Ptolemaic & Hellenistic Decan Gods

Ptolemaic Decan Gods & Hellenistic Decan Gods

“In modern occultism the astrological decans, ten degree divisions of the zodiac, are frequently associated with the angels of the Shemhamphorash. Following Dr. Rudd they are also - quite erroneously - connected with the spirits of the Goetia of Solomon (attributed either to the quinaries or to night and day aspects of the decans). Early on in Egypt and in the Ptolemaic and Roman period the decans were recognised first as gods and subsequently as daimones, and had a significant role in the magic of the time.”

~Jake Stratton-Kent

Ptolemaic Decan Gods


Hellenistic Decan Gods (Ostanes)


Ref: Geosophia (Jake Stratton Kent)