Properties and Uses of Pandan Leaves?

Is anyone familiar with any medicinal, folkloric, or magical uses of Pandan Leaves? Sorry to tag you twice in one day @DarkGodofQlippa , but since you live in that neck of the woods, would you maybe have any insight? All I can find is that it is used to flavor / color food and freshen taxis…


Yes I’ve heard of freshening taxis, I’ll ask my foster mom for some info as she’s into horticulture and herbalism.


That would be much appreciated! Thank you :slight_smile:


So I asked her and what I got out of her is that it can be boiled into a tea, and drank. It’s helpful for the heart and circulatory system as well as being good for the urinary tract and excretory system.

Also I gather it’s helpful for incontinence as well


Does it have any contraindications? Did she mention if it was safe for daily use, or dose upon conditions/symptoms?

It sounds like it’s an all around good for you plant.


Didn’t say she was in the middle of doing a cooking project so I had to ask and get out of the kitchen. Good questions though I’ll ask when she’s done with her feeding program.


No hurry, I don’t even know if I can get it here, and I can research it too. I was just like oh! I may no someone that would be useful for!


A quickie internet search (because I never heard of pandan before) said
Contraindication: Kidney troubles

Or more specifically the 1st result in the quick search said as follows:

“People with kidney problems must not ingest pandan leaves regularly, as it causes nausea, indigestion and hampers renal health”.

Note: I have no experience with Pandan, but anyone with any medical condition especially any serious medical condition should consult a Dr or other healthcare professional before consuming any herbal product for its medicinal qualities.


Thank you! It turns stuff green and is good for circulation / general health ? It’s going in a money oil :blush::moneybag:


I ordered some blue lotus from Thailand and got it as a free sampler, while I was in Florida. You should be able to get it!


Yeah you’re right kish about adding the disclaimer. I’m not a Dr. Either.

But for @Mythopoeia Purposes an oil should be fine.


Oh nice! I am going to look into it for sure then, so many of the good herbs are hard to get over here…

Anything that might actually cure something is in a banned list… :rofl::joy:

That’s not entirely true, that is the inner reflection of it sometimes feels to me.


I know, but since Keteriya asked about contraindicatoions and daily use ….

Figured I’d point out it’s not recommended if you have kidney issues (that way anyone reading in the future knows, and Keteriya’s question about contraindications is answered).


Yepper, most of the herbs good for your liver are not for your kidneys and likewise…

Like dandelion root can cause you to not absorb calcium correctly and may even leech it from your system (I am also not a doctor so I use the word may, as while I’ve had some training with this, some things I’ve not personally seen too), but it has a lot of benefits… so you should use that one carefully.

I expected this one was not good for the kidneys, as it covers the other organs- and I’ll research myself more before I use it, but it’s good to know some of the bad possible side affects going in with stuff like this imop.