Off topic "what's safe" from WT

I dunno, talking about Polly ticks is kinda gross :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: even if parrot :parrot: Polly’s ticks :beetle: can move from Polly to people and from people back to Polly
So let’s not talk Polly’s ticks (or poli tics either).

Anyhow welcome good to cya made it to the party.


Please define ‘politics’ so I can stay away from it. Are ‘trade tariffs’ economics or politics? Do tariffs become political only if a political party adopts a trade tariff policy? Do the clothes I wear send a political message? The relationships between people living in a society is politics as is the study of the ways in which different groups are governed. Or does ‘politics’ refer only to political party politics?

I’m a dyed in the wool, doctrinaire, ‘why don’t you just go penetrate yourself?’ Free Market Anarchist/Libertarian Capitalist so I hate all sides of politics. That stated, I used the politics (in its widest sense) of three ‘former’ UK colonies to my own devious ends. It’s called Aeonics.


I would stay away from these, outside of incidentals. If you tried to import something (specific thing) and it took longer, well, that as value outside of the context.

I wouldn’t go much lower than 1-2 layers deep (mechanics), without clearing it beforehand.

If anyone else disagrees, then let’s take it to PM and establish a more solid rule.


I dunno how to define it :man_shrugging: I didn’t make the rule.

I know I could place a bet and win betting that election talk would go against the no politics rule and also that opinions on psycho war starting despots (like the 1 who stinks P.U & rhymes with the doggy Rin tin tin) is probably against it And id likely also win a bet that as hot button topics that galvanize both sides of the political spectrums (like the overturning of a certain court ruling in the USA) would be outright breaking it.

@UncleAl Probably anything juicy or exciting or current events related Is probably against the no politics rule with the exception of sports and probably anything stale or boring is likely not against it.

Safe topics are love, food, magick, sports and planes trains and automobiles music and maybe movies. Did I miss any safe topics @Keteriya add: if I need to I’ll edit out a paragraph but I think if it’s left in it clarifies what might be verbotten

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It’s a valid question. Speaking of the forum, if someone were to post a picture of themselves wearing a swastika t-shirt, that’s bordering on being political. Just the same as wearing an “X lives matter” shirt would be. What do we do in that case? Depends on the implication. Is the point of the person’s post to highlight a political stance, or is it incidental? Do we remove the image with a gentle reminder to the user that it’s too close to being political?

And that only raises more questions. Is it political if someone refers to themselves as gay, or as trans-identifying, or makes an introductory post which includes non-standard English pronouns? I can’t imagine taking punitive measures against someone simply for referring to themselves that way, but I can see “well if someone is allowed to say they’re gay, why can’t I say I am the leader of an anti-vax movement?”. Where do we draw the line?

(Edit: just to be clear, as far as I am concerned, no one is ever going to get in trouble for referring to or identifying themselves however they please, obviously provided it doesn’t break any forum rules. I don’t consider someone introducing themself and saying “I’m transgender” or whatever else, if they choose to, as any different to saying “I have brown eyes” or “I am tall”. However, we do ask that any information about oneself that approaches any political stance should be kept to ones’ profile only.)

While I would say it is in breach of the “no politics” rule for someone to, for example, say they are going to perform magick to swing an election vote (even if no names or locations are mentioned), is it political to say I would like to perform magick to prevent certain groups of people practising a cultural tradition that is actively harmful to the recipient (or even just to name it and criticise it)? Is it political to say I want to perform magick to overturn certain court rulings in X country/location, even if it’s not named? Is talking about a global pandemic political? Are human rights political?

It’s the slippery slope argument here which simply makes a blanket “no politics” rule easier – because almost any topic under the sun can lead back to politics – and have members and mods use their best judgment. Otherwise we’d have to write an entire book about when, where, and under what exact specific circumstances it’s OK to discuss politics.

If anyone reading this wants to open a topic about something and isn’t sure if it breaches the “no politics” rule or not, please reach out to the moderators and we’d be happy to discuss. :slight_smile:


People are dying or becoming infertile all over the world, but I can’t post as to why or offer treatments because it’d be politics (and I’m not a medical doctor. I am a Magician though.) There are things you can do to at least forestall the consequences (assuming you made the wrong decision), but I can’t post about it because it’s political. One web-group (well known to you and I) doesn’t care about suffering and death of its own members, because of the ‘no politics’ rule.

That said, I support the way you’re handling things Veil, because I got banned from the other group (of Muppets) and at least you can put up with me. I don’t try to be difficult, I just am - I’m a Satanist! (Some arsehole on anther group wanted to get me stopped from signing my posts ‘Al’, but before I was banned they made an exception, just for me.)

