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I am re-reading some volumes by Jerry Alan Johnson, and reading some of his works for the first time. I would like to summarize some select pieces of information here.

Slowly. It’s thousands and thousands of pages.



Understanding the Concept of Qi

The ancient Chinese believed that all transformations happened under the influence of Qi. The birth, aging and death of all things within Heaven and Earth…are caused by and formed out of Qi. Although energy may appear to take on many different forms, all things in nature and, in fact, all things in the universe are intrinsically woven together so that we are, quite literally, all symbiotically one with the universe through the system of Qi.

Qi is the vibrating energetic substance that links matter and spirit and composes all things. Qi is stored in pools of energy in the body and flows out through energetic channels, vessels, and systems. Qi manifests in the body on three levels:

  • Physically (Matter): Jing, Marrow, Blood, Bodily Fluids
  • Energetically (Resonant Vibrations): Heat, Sound, Light, Electromagnetic Fields
  • Spiritually (Divine Light): Subtle vibrations extending through infinte space (Wuji) to Source (Dao)

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Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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The Five Energetic Realms

The ancient Chinese masters observed that Qi can be divided into five separate realms, manifesting in various forms of matter and energy: mineral, plant, animal, human, and divine.

All energetic realms, or dominions of Qi, originate from and contain the vibrational resonance of the Dao. By respecting plants and animals, blessing our food, and preparing it mindfully and gratefully, we can absorb these divine vibrations. As our awareness of divine energy grows, so does our understanding of our own energy and the energetic connections that link all beings throughout the five realms.


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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Yin and Yang Energies

Each of the five energetic fields can be further divided into aspects of Yin and Yang. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the theory of Yin and Yang energy represents the duality of balance and harmony within the body, as well as within the universe. Earth energy is Yin, while Heaven energy is Yang.

Yin and Yang are polarities born from the Dao; they are interdependent and constantly influence one another.

  • Yang Energy: Heaven, white, bright, active, creative, masculine, hot, hard, light
  • Yin Energy: Earth, black, shadow, passive, receptive, feminine, cold, soft, dark


The interplay between Yin and Yang gives rise to the five elements (Wu Xing):


The five elements in turn generate the four phases of universal energy:

  • Tao Yang: Greater Yang
  • Shao Yang: Lesser Yang
  • Tao Yin: Greater Yin
  • Shao Yang: Lesser Yin

The four universal phases manifest as the eight energetic actions, represented as the bagua trigrams, which transform into the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (Yi Jing):



Successful practitioners who trained and mastered the art of balancing the body’ s Yin-Yang energies were considered “Tian Shen” or “Xian,” meaning “immortals.” They were able to harmonize the body with the mind, the mind with the will, the will with the breath, the breath with the spirit, the spirit with motion, and finally, motion with the surrounding environment (Earth), the universe (Heaven), and the divine (Dao).

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

Side Note: When I lived in East Asia, I was told I had “entirely too much Yang for a woman” :joy:

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The Three Main Schools of QiGong

The term “Qigong” first appeared in the Jin Dynasty (265-420 A.D.) in a Daoist text entitled “Records of the Clear Mirror of Religion” by Xu Xun. Qi means “life-force energy” and Gong means “skill.” Qigong is therefore the skillful practice of applying life-force energy.

Medical QiGong

Medical QiGong directs and influences life-force energy to diagnose, treat, heal, and prolong lifespan. The main techniques of Medical QiGong are:

  • Purging: detox the body of pathogens
  • Tonifying: strengthen the body’s internal organs / organ systems
  • Regulating: balance the body’s internal Essence (Jing), Energy (Qi) and Spirit (Shen)


Martial QiGong

Martial QiGong trains strength, power, speed, and endurance for martial arts combat. The primary techniques and skills of Martial QiGong are:

  • Nei Gong: Internal Skill
  • Qi Gong: Energy Skill
  • Shen Gong: Spirit Skill
  • Ming Jing: Clear or Obvious Power
  • An Jing: Hidden or Secret Power
  • Hua Jing: Changing or Transforming Power


