Mythopoeia's Clairaudience Training

Mythopoeia’s Clairaudience Training

I have struggled with clairaudience for years now. I am going to follow @DarkGodofQlippa’s clairaudience training guide with the excellent Prince Orobas. I will use this journal to take notes and log progress, where appropriate.

My rituals will be largely drawn from Jason Miller’s work and follow the following format:

  1. Universal Centering
  2. Rending of Space
  3. Pillars & Spheres
  4. Invocation of the Agathodaimon
  5. Hekatean Banishing
  6. Hekatean Seizing of the Circle
  7. Summoning of the Guardians
  8. Hekatean Phylactery
  9. Prayer of Receptivity
  10. Hekate Evocation Incantation
  11. [Clairaudience Training]
  12. License to Depart

Hail Prince Orobas! I am looking forward to this journey.


Now THAT’S a triangle of art. Way cool! Mine feels wimpy now I might have to level up triangle after seeing that.

As far as the work on clairaudience I salute you for for your efforts. This is where of the poser occultists fall off. They simply cannot make themselves do a hour of actual work a couple days a week. This is where the rubber the meets the road.

Hard work ( but fun work) plus good preparation equals success.

I look forward to reading your experiences and I’ll bookmark this. :clap:

Session No.1

Inspired by @Czar’s Prince Orobas Oil I consecrated Prince Orobas’s seal with smoke of bay leaf, vervain, and cinnamon. I burned some a little before and after (with dragonsblood). I made a little stash of incense for him, as we will be in regular contact for a while.

Prince Orobas came immediately. He felt expansive and spacious; he had presence. He did not feel dark. This was our first interaction and I greeted him with respect. If he said anything or took a certain form, I have no idea. After explaining what I called him for, I asked him to tell me his name.

I was not in trance. My imagination supplied his name a few times. I meditate enough and have had enough liminal experiences to know the difference. Then, silence- though my ears were ringing. There was an emphasis on my left ear. I dropped into trance; the room became like a painting. I love this part. I don’t do drugs anymore- but now I can do them for free in ritual :smiley:

Dropping lower and lower, after about 20 minutes I heard in the “lower-bottom” of my head, like a drum beat or a low tide, “OR-O-BAS”. This I am not sure about; it could have been my conceptual mind grasping while I was in trance, or an actual transmission. Unfortunately, my fire alarm went off :woman_facepalming: :joy:

This is actually a bit strange; I have burned copious amounts of incense / herbs in the the new flat so far, and this has not happened. I will remove it in advance from now on.

I apologized, thanked Prince Orobas for his presence, and gave license to depart. I left an offering of hot chocolate-chai with honey and a little more incense as a thank you.

@DarkGodofQlippa , thank you very much for your encouragement and for speaking to Prince Orobas on my behalf! And for the kind words about my triangle. I have a little tutorial about how I made it.

Hail Prince Orobas!


Session No.2

More time passed between sessions than I would have liked. Work got wild and there has been some chaos at home. Annoying, but here we are. At least the fire alarm did not go off this time.

I did not hear anything. I am not disheartened as this was only our second session. It was good evocation practice and the breath-work / energy-work / meditations preceding were beneficial.

I offered incense, a tea light candle, and a piece of chocolate at the end.

I asked for a message via tarot:


I’m going to go with “spiritual transformation is nigh”. As opposed to, “we are done here” :joy:


Oh. Actually, I think I see what he did there. Today consisted of adventures in spider necromancy, a ritual with Hekate Brimo and the Fates to release trauma and reset my mindset (using my version of Death Oil), and receiving an amazing reading on ancestral trauma from @Veil.

Not bad, Prince Orobas :smirk:

Session No.3

A small breakthrough today! Lately during ritual I have felt a throbbing in what I think is my superficial middle cerebral vein. A little after this started, I heard “OR-O-BAS” like wind through a canyon (not like a shell held up to the ear) on repeat in my left ear. This was broken by my own excitement and an absolute cacophony of vacuum cleaning, pipe banging, and a couple fighting upstairs. I was not able to get it back.

In my mind’s eye, I saw an old king with a grey beard.

I offered incense and chocolate at the end.

Hail Prince Orobas! Step by step :muscle:


I hate when that happens :woman_facepalming:t2:

Session No.4

Not much report; perhaps 10 seconds of clairaudience ca. 8 minutes in, but I’m not positive. Again in the left ear. Unfortunately there was more distracting noise from upstairs.

It’s not their fault; they are just using their home. I might bless them to get a better flat though, to get them out anyways. It’s too distracting. Sometimes they blare their TV so loud that I can hear it in every room, but they always turn it down when we ask.

No hexing is in order, but I would rather they leave. They aren’t particularly friendly or happy people.

Session No.5

I was very surprised to hear OR-O-BAS gently in my left ear immediately. So my brain shut it down :upside_down_face:

I picked up very faint, very brief “clips” a few times. Sounded almost like a black metal album. I always get Sauroman vibes from Prince Orobas :thinking:

My monkey mind interfered multiple times. A very light trance this round.

Hail Prince Orobas, and thank you for taking the time to guide me towards clairaudience!

Session No.6

I drank too much green tea before the evocation and could not settle my mind at all. 10 minutes in I switched to tarot cards. I will not drink green tea before evoking again.

I asked for a message:

Session No.7

3 minutes in I heard his name in my left ear (one time). 13 minutes in I heard sounds like a snake shedding it’s skin and got a mind’s eye image of a lizard-horse.

I. Message: Ace of Cups
II. My biggest clairaudience blockage: 2 of Pentacles

Thank you Prince Orobas :racehorse:


Thats cool. When training I hear random noise in my head also. Like … when somebody drops a food bowl or something. Or walks down a hallway… clumsily.:sweat_smile:


Now @Mythopoeia THIS is where the rubber meets the road. Do not lust for results or get disheartened by what appears to be little or no progress. Keep doing what you’re doing. Be committed. I swear you will have your attainment when this training course is complete. Only a lack of commitment or effort could derail you from success here. Excellent work, carry on!


Thank you MB. I try to look at it as, worst case scenario, it’s solid evocation practice and essential meditation time :slight_smile:

Session No.8

I attempted the volume adjusting today. It was not effective. I did not hear much, though I hit acid-peak level meditation. I asked if I would see snow tomorrow, and believe I received a “no”.

Hail Prince Orobas!


Not only did I not see snow, but a friend on a different continent messaged me today to ask if it was snowing over here :exploding_head:


@DarkGodofQlippa after 8 sessions just asking for the name and not getting a solid clairaudience experience, do you recommend moving to yes / no questions or sticking with asking for the name?


Keep going atleast another 4 to 6 sessions, it’s fine to add a little variety to the menu also like what you did with the snow question.

We’re gonna shoot for the breakthrough session after 6 to 8 more sessions. Orobas is saying you may be ready for it.


Thank you!


Sorry to clutter but I did this method myself, and my first month of training I felt like father merrin from the exorcist asking Astaroth what is your name tell me your name lol. I would try holding the pendulum over the seal you might get some clairsentience feelings, for example I would feel Astaroth holding my hand during the rituals. Awesome job keep on going before you know it you’ll be hearing more!