Notes, recipes, and memes

To continue from the other place, I will log some diary like entries, any recipes of oils/incenses/herb combination I make, and whatever elset.
Almost done moving to our new place and making the most of my last couple weeks before fall classes start. I have to finish moving my herbs and art supplies.
Last night I made bath bombs (currently shaped like little turds as I don’t have my silicone molds with me yet) with the following mixes :

Chamomile, comfrey/boneset, lavender, lemon verbena, linden, jasmine, peppermint, rose, and vanilla

Bay, cassia, frankincense, hyssop, jasmine, lavender, lemon, myrrh, rosemary, and sage

A few days ago, I made some Hot Foot Powder.

Hot Foot:
Cayenne, red sandalwood, black pepper, cinnamon, powdered dried pig blood, and sulfur, vetivert powder

I have a long ways to go as a beginner, but journaling helps me stay motivated and somewhat more organized with time.
I’m still learning about herbs and would appreciate constructive criticism, or a heads up if I’m doing something wrong.


Im so glad your doing this! I love recipes!


You always seem to be on point to me. I make most of my stuff up as I need it.

Like okay today I’m doing banishing papers, so what serves me for this purpose…

I usually know an herb/spice or two or three that are on point and why they are appropriate. The rest will quite literally feel like they are saying pick me because of this that I add to it…

It’s kind of weird, but it always works out and even though I often use similar things, they are rarely exactly the same- each one was special for that purpose that day. Whatever is leftover always serves me as well as what I used for the ritual that day so.

I’m confident you’re doing good work in learning all this information and using it. Someday you’ll probably just know exactly what to use when and this seems like a great foundation for the rest of your practice for forever.


@Keteriya Thank you for your advice! Makes sense. There are definitely times that something stands out. I’ll probably trust myself more as I continue making more stuff
I also learned that foraging is actually legal in Central Park and they have a paid foraging tour of edible plants in the park. I’m meeting some friends there on Monday and will stay after for a bit and pay attention to what “jumps out”/see what I can find using online resources as a guide


And some memes


I think I may have heard that on tv or YouTube or something. That’s actually pretty cool that it’s real.

You’ll be way better than me at this part in the long run, because you’ve spent so much time in the study and research part.

I got bored… I was like man every book is the same as the last! So I’ve got maybe three books I like, but they aren’t complimentary lol, and either google what I don’t know or use my gut lol.

So I know the gut part works and when you have good sound knowledge to back it up with… oh it’s great. I don’t have this with herbs, but you will! Lol I’m excited for you :slight_smile: Clair cognizance combined with sound knowledge is a powerful combination.


@Keteriya thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation: I’ve been researching a lot and will continue to . I definitely also have some books that seem pretty much the same, but there’s 3 that I like more than the others
For anyone reading this, those 3 books include
The Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide by Brianna Blair
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
The Master Grimoire - Herbs, Oils, and Incenses: Their Magical Uses and Formulas by Pat Kirven Sawyer

Back to sender
Patchouli, cedar, pine, agrimony, devil’s shoestring, angelica, peppermint, hyssop, calendula, wormwood, sugar, sulfur, ginger

I made better looking shower steamers (quick recipe below)
1 cup baking soda
1 cup citric acid
1/3 cup polysorbate-80 (emulsifier)
Approx 200 drops of essential oil(s)
Combine separately: the dry ingredients (baking soda, citric acid) and wet ingredients (polysorbate-80 and essential oil) in separate bowls, mixing well
Add wet ingredients to the dry and incorporate until it has the consistency of damp sand (like perfect for building a sand castle)
Add to mold or squish together in little lumps (use for each steamer about how much batter one might add to a muffin tin when baking muffins)
Let dry overnight (preferably up to 24 hrs)

We ended up going to a food court because of weather. I’ll have to forage in Central Park some other time. In the meantime I’ll just research what plants to look out for in the park. Maybe, when classes start, if I get to campus early I can do that before class. The park is only one stop away from school.

When I was really young, like preschool age, I used to love rummaging this hill close to our house, picking random flowers and plants to make little tiny bouquets for my mom. I also once picked a bunch of poison ivy and I had rashes from head to toe and swelled up for a month. I will be careful and make sure to avoid poison ivy in Central Park


Hex mix
e.g. some uses: stuffing for doll/poppet, use for baneful magic, or combine with castor oil to anoint candles or sigils for baneful purposes. If no castor oil available, you can also use olive oil:
Centipedes* dead and powdered,
Dried powdered pig’s blood*,
Graveyard dirt, smaller amount
Iron filings
Red sandalwood,

*Centipede corpses were collected around the house and especially the basement
The pig’s blood can be found in most Asian supermarkets - crush when dried. I use about 3 tablespoons at a time, letting it sit covered in a cool place for a few days until it dries up while preventing maggots.
Over those few days, I also charge it nightly with rage and hate, then pound the dried blood with mortar and pestle, and add to the hexing mix.


