Poll Time! On language, clarity, and madness

Which would drive you mad quickest? (Share why in the comments?)

  • To know you’re speaking clearly, but no one can correctly understand/interpret your words, to sound unintelligible to others
  • To be unable to speak clearly and to know that you’re not speaking clearly, to sound unintelligible to others
  • To speak clearly, to know you are are speaking clearly, for others to correctly understand you, for others to always interpret you as lying
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Being unable to understand. Others not understanding would be something I would blame on them, not myself.


The last one is my reality (except it is usually “you’re wrong”, not that I am lying), especially when I am trying to warn someone that what they are about to do is a bad idea. I pretty much just sit back with popcorn these days.


what really infuriates me is to have given clear and precise instructions, and then find that they didn’t do what I ordered, and I often end up saying:
“What part did you not understand!?”
“In what language should I talk to you!?”


That really sounds like an alternate hells scape golachab esque horror scenario you’d see in Qlippoth @ReyCuervo

Does not sound like a good time is being had for whoever this may or may not apply to.