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"When you seek the origins and truths of self, soul, spirit and reality you make enemies of all who wish to live in the lies of limitiation and the maya of the finite and finality.

By the very nature of your history and cocreators who unfortunately have opted to engage in self deception you have to break through the limits and illusions they build as it reflects and projects threw infnity and becomes intwined in the weave of your own STORY imposing ILLUSIONS AND SHADOES of limitiation of morality even as you seek the eternal, the infinite and limitless within and without.

REMEMBER traveler the gates of truth and origin from which true power is called from inspires awe and wonder in the seeker as they explore their own Power and Might, in the self deceivers they only inspire unbridled terror and the certainty of approaching death of the soul.

If you seek truths and origins PASS THROUGH THE GATE and embrace the infnity of your existence KNOWING you are not alone and you are WORTHY FOR YOU EXIST!

Weave the tales of your reality as both the eternal flame and fuel of self, the expresive Light of infinity and the shadows thrown from the voids limitless potential.

By reflection and projection FEAR IS THE PRIMARY GATE TOWARD TRUTH and your power, will you walk through and embrace your might or run towards self deception?" - Umr At-Tawil

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Here’s some wisdom Metatron gave me when I was obsessed with cursing.

Listen to me. You can spend the rest of your trying to tear down those you hate and let that infect you and fester inside you or you can use magick to build you and those you care about up. This isn’t LHP or RHP it’s common sense that’ll save you from going off the deep end