War Powder:
Black pepper
Cayenne/chili powder
Iron filings
Lily of the valley
Mustard powder
Red sandalwood
Dried powdered pig’s blood (find in Asian supermarkets, dry a few tablespoons at a time covered in a cool place, then powder using mortar and pestle)

I also made a few tiny orgone pyramids

Details, top to bottom

Titanium coated quartz, copper wire and shavings, gold sheen obsidian, pyrite, gold rutilated quartz

Titanium coated quartz, copper wire and shavings, human rib bone pieces, necromancy herb powder (details below), apple blossoms, amethyst, onyx, iron filings and shungite powder

Angel Aura quartz point, copper wire and shavings, Iolite, amethyst, selenite

Rudraksha, amethyst, iolite

I put small amounts of mixed metal shavings in the core of each pyramid including brass, bronze, copper, and iron. Crystals are layered in around these cores.

Necromancy herb mix/incense: anise, bay, cedar, wormwood, jasmine, lavender, spearmint, patchouli, mullein, rose, dandelion, Elderflower, juniper berries, dittany, tobacco, pinch of powdered human bone


Beauty sleep tea or oil
Catnip, chamomile, horsetail, lavender, linden, lovage, jasmine, hops, rose, valerian, violet
Carrier oil: avocado oil, but if not accessible olive oil is acceptable

Forget him/her, heartbreak healing
Holy basil, lavender, lemon balm, lilac, rose hips, rosemary, scullcap, wisteria, witch hazel
Ideally, use with pink candles
Carrier oils (pick one): Hemp, jojoba, or olive oil

Love/lust drawing oil
Hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, mimosa, Adam and Eve root (or orchid petals), osmanthus (sweet olive), rose, vanilla, violet
Carrier oils (pick one): Apricot, avocado, hemp, or jojoba oil. If none available, olive oil is fine too

Love/ lust drawing tea
Hibiscus, jasmine, lavender, lemon (to personal taste), licorice, osmanthus, peppermint, rose, violet
Sweeten with honey or sugar to taste


Lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, sleepy tea:

Confusion oil
Black pepper
Galangal (Low John)
Guinea pepper (grains of paradise)
Poppy seeds
Carrier oil (pick 1): Almond, olive, or castor oil


For the new moon tomorrow night, I plan to do something for Lilith. Today I made this sigil thing wth garnet and obsidian chips. I made it in 5 thin layers, drawing the sigil onto each layer when it dried. In the 4th layer, I added a little bit of my blood into the sigil, but it’s not obvious. I might make more of these for other spirits.


I did Keteriya’s post on cord cutting tonight and I needed it even more than I thought with total of 46 cords. It had some trouble burning so I dabbed the ends and middle with some rubbing alcohol. I did this all outside with a fireproof bowl.
I wrote a longer more detailed post but I’m setting it aside for now. There’s some trigger-y stuff with childhood sexual abuse, and I don’t know where to even put that like is this an appropriate place to write all that? I’ll sleep on it :slight_smile:


Oh I didn’t even think about it, some acrylics yarns have anti flame stuff…


Ah that makes sense! Haha at the time I was like what did I do wrong


I don’t think I’ve never really faced and dealt with my trauma. I never even told anyone for many years. I have made some distance from it, but even when I thought it was gone, it continued to fester and leak through in shitty ways from time to time. I avoided it, concerned I’d open a box that couldn’t be closed. But I had to open it, and I think I faced it when I did the cord cutting .
To move on, I had to open it, dig it all out and set it l on fire. For me to move on and truly start healing, learning, growing, I needed to burn it all down. I do feel physically lighter like I had a massive boulder on my back and now I’m relieved by its absence.

Last night I did the 2nd part of a rite for Lilith and creating a sort of portal in a black mirror that’s now buried by the garden until the full moon. Took some pictures while wrapping up outside



Beautiful work as always! I know it’s hard, but you are doing well!


Thank you for sharing your cord-cutting instructions❣️


No problem, I’m glad I could help. I don’t always have the answer, but I am trying to share them when I do!


I love your work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Thanks for posting all of this!!!