Random Rituals, Recipes, and Thoughts

This will be a place where I dump things that I have experimented with that does not necessarily fit into any one working. It will include smaller rituals, meditations, thoughts, recipes, and the occasional video/meme of interest. Hopefully it will be of use to others as much as it will be for myself.


Purification by Decay

This is a visualization exercise I have been working on for a couple weeks now. It focuses on watching yourself go through the five stages of human decomposition to destroy yourself (as well as willing or unwilling attachments) before reconstructing yourself with whatever kind of energy you wish to. With hints from Tiamat, I have found this can be very helpful for removing curses placed by novices who focus solely on imagery of a target as opposed to the core of the individual (kind of like how people build constructs of what they believe a person is that may or may not actually reflect who that individual is). Even after my history working with death and chaos deities, this can be pretty intense for me. I will include some notes on variations of this technique as I continue to practice. For now, we will stick with the basics.

Here is a short link for information on the five stages of decomposion for the human body: The Stages of the Human Decomposition Process | Sciencing

For this example, the energy that will be used for the rebuild will be of the land one resides in. This could be useful for connecting to the land as well as purification.

Sit comfortably in a space where you will not be disrupted. Breath comfortable and focus on it for a bit to help you relax.

Visualize your body, taking your time with details, from head to toe. See the attachments you wish to banish in the form of hooks piercing into your skin and muscles. Visualize chains attached to them, pulling tight. Feel their weight, the pain, and your desire to be free of them. Let that desire burn in you.

Shift your focus to your gut and visualize a dark mass in your gut. See it moving and crawling, filled with life. Feed it your desire to be free by destroying the false image the hooks are attached to. Watch the life grow and thrive, coursing throughout the body as the skin begin to grow pale. Watch the life continue to expand as the flesh swells, becoming bloated.

Visualize the flesh becoming soft and slick as the hooks struggle to keep hold. Watch the life begin to exit the body throughout all the holes of the body like oil. Feel the snap as the each hook rips out, carrying rotting flesh with it back to where it came from. Watch the remaining soft tissue break down and life carrying the remains away from your skeleton. Take a moment to observe your bones, the frame that makes your shape. Know that the “you” from before the mediation and the attachments clinging to it are dead and gone.

Focusing on the energy for reconstruction, visualize your bones laying in the land. Watch the roots of the plants becoming tendons for your bones so they may move. Guide the tiny streams of groundwater form your veins as the stones strengthen your bones. Visualize the mud and soil forming into your muscles and organs. Finally, see the grass and leaves of the plants form your skin and hair, bark for nails. See yourself as a being formed from the energy of the land itself, staying with that moment for however long you wish. Slowly, watch your body return to its human form and bring yourself back into focus of your surroundings.


-As you might have caught on, one could “charge” the decaying flesh with malice before sending it back to the source if one may wish. It could be something as simple as the intention of “may rot be all find in your endeavors”. Kind of a killing two birds with one stone kind of deal.


Money Incense Cones

This is a pretty easy incense recipe that I learned when I was beginning to learn how to make my own. There is a lot of room to play with this recipe and I will include a couple of variations I have used as well as note my preferred. It has helped me out during times when I really needed cash so premaking some of these cones has became a bit of a staple. For example, I once had to buy a space heater unexpectingly due to my furance going out in the winter, which was around $60 at the local hardware store. On my way home with it, I found $100. Needless to say, I appreciated it lol.

As far as incantations go, keep it simple. I usually use “bring money to me” as I hand mix the ingredients. You can provide to ask whatever spirits you wish to in order to empower the blend. I usually ask my ancestors but I have also asked Bune in the past as well.


1 part Cinnamon (I perfer true cinnamon but cassia works just fine)
1/4 part Cloves


Mortar and pestle (if using whole ingredients)
A clean flat surface
A tablespoon measuring spoon
Cardboard sheet for the cones to dry on

Obviously, if the ingredients are not already powdered, you will need to do so. The closer to a fine powder you get, the better but do the best you can. You can use this time to recite an incantation or visualize yourself with extra cash in your pockets.

When you feel it is ready, slowly add water a little at time. Mix the blend with your hands after putting on gloves, as you will be relying on your sense of touch. You are looking for a smooth clay feeling. Roll the mass into a bowl and you can take a 1 table spoon measuring spoon to measure out your cones.

There are molds out there you can use to shape the cones but I normally do it by hand. Start by rolling the material from the measuring spoon into a ball. Then you are going to start pinching the ball to start forming the peak of the cone. When you got the basic shape, place the rough cone on its side and gently roll it on a flat surface to help smooth it out. This does help with the drying process but don’t worry about perfection. Press the cone down on the cardboard to flatten the bottom.

Keep the cones in a warm, dry location. Depending on the humidity, they can take a few days for the sides to dry, so check once a day. If they feel dry and semi hard, tilt them on their sides so the bottoms can dry as well. Leave alone for a few days.

After that, use them during any money related rituals.

Note: if you want to add resins such as frankincense or dragon’s blood, you will need to ensure that the resin does not make up more than 5% of the total recipe. Otherwise, tbe cones will not burn. Presonally, I either keep resins for loose blends or i use essential oil to dip the co es after drying.

Variations #1

1 part cinnamon
1/4 clove
1 Bay leaf

I have used this blend specifically for job searches or promotions with success.

Variation #2

1 part cinnamon
1/4 clove
1/4 chammomile
Chai tea

This one has helped with easing tension relating to matters of money to help with keeping a coolhead during business negotiations. It has a apple pie kind of scent.

Variation 3, perferred
1 part True Cinnamon
1/4 part clove, hand powdered
5 drops frankincense
Malbec wine

This is one that i use as an offering to my ancestors, especially when it comes with helping maintain financial stablity.