Quimbanda: what is it?

Interested in this area of magick
Not perform but research. Heard Exu’s and pombu gira’s are great
Any names corresponding offices.like what could they do💁‍♀️
Maria Padilha…Maria of the Trash
Bunch names.No information
And I just want basicest information

To know if I could use a Tata?


Almost had an aneurysm reading this.

But there’s a book titled “Exu” on Amazon. (And Ebay) It’s pretty popular in the occult world. I’ll link it.

EXU & The Quimbanda of Night and Fire https://a.co/d/2T8yr6E


Quimbanda, umbanda, santería, are sincretic forms of magick, taking African, Christian and indigenous elements, you’ll find it around South America.

Quimbanda is usually practiced in Brazil and includes the act of “integration”, that’s it, a temporary possesion by a spirit. If it is an excuse to drink, smoke and fuck or not is another thing. Umbanda and Quimbanda include the ritual sacrifice of animals so people may raise an eyebrow to it. I raise my eyebrow when I find what the dispose of in the fucking street.

As far as I know, their spirits aren’t more powerful than any other pantheon, so if you feel drawn to them, go for it. But if not, then no because, again, their spirits aren’t more powerful than the other pantheons. And then again, there is such things as a hierarchy in pantheons.

A… progenitor you mean? A father?


When Gods like Zeus and Óðinn constantly create all things in the Material World, or Thor is the originator of Strength itself in everything, “Power” must be defined differently when it comes to the Gods, as the usual usage of it meaning “ability to influence/affect” becomes meaningless. So, I would also reckon that you won’t find that this or that pantheon is more “powerful” than the other. Rather, with some Gods, your soul may be more eager to unite with them, attracting the attention of their Daimons more strongly, or bringing their influence down into the world with greater force (Depending on how you view how this happens exactly).