Pythia's Oracle Smoke: Divination Incense Recipe

Pythia’s Oracle Smoke: Divination Incense Recipe

This recipe is pulled from The Big Book of Magical Incense by Sara L. Mastros.

“Pythia, as I work with her, is not a single human, but rather an egregore spirit participated in by all those who became Pythia while they lived, giving up their name and their family and their essential individuality, to get slowly infused with the essence of Pythia, who lives forever in the Underworld.”

A Nontoxic Incense to Help Hear and Speak with the Pythian Voice

  • 3 parts Resin (Myrrh is especially nice)
  • 2 parts Mugwort or another Artemisia
  • 1 part Bay (If you can get bay leaves from Delphi, add one.)
  • 1 part Dittany of Crete
  • 1 tbsp Marijuana flowers per 1/2 cup incense (optional)

Keep in mind that Dittany of Crete is used for spirit manifestation! Watch your space.


Burn during any form of divination :+1:

“…there is also a madness which is a divine gift, and the source of the chiefest blessings granted to men. For prophecy is a madness, and the prophetess at Delphi and the priestesses at Dodona when out of their senses have conferred great benefits on Hellas, both in public and private life, but when in their senses few or none. And I might also tell you how the Sibyl and other inspired persons have given to many people many an intimation of the future which has saved them from falling.”

~Socrates, in Plato’s Phaedrus