Spiritual QiGong

Spiritual QiGong cultivates internal energy for spiritual transformation and enlightenment (known as Shen Ming or Spiritual Brightness). Black magicians (etc) may practice Spiritual QiGong for power, but these powers are viewed as a distraction within the school itself. The primary techniques are:

  • Nourishing the Spirit (Shen): Strengthening and refining the Yuan Shen
  • Housing the Shen: Disciplining the thoughts and emotions
  • Combining the Shen with the Qi: Coordinating of the breath and intention


Qigong training involves all of the individual’s physical senses. Concentration is focused on the development of the individual’s faculties of imagination, visualization, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, in addition to breathing, muscle relaxation and proper posture. Massage and movement are also used to develop and control the body’s intrinsic energy.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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The Wei Qi Fields: Auras of Protective Energy

All living bodies generate an external field of energy called Wei Qi, which translates as “protective energy.”…These energetic fields originate from each of the internal organs and radiate outside the body through the external tissues…The Wei Qi fields completely surround and protect the body’s tissues from the external invasion of pathogens while constantly communicating and interacting with the subtle universal and environmental energetic fields.

The body’s protective Wei Qi fields are sustained by the core reservoirs of energy called the Dan Tians.

  • Lower Dan Tian: sustains the power of the first Wei Qi field
  • Middle Dan Tian: sustains the power of the second Wei Qi field
  • Upper Dan Tian: sustains the power of the third Wei Qi field


The Wei Qi fields can be strengthened with a healthy diet, hydration, clean air, proper sleep, prayer and meditation. They are weakened by a poor diet, dehydration, polluted air, lack of sleep, and forsaking prayer and meditation.

The Wei Qi fields can also be fortified via the visualization of specific colors, lights and sounds. They are negatively impacted by the suppressed emotions, emotional and / or physical trauma, extreme environmental conditions (eg cold, heat, dry, wet).

Any negative interchange affects the Wei Qi by literally creating holes within the matrix of the individual’s external energetic fields. Without proper attention, these holes leave the body vulnerable to invasion, and disease can begin to take root. Strong emotions, in the form of toxic energy, become trapped within the body’s tissues when one suppresses or does not integrate feelings. These unprocessed emotions block the natural flow of Qi, thus creating stagnant pools of toxic energy within the body.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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The Dao: Divine

The Dao, or “Way,” can be translated both as a spiritual approach to the Divine, or as the infinitely subtle realm and presence of the Divine underlying all things. According to ancient Chinese esoteric teachings, the energetic vibration and light pertaining to the Dao (Divine) is imprinted in every particle, and that whatever exists (i.e. all of creation) is simply an expression and manifestation of the Divine.

Before we are conceived, we are formless and one with the Dao. After conception, we begin to lose awareness of our connection with the Dao. The “Way” is to regain this awareness and reintegrate our consciousness with the Dao, which can be translated as “the way that one comes to see and understand oneself in relationship with the universe or cosmos (Heaven), environment (Earth) and the Divine.”

Three Energetic Subdivisions of the Dao

As with Yin and Yang, each of energetic subdivisions of the Dao fits into the other, creating a multidimensional unity between them.

  • The Dao of Heaven: energetic influences of the sun, moon and stars
  • The Dao of Earth: energetic movement within the wind, water and soil
  • The Dao of Man: energetic movement within the body’s Essence, Energy and Spirit


The Chong, The Void (Wuji) & Primordial Dao

The Dao as Chong can be thought of as a “perfectly blended center of all things”, making “Chong Qi” the infinite void energy between Yang / Heaven and Yin / Earth. The energies of Heaven, Earth, and Void (Wuji) compose the Primordial Dao, which existed before life integrated into matter.


The Dao within the Body

As a microcosm, the human body takes the place of the Wuji, mediating between the energies of Heaven and Earth…the energy of the Eternal Dao exists within the “infinite space” or Wuji, located within the body’s tissues, cells, and molecules.


