Personal grimoires

So, raise your hand if you keep a handmade grimoire with your best bits and tell us what sort of thing do you write down (I’m not asking to paste here your best secrets, just the type of thing you believe you have to put in the grimoire)


The most handmade thing about my grimoire is the hard cover I made after my dogs chewed it. I put some significant dreams, events that happened or will happen, insights from spirit, and new things that I’m learning or trying to learn. Along with some doodles for art magick, and rough drafts of sigils.


Some of us are a little extreme…

You asked what goes in, all of it.

  • The blue one with the eye is a Grimoire in that I’ve decided I want to write about my path in a coherent way. It’s meant to read like a book.

  • The gray one with the spiders is my current “Book of Shadows,” anything that doesn’t go into another one goes in there. All kinds of random stuff and also a collection of ritual notes (all rituals that aren’t elsewhere).

  • The black, open one is half for Buer and half for Belail. I’m in specific agreements with both that necessitate notes and I’d rather have them all in one place than scattered throughout the BoS.

  • The wave one was my very first magic notebook, it has all kinds of stuff in it as well. Random stuff, notes I’ve amassed, dreams, thoughts, rituals, anything and everything I thought was magick-y while it had blank pages still. It’s also the most colorful because of how I was taking notes.

  • The little blue one is for Loki.

  • The red one is because Sitri likes to mock, taunt, and torment me. If I’d had known he’d demand I use it, I would have burned it. I have a red, large sigil taped over something someone else wrote on the cover, years ago. In it go all my notes for my current workings with Sitri.

  • The kitty soft cover notebook is where I began my notes when I pacted with Dantalion. As it’s full now, I’ve moved to the blue one it’s resting over.

  • Dragon for dragon stuff.

  • The the one with the pink is where I’m now collecting obsessions, bindings, love, and the like. I don’t have rituals notes in there, nor will I, it’s just the rites themselves.


I keep a journal whenever I am doing a dedicated work. Usually picking out one and consecrating it is the first ritual, although I normally keep it to myself as opposed to writing it in my online journals. Most of the content is fairly similiar, although I do tend to put a lot more personal content along with experiment ideas to test. I do have some things kept in cypher as I have had some nosey individuals in the past.


I keep a handmade grimiore, a three ring notebook with handwritten spells and things, but I think the best part is my incantations that were given to me by various spirits, alot of them from Azazel, I have anything from causing nosebleeds to making diamonds fall from the sky, and anything inbetween. :upside_down_face:


Do I?

Oh yes, I make one for each calendar year. This is a pain staking process to me. This is basically the evolution of my temple procedures, tarot information, astrological key dates, planetary tidal charts.

I actually create a table of contents for my grimoire also. This is necessary to be able to quickly and easily find the rites I need without having to endlessly fiddle fuck with searching through it. Everything is tidy and handy.

Lemme show you.

( not directed towards @ReyCuervo !! But to vultures out there thinking it’s fashionable to copy everything I say and do, and then act like they’ve always done it that way, and present it to others to help themselves appear more legitimate or grand or … perhaps even… hireable, those people can step the fuck off and stop jocking and copying me. Innovate don’t imitate you B!tch !)

For everyone else that’s simply interested in seeing something and perhaps making elements of it theirs then cool here’s for y’all.

Let me show the Grimoire of Mike Bee ( The real Mike Bee ).

I got a killer deal on hardback journals of lined good paper with a ribbon book mark. Comes in 4 colors , durable, can take a real beating, spill a cup of coffee on it, no prob, wax melt ok cool, cigarette cherry falls into it, if you’re in top of it no damage done. Good book.

You can see the kitty Pucifer even likes it!

Now it’s important in your grimoire to have a good place for temple proceedure openers , closures, pre ritual invocation and it matters greatly the type of precursor rites you use depending on what your trying to do. Cars don’t go from a full stop to 60 mph. Not yet anyway… you go 5 10 20 40 60mph. Think of those precursor rites as building momentum of certain kinds of energies and riding it like a tidal wave.

I had to black much of this out to protect my proprietary secrets…( because of the god damned vulture is into copycatting and acting like he has also done this since forever, then it gets regurgitated to you as great wisdom :roll_eyes:)

Next the table of contents
Again wish I could share more but you know…

Then I break rituals down by category, defensive, wealth, dignities, divination, glamours, evocation technique etc.

The trick here guys is you need to leave 10 or 15 pages or so blank so you can add later.

I highly recommend a place in the beginning for tables you frequently use.

At the tail end you should have a place to document everything you’re doing. This is a courtesy to the magician that picks up your grimoire, if you did something dumb and got eaten by a spirit atleast the one holding the book has an idea of what NOT to do. Also you can include dates of payment for spirit debts and also without having real records of your work and it’s success or failure ( which should be updated regularly) you have no idea what you’re good at or what needs improvement or what your success rate is. Everyone wants to think they’re at 75 to 85% ( again this is very fashionable these days) but without actual records you have no way to realistically assess that.

I recommend a section for training excercises also, that you can sign and date when they are complete. For more accountability.

This is how I run my yearly grimoire.

I give my old grimoires either a copy of it to one best performing student of the class I teach and a copy to my son. I include a binding to protect it and it’s contents and keep it within the hands of my blood line I. E. My son. Now my sonay never understand the treasure I’ve given him but this is his real inheritance, I can give him some gold jewelry or I can teach him how to pull his own out of the ether as they say. Which is more valuable?

I can’t turn water into wine , lead to gold, raise the dead or part the seas, I could manifest a good bottle of zinfandel though, pull gold through ether, communicate with the dead, or atleast bring into my life a raft or little boat to cross a vast body of water so it doesn’t matter much if Im not Moses or any of the top 5 G. O. A. T lol :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Awesome topic @ReyCuervo

I’m a firm believer that one’s personal grimoire is a really big part of the journey we’re all on.



Out of context but this is too cute :pleading_face:


He is an awesome kitty, vocal, expressive, full of energy, he torments piggles by lying in wait and jumping on him and bites his ears until piggles wilds out on him. Fun to watch.


In case anyone is wondering about mine, it is a black notebook. I also have a pen :smiley:


If I’m working through a book, it will likely get its own grimoire, provided there are enough rituals for that.

Here are a few by topic or entity

This is how I organize when I’m working through a book. This is my original Shadownomicon grimoire. DH suggested rituals from front to back and experiences from back to front. Works pretty well for that. I typically leave a few pages in the front to write down a sort of table of contents to find sigils, rituals given in ritual, etc…


Bad ass, I like the uniform nature of those journals, that’s how I think it’s supposed to be too.


There are some where I take notes from the front, which is inconsistent with my book work throughs. Usually the deity specific ones mean I was approached and take it as it is. For example, the Tiamat one has a “sigil” for her that one can attune to or write/mark/etch/etc on things. It has a tendency to raise chaos and one doesn’t feel the order also at play for a while. So, by surprise, her’s is from to back.