Prayer to Lady Justice

Prayer to Lady Justice

“After you have affected all the individual players in the case, you should cast a spell over the case as a whole. One week before your case is to be heard, set up a small altar using an image of justice as the central feature. You can use the Justice card from your favorite Tarot deck, in fact you can use several. Light the candles and perform the invocation of the Bornless One, followed by the rending of space. Light an appropriate incense and appeal now to Lady Justice directly every day for the next week, using a new candle every day.”

~Jason Miller

Oh THEMIS, Mighty Daughter of GAIA and URANUS
Who brought order out of chaos.
Send to me your daughter DIKE
That she may banish the demon ADIKIA
And grant me favor in my hour of need.
Oh IUSTITIA Impartial and Fair
Hear my urgent plea!
May your balance find me absolved
And your staff find me victorius
May justice be done.
May Justice be done.


Ref: The Sorcerer’s Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick by Jason Miller


Decades ago in another life, I used to frequent Australian law courts - mainly NSW.
When I was desperate for a win and the evidence had gone against my client, if there were reasons, I used to visualise the rune Tiwaz in flames above the head of the presiding magistrate or judge whilst projecting to them what I wanted.
And I won cases I shouldn’t have - one of which still haunts me in my weaker moments.


Reminds me of that film with Charlize Theron, “Devil’s Advocate”.

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