Love you Veil and your work.


Yeah unfortunately nearly every facet of human experience can be tied to politics. It is what it is. I’m just glad that we have a kick ass place to discuss Magick and LHP focused topics. I’m really glad you made it over here btw, and I still use the infernal variation of the LBRP that you showed me a long time ago on the other site💪.


Well I don’t care about politics or no I abide the rule cuz to me for me only talking about myself with this my politics is my Mundane (non magick) part of my life to me and my magick is it’s own part. You can sign uncle Al or cujo or mahatma if you want for or all I care. I am glad you like it here so far most of the time though. Add: sometimes it can mix in with my magick as some here are aware but rarely.


Might want to avoid signing as Adolf you know who though :stuck_out_tongue: people would just get their knickers in a knot over that one

Add: sorry mods I just had to say that (cuz it WOULD be true if anyone was ballsy enough to try use it).


That’s what the problem was on the other forum. I’m pretty sure I could ban all posts based upon the undefined term ‘politics’. In fact, the avoidance of ‘politics’ allowed me to gift three countries to be Special Economic Zones in a rising empire - that I can’t elaborate upon, because of the ‘no politics’ rule. There’s even things known as Defence Advisory notices where I exist that prevent the media from commenting on My Work.

Decades go in Law School we discussed the rise of the ‘pubic zone’ taking over the ‘private zone’ where everything becomes ‘political’, and that suits me. By the time the filth wake up there’ll be nothing left to wake up to. I tailor what I do to the circumstances I find.


Thanks. I only post stuff I’ve used and that works. Those muppets on the other site are on their own now, as I was banned. Sometimes I feel like cutting down a mulberry tree (if you know what I mean), but that said, it’s their loss not mine.


That’s completely how I feel I feel about it too. Fuck em they can have all the same newcomer questions day in and out and now they can tend to that themselves. People like us that used to help others and care are all about finished with them. I’m done giving my best to people who treat me ungratefully man. It’s a new time and a new place and this can be a new era of fellowship and learning amongst our peers. I couldn’t be more pleased.


You’re always welcome here, Uncle Al.

Damn, I just finished a three-day, three-state east coast drive this weekend past, should’ve dropped in for a quick beer and a ritual. :stuck_out_tongue:

Believe me, there’s a lot of political things I’d love to rant about, on-topic and off-topic magick-wise. But at the end of the day we went for a blanket approach. Also I do personally like the fact that this forum is a safe space a haven away from it all. If I’m in the mood to argue politics or get myself nice and depressed and/or angry over how wrong other people are, I can always rely on Twitter or Reddit or Instagram or YouTube or Facebook to give me what I need.

Also, you are hereby henceforth granted official permission to sign your name to any post you please. :wink:



Just a thought here…. If it weren’t for those bans some or most of you would still be there pussy footing around trying to avoid upsetting the over sensitive one over there walking on eggshells always wondering when the next shoe would drop and kick another one out. Then this place wouldn’t have been created (the forum here). So it may be their loss but it’s definitely more our gain if you know what I mean.


I don’t get why they flipped over the signing of your own post ? Like what’s it matter?


To be fair I’m still there and never banned…:rofl:

Actually none of the five staff here was ever banned, though some left voluntarily!


They took it as trying to promote the self… and any business you might have.

I think it’s generally silly, but I also start out a lot of my journals equally as silly, or talk about being in a ramble train, or other silly things so idk why it really mattered, other than control.

We probably shouldn’t worry about it though, that’s their agenda and not ours :slight_smile:

We are trying to meet the peoples needs, and do recognize some people need a second chance- some were asshats themselves and others were treated unfairly. We try to actually discuss and see what makes sense :rofl:

But we are all brand new to operating a forum, so I am thankful you guys are patient with us while we figure that part out.


Same but who know how long the sensitive one has always had a real problem with my memes. Go figure.

Anyhow I’m there while I’m there but 1 thing I’ve learnt in life is things come things go things change and you ride the tide or you drown in the undertow (basically meaning I’m there while I’m there but without being propped up I don’t think there will last that many more years given it’s driving peeps away and discouraging newbies from sticking with how they been behaving with questions and answers in recent times.

It’s actually gone quite dead compared to how it used to be there and I think it’s because of how the mods hammer down anything they don’t personally like instead of behaving like mods and only hammering when the nail sticks out and is problematic.


I was just curious why it was rule. Micro managing I guess.


I wasn’t on their forum then so don’t know but I can guess people might have got in others faces name callin and threatening for liking the wrong group/person. I mean that happens in real a ton so it probably happened on forum in internet too (especially given the anonymity of the internet). Probably the rule was out there to address or avoid all that.