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

The Wuji: Infinite Space

The Wuji is the state of no boundaries, the state of pure and complete oneness. Its essence is that of emptiness…which relates to the awareness aspect of our Shen Xian (Eternal Soul)…Like an invisible web, it is through the Wuji that the Divine manifests its infinite form…Within the energy of the Wuji is the history of knowledge gathered and stored since the beginning of time.

The energy of Wuji, or Void, connects all matter and transcends all space (Yin) and time (Yang). It predates Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin), and has been referred to as an endless and unfathomable state of “images without form”. It is through the Wuji field that matter is able to stabilize and molecules are able to communicate with one another.

Encoded Bio-Information: Xin Xi & The Akashic Records

The Wuji records every action, thought, emotion, light, and sound that manifests in existence. The billions of molecules that work together (for a time) to form our bodies carry all of the knowledge and experiences of our ancestors. These “records” (energetic impressions) can be accessed via spiritual methods.

  • The Internal Perceptional Dimension of Wuji: internal, contains the blueprints of life and the personality
  • The External Perceptional Dimension of Wuji: external, infinite, indescribable, immaterial, containing all things, all-permeating


Three Universal Principles: Wuji, Qi & Shen

The Wuji is one of three universal principles, along with Qi and Shen, which form a trinity of intuitive and psychic power. These three universal principles also manifest in the human soul, allowing divine thought to infuse matter.


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

Taiji: Infinite & Ultimate Transformation

The reunion of Yin and Yang are necessary for the unified existence of a human being. Therefore, energetically, Taiji is considered to be the origin of change or movement, which initiates “creation”.

Taiji refers to the transformations of Yin into Yang and Yang into Yin within the infinite space of the Wuji. The different proportions of Yin and Yang energies that manifest in all matter during this balancing act define their constitution.


Taiji & the Human Body

Human tissue is influenced by the proportions of Yin and Yang energies expressed in the body. These proportions fluctuate in response to the dynamic play of energies within and surrounding the body, though people tend to be dominated by one or the other.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

Bagua: Natural Forces, Energetic Actions & Eight Trigrams

…the term “Bagua” can be translated as “Eight Trigrams,” and is considered a template for the basic laws of all energetic movements and transformations.

The Dao creates Yin and Yang within the void of Wuji, which give rise to the five elements and the four phases of universal energy (Tao Yin / Yang and Shao Yin / Yang). The four phases of universal energy in turn give rise to the eight natural forces of the bagua:

  • Heaven
  • Thunder
  • Water
  • Mountain
  • Earth
  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Lake

The four phases of universal energy also form the eight (prenatal and postnatal) energetic actions, or bagua trigrams. The bagua trigrams are viewed as the templates of creation.

Each trigram is composed of three “yao” lines which can be either solid (Yang) or broken (Yin).


Heavenly Qi & Prenatal Bagua Configuration

The prenatal configuration “manifests the nature of all things”. The trigrams are related to the cycles of the sun and the moon and were used in divination before the creation of the 64 hexagrams (which are formed by combining the eight bagua trigrams).

  • Inner Circle: seasonal sun cycle
  • Middle Circle: daily earth cycle
  • Outer Circle: monthly lunar cycle


Earthly Qi & Postnatal Bagua Configuration

The postnatal configuration “depicts the creation of all phenomena”. Each trigram is associated with a stage of cellular division and an aspect of embryonic development, via the eight extraordinary vessels.


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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Wu Xing: The Five Elements

The “Gross” Five Elements…are used to explain, classify, and characterize all natural phenomena. There are four primary laws of universal cycles in Five Element theory (creating, controlling, invading, and insulting). The original nature of the “True” Five Elements, however, exists as pure elemental light within the Wuji.

The five elements (Wuxing) represent the five manifestations of Qi transformation. They elements can have energetic qualities of Yin or Yang.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood

The Five Pure Lights

“When Yin and Yang divided, the Five Pure Lights shot forth; spontaneously born from the infinite space of the Wuji, they appear as rays of light that came before the creation of the world.”

