one random item and place it in this corner.

You may make as many attempts to view, describe or name said object within that week as you would like. The following Friday if no one has made an accurate viewing of the item. It will then be shown and the new item will be put in place. What happens if you correctly name the object?? Well, you’ll have bragging rights for the rest of the week!! Go you!

First item is placed and ready.


For those that need them. Here are the steps for remote viewing.

  1. Quiet your mind, you want as little mental chatter as possible.

  2. Let go, write down the date and time, any ideas you want to let go of that may distract you ( personal choice is a lockbox I can put into all the things I want to lock away during that session.)

  3. Call the target to mind. begin by describing the most basic impressions you have of the target site (my corner space pictured above). What do you feel is the most predominant thing there. Is it natural or artificial. Write down several descriptors.

  4. Don’t second guess yourself. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Just make sure to write down the information as descriptive as possible.

  5. Connect the dots unconsciously. Information is coming from your mind and autonomic nervous system. The idea is that your unconscious already knows everything there is to know about the target. It just has to communicate that to your conscious mind. It does that through your body with very subtle sensations and feelings.

  6. Describe the basics. Write down sensory information that comes in, like visuals, smells, tastes and temperatures. You may perceive sizes, shapes and patterns know as dimensional. Another big one is emotions.

  7. Draw a sketch of the target. This doesn’t have to be perfect

  8. For structures try and get a Birds Eye view. (Won’t be necessary for these here but still important.) try and get a view from a few hundred feet above your target. See if there is anything notable about that.

  9. Write down your final thoughts and put your date and time stamp again.

-Steps reworded from Gaia.


Interested (work may interfere if it’s at set weekday, my shifts vary a lot from week to week (seldom have the same days off 2 weeks in a row) , but definitely interested in being involved when I can be on those Friday’s I happen to have off. Cuz some workdays am too tired to do much after).


When’s it start? Next week? Or?


It will go from Friday to Friday, one entire week. I will put the item out on fridays and replace it with a new one the following Friday and so on.


The item is already place for this week and available for viewing.