Pythagorean System of Ten Numbers (Frater Barrabbas)

Pythagorean System of Ten Numbers (Frater Barrabbas)

“The Pythagoreans believed that numbers were the most basic elements of the material world and that everything could be reduced to mathematics…let us now examine each of these ten mystical numbers…I am actually integrating both the Qabalistic and Pythagorean perspectives into a system that I believe works best for the numbered tarot cards.”

~Frater Barrabbas

Triad of Spirit: Highest Ideals

  • Number 1: root of the four elements, spirit, individualism, independence, beginning, source, innovation (neutral)

  • Number 2: original harmonious state, sensitivity, intuitive, cooperation, diplomacy, advice, prophecy (receptive)

  • Number 3: stability, foundation, understanding, mediation, agreement, inspiration (creative)

Triad of Mind: The Inner Self

  • Number 4: solidification and manifestation, beauty, order, precision, honesty, trust, conservation (receptive)

  • Number 5: revolution, stresses of change, freedom, dynamic, versatile, adaptable, problem-solving (creative)

  • Number 6: mind within harmony and balance, creativity, sympathetic, healing, serenity (neutral)

Triad of Soul / Emotions: The Feeling Self

  • Number 7: knowledge and discipline gained through suffering, seeking inner truth, contemplation, meditation, the inner life, wisdom, introspection (creative)

  • Number 8: adjustment towards inner balance, intuitive wisdom, independence, ambitious, persevering, visionary (receptive)

  • Number 9: crystalization of mind and matter, sacred number of “perfection”, altruistic service, responsible, brilliance, synthesis (neutral)

Material Point of Manifestation: The Body and the World

  • Number 10: materialization, impermanence, constant change, completion and totality, reflection of the One, the divine tetractys, sum of the numbers one through four, contains the tetrad as the four elements (neutral)

Ref: Elemental Powers for Witches: Energy Magick Simplified (Frater Barrabbas)