The five pure lights are the underlying subtle and divine energies of the five elements whose transformation into spirit, energy, and matter precedes all creation. The prenatal development of the human body depends upon the collection of these energies, which become the prenatal Wu Jing Shen (five original spirits).


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

The Three Worlds

The energetic subdivisions of matter, energy, and spirit create the foundation for the existence of worlds within worlds, separated by their different vibrational frequencies.

  • The Physical World: The physical world has the illusion of being solid because its vibration is that of matter. It is the three-dimensional realm of tangible experience.

  • The Energetic World: The energetic world is the fourth dimensional realm that transcends space and mirrors both the physical and spiritual worlds.

  • The Spiritual World: The spiritual world is the fifth dimensional realm of unexpressed forms and ideas that transcends space and time.


The Eighteen Worlds within Worlds


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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The Spiritual Evolution of the Soul

It is important to remember that the human soul was not created at the time of birth. Being a part of the Divine, all souls have existed since the beginning of time. Every birth is a rebirth of the Eternal Soul which has already existed, and will continue to incarnate.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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Ancient Daoist Archetypes of the Human Soul: The Lords of the Three Dantians

Once the human soul has established its residence within the Taiji Pole, it separates its Yin and Yang spiritual energy into three distinct spiritual aspects.

Following reincarnation, the three divisions of Yin and Yang energy take up residence within the Dan Tians and preside over the energetic functions and spirits of the human body.

  • Tai Yi (Great Divinity): governs metal activity, advocates for enlightenment
  • Si Ming (The Administrator of Destiny): regulates Qi, source of mind and emotions
  • Xia Tao Kang (Below Healthy Peach): governs procreation and physical survival

The Hun: Three Ethereal Souls

The Hun descend into the liver of a human body from Heaven, and ascend back to Heaven upon the physical death of the body. They represent spiritual consciousness (though they are separate from the Shen Xian), resonate with celestial beings, assist the Shen, inspire courage, endeavor for purity, balance emotions, regulate sleep and dream, and control spirit travel.

The Po: Seven Corporeal Souls

The Po ascend into the lungs of a human body upon reincarnation and descend back into the earth upon physical death. They influence the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, chase after satisfaction, and govern childhood physiological processes, crying, reflexes, and animal instincts.

Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

The Seven Turbid Demons

Each Po has a characteristic mantra that it whispers to an individual’s mind for influence and control.

Imbalanced Po who wish to return to the earth and conspire to hasten physical death can negatively influence the human mind while the Hun are out spirit traveling, resulting in the manifestation of their demon natures:

  • Fei Du (Flying Poison): anger, rage, indignation, wrath
  • Chu Hui (Sprouting Filth): pride, arrogance
  • Chou Fei (Stinking Lungs): hopelessness, despair, spiritual apathy, inactivity, victimization
  • Shi Kou (Corpse Dog): greed, selfish desire
  • Fu Shi (Fallen Arrow): lust, temptation, guilt, shame, anxiety, addictions, compulsions
  • Que Yin (Yin Bird): anguish, anxiety, fear, nightmares, restless sleep, insomnia
  • Tun Zei (Sipping Thief): jealousy, envy, resentment


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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Energetic Color Therapy

Energetic color therapy utilizes eight healing colors, ranging from low frequency (red) to high frequency (violet) and white. These energetic projections are associated with the colors emanating from the body’s Taiji Pole and range from dark to lighter color bands.

The human body produces light which is visible to those who have developed clairvoyance, or who have “Yin Eyes”. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses light therapy to treat various pathologies by emitting light which penetrates the body, influences its energetic fields, and encourages unconscious thoughts to surface.

