Neoplatonism & Ptolemaic Astrology

Neoplatonism & Ptolemaic Astrology

“The Spheres of the Primum Mobile, fixed stars, the seven planets and the Earth were integral parts of the Neoplatonist astronomical model. Thus, the order of the planets corresponding to the sefirot of the Tree of Life essentially originates in Neoplatonism and Ptolemaic astrology. The connection of these categories with letters, names and numbers by modern ritual magicians, whether they follow Agrippa or the Golden Dawn, also derives directly from Neoplatonist pagan magicians. Nor is this a superficial resemblance; Neoplatonism is - after all - the origin of the Logos doctrine fundamental to Christian theology, and the deity without attributes central to that of the Kabbalists.”

Ref: Geosophia (Jake Stratton-Kent)

I am reading about the Hellenistic origins of Western magick and am out of my depth. I don’t feel I have the ability to critically evaluate some of the text, because I have no knowledge of Neoplatonism, Ptolemaic Astrology, the Golden Dawn, or Kabbalah. Agrippa is on my reading list, but far from the top.

Does anybody on the forum have anything to comment about the passage I posted above? Ranging from agreement or disagreement with the author, to thoughts about the connections made or the systems themselves.

Thank you! :dizzy:


Truly, it can be said that Plato is the father of all western philosophy.