Need rain spell

I’ve tried asking King Bael but there’s been no rain. There’s a heatwave going on and my friends are falling sick or getting a heat stroke heLp


Leraje can also change the wind and climate.

I’m not too familiar with the other weather gods, but Zeus can bring rainstorms.


Freyr is a god of rain, he can certainly bring it.

Thor can bring rain as well.

Among the Celestial Gods and Goddesses, the Moon rules over rain. On Monday (Her day) she will be in Pisces, a water sign, in which case it may be good to call upon her for this.


Can do that and can redirect them so if it is dangerous it doesn’t hit specific places (like our houses).

With the 10 heatwaves in the southern cone this year, I got Hermes to send some lower temperatures to aid me, so maybe the way to go is just ask to whatever spirit you’re closer to.


This post got me thinking…

Is there a deity that brings rain without the lightning? When it’s dry and lightning strikes you tend to get forest fires :fire:

I’ve no forest near me (the GTA is all built up, forest are many miles like maybe 100+ miles away) but still my thoughts are if it’s real you might want to say no lightning when asking for rain if it’s dry.


He can? I didn’t know that! Thank you! :open_mouth:

Noted, thanks Dank!

I’ll ask him, thank you!

I’ll take a thunderstorm over a light drizzle. It’ll at least cool down the weather for a few days.


Thor is considered a thunderstorm deity. However, I once prayed to Thor for rain, and the following week there were wonderful and beautiful rains, a great blessing. I don’t recall any lightning.

In a lot of Germanic cultures (and I’m sure in a lot of other cultures around the world), even till this day among the older folks where I live, lightning/thunder is believed to help crop growth. So, it’s associated with fertility.
And so, Thor also manages the growth and health of plants in the world, filling them with life and strengthening them. The lightning, thunder, and rain is not seperate from him, and I feel neither are the plants, being a part of the spirit of the world that brings growth and life to all things.


I’ve used land spirits to help alter weather before. Mainly helping divert hurricanes. You could ask them for help, too.


I’ll give it a shot, thanks Norse


Yeah one of my uncle had a stroke in court :disappointed_relieved:
Heat is killing me my skin turned red as well😭


same same
my skin breaks out and I got heat rashes too :smiling_face_with_tear: