Performing bibliomancy using an AI-powered text generator

Howdy all! I would like to share a Web app that I’ve been using for practicing bibliomancy. The tool is called “Narrative Device”. It is an AI-powered text generator, which is intended to be used by authors for bypassing writer’s block.

To use it, visitors are instructed to input two themes or keywords. And to then press the “Generate” button. In return, Narrative Device generates a paragraph of original text that summarizes the relationship between those two user inputs. For example, I submitted “divination” and “synchronicity” as my keywords. And the AI produced the following text:

The party was in full swing when I arrived. I hadn’t been invited, but I felt drawn to the house. I could see through the windows that everyone was having a good time, so I knocked on the door. The hostess, a woman I had never met before, smiled when she saw me. “I’m glad you’re here,” she said. “I’ve been expecting you.” She led me into the living room where the other guests were gathered. I had the feeling that I had been there before, even though I knew I hadn’t. It was as if I had been dreaming about this party for a long time. The guests were all talking about synchronicity and divination. They were sharing stories about the times when they had seen the future or had a feeling that something was going to happen. I felt like I belonged there. I knew that I was supposed to be there.

The use case for this application in terms of bibliomancy is immense. Not only is the writing original and interesting, the text that Narrative Device generates is (essentially) custom fit for each user and query. In other words, it is possible to summon a body of words, just as you need them for each divination that you desire to make.

To me, this is a breakthrough in my own spiritual work. As well as entertaining due to the sheer (an apparently endless) novelty that is offered. I’m still in the early phases of applying this tool for purposes beyond simple questions and answers, but I’m thrilled with what I’ve been able to accomplish so far. What are your thoughts about this form of technomancy? Is this tool indicative of a new age for magick tools?


Very interesting idea. I’ve used some bibliomany in the past, and it is an interesting form of divination. With the text generator, I can see various potential ways to build a system around it based on how the AI generates text.

Although, I want to give a comment on technomancy and tech-focused magick (to whoever this comment may be useful). I don’t believe it is in some way greater than more traditional methods. It is simply a different style. However, machinery and AI cannot perform magick on its own, at least not in the way that we do. So, this is of course more of a tool for magick and divination, which can be useful.

I’d say it will develop into a new style of magick and divination. With the idea of a new age, there is often this idea of things being better than in the previous age. I don’t believe that is the case, but certainly machinery, and AI etc. have made some things more possible than before.

Now, as for it being used extensively in the future, that would depend on if mass industrial society somehow survived far into the future, although even then there will likely be some magicians using it and expanding on it. But there is never a shortage of anything to be used for magick and divination, because everything in this entire universe has spirit, and in the Platonic view descends from various Ideas in the Mind of The One. Every plant, metal, and other material, has spirit and is linked to everything through a chain of sympathy. There is no shortage of things to be used. But with this, it is wonderful to try out how things such as AI and machinery may help and see what can be done.

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I’d like to share another AI-powered tool that could be used for divination. It’s called “Mage”. This app (similar to “Narrative Device”, as mentioned above) takes keyword input(s) from users. But instead of generating paragraphs of original text, Mage makes original images. For example, let’s take the word “Gnosis” as an input. When I enter that keyword into Mage, this is the image I receive in return:

When the enter the word “God” into Mage, this is the image that I receive:

And when I enter the keyword “Goddess” into Mage, I am returned this image:

It is important to note that each time the user presses the “Enter” key, they will receive a different image. That’s pretty cool. As to what these images can be used for, I imagine that one could make an entire Tarot Deck out of them. Or use the highest quality pieces of generative artwork for one’s ritual space.

We are indeed on the cusp of a new form of magickal toolset. Cool beans.


What are your thoughts on using GIFs to alter your state of consciousness? Something akin to visual entrainment, along any lines one wishes to pursue.

I am using these AI-generated GIFs while praying to help me enter and stay within a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It works rather well.


I find this all amazing. The keyword I used to create this media was “technoshaman”.


Here are another two interesting GIFs that I created using the same AI tool. Which (IMHO) are better than any of the previous. Better in the sense that these two images seem to “more accurately” convey what I’m trying to get across here; technoshamanism and technomancy are accessible to everyone.



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