Ruby Red
  • simultaneously heats and activates the body
  • improves blood circulation
  • stimulates the Small Intestine, Heart, Triple Burners and Pericardium organs and channels
  • energizes the body’s Fire Element Qi
  • repairs the body’s tissues
  • tonifies blood deficiency
  • increases cellular growth
  • increases blood pressure
  • increases the body’s metabolic rates
  • vitalizes the body’s tissues, blood, and the skeletal system
  • engenders strength, courage, passion and sensuality
  • counteracts depression, worry, and fear

  • expels pathogenic factors
  • treating cysts
  • disintegrating blood clots
  • stimulates the Spleen and Stomach organs and channels
  • engenders self-confidence, determination and optimism
  • stimulates the visual expression of ideas

Lemon Yellow
  • stimulates the nerves
  • reconstructs cells
  • heals wounds
  • stimulates the Stomach / Spleen organs & channels, pancreas, digestive system & nervous system energizes the body’s Earth Element Qi.
  • treats of skin rashes
  • revitalizes and stimulates the Shen (spirit)
  • assists the mind in creating thoughts and visualizations
  • engenders optimism, happiness, and a balanced outlook on life

Emerald Green
  • soothes the nerves and can be used as a tonic for the Heart
  • detoxifies and disperses pathogenic Qi
  • stimulates the Liver and Gall Bladder organs and channels
  • energizes the body’s Wood Element Qi
  • engenders peace, sympathy, and kindness

Flame Blue
  • cools the body
  • soothes and calms anxiety
  • stimulates the Urinary Bladder & Kidney organs & channels, the reproductive system, skeletal system, throat, and thyroid gland
  • energizes the body’s Water Element Qi
  • relieves inflammation, insomnia, headache, and fever
  • slows the metabolism
  • lowers blood pressure, perspiration, respiration and brain-wave activity
  • engenders truth, devotion, serenity, peace, and religious aspirations

  • knits bones
  • treats eye diseases, insomnia, mental disorders, and nervous disorders
  • creates “energetic casts” (enveloping wounds and encapsulating specific internal organs)
  • stimulates the Urinary Bladder and Kidney organs & channels, the skeletal system, reproductive system, and pineal gland
  • energizes the body’s Water Element Qi
  • engenders inspiration and artistic creativity

Violet (Reddish-Blue)
  • facilitates the rapid healing of difficult infections, such as pneumonia
  • treats nervous disorders, mental diseases, neurosis, neuralgia, and epilepsy.
  • can sometimes be used to dissolve brain tumors

White Color
  • calms the mind
  • places a protective field around the body or around a specific internal organ
  • stimulates the Large Intestine and Lung organs and channels, and respiratory system.
  • energizes the body’s Metal Element Qi


Ref: Chinese Medical QiGong Therapy Vol. I (Jerry Alan Johnson)

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Just curious to know… Does it say how to combat or deal with those demons?


He has dedicated a volume of daoist magick to the practice:

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Well, I’ll make a note to keep an eye out for that book but it’s currently a bit too rich for my blood.

I haven’t spent anywhere near that gu a book in years (not since I bought a copy of a full reprint John Gerard’s herbal and that was back in the 90s). Not saying I won’t get it someday but I’m gonna keep an eye out for a used copy until I can spare that much dough for a book :person_shrugging: so probably I’ll eventually she’ll out the dough just not right now.

So I’m making a note to get it but no set date or time :slight_smile:

Btw Gerard’s Herbal is semi useful but if they updated it with 20th century botanical names for the plants that can be identified in it it’d be much more useful then it is presently (it does list the uses of the herbs but telling what herb it applies to in some cases is a challenge that can’t always be won :person_shrugging:

If you are interested in botany or herbal medicines it could be a valuable addition to a persons library since for those herbs you can identify it list their uses and some of their properties (as per the traditions of the day hot and dry to the 4th degree, wet and moist to the first degree etc).

Add: Price hasn’t changed much since the 1990s though at that time I bought it from a herb grower business not Amazon for about $250 (undoubtedly overpriced at the time given how little the cost has gone up). It was the only single book I’ve ever bought that cost over $50

Add: at the time Amazon wasn’t a thing btw so… getting books at a good price especially specialty books like the herbal wasn’t easy back then.

Add: that book is mega fat (thick) and fucking heavy it’s over a thousand pages thick.