Norse/Viking Magick Resource Thread

Hello All,

I am making this thread as a sort of catalogue for materials on Norse Shamanism and Witchcraft :innocent:

Feel free to place any links you have, or book recommendations.

The Way of Fire and Ice- Ryan Smith

Icelandic Magic- Stephen Flowers

A Modern Guide to Heathenry- Galindo Krasskova

A Practical Heathens Guide to Asatru- Patricia M. Lafayllve

Helrunar- Jan Fries

The Poetic Edda- Jackson Crawford

The Heathen- Asbjorn Torvol

Lessons of A Young Heathen- Asbjorn Torvol

Runes and Feminine Powers: Northern Mysteries and Magick- Freya Aswynn (personal favorite)

Youtube Links:

Be back with more :wink: