My Occult forum ambitions

Hello, for the time being I will keep my introduction very brief since I wanted to ask a question but the website is a little bit difficult for me to navigate around, so I hope no one minds me writing the question out here…

To give a quick wrap up of who I am, since I do like to stay on topic… I am literal in my wordings, so note I do not play mind games when working on Occult matters; every word I use has often a literal meaning, and when it has not, I usually capitalize my words… in my circle this is a common practice and I am sure many other Occultists around the globe do the same or are aware that some do it at least. Regarding my name, please do feel free to call me how ever you do see fit. Who I am, is not really that required to comprihend me… Though… if wanting to know some general matters. I am an occultist and have traveled across Europe to meet others like me, and done plenty of stuff, primarily aurating, listening, and researching. All in all one could say I do love to write, too…

That having said, I am looking for a secluded space to set up my treatise and have it eventually ready for reading by interested souls, and my hierophants in the future. The space I am looking for is editable, can eventually be deleted, and has a view restriction. Upon the completion of my project I would like to make my work available to those who do also take time to hand bind it… but that is something for later… for the time being I seek to find a space and set up a space… I have several hundereds of densely packed pages I seek to work out, and many more to come. It will be a project that may take the span of several years. If there where to be possibilities to set up a secluded journal here, I would love to get a response on that matter and further discuss the possibilities.

I have a really bad navigation skill regarding this forum due to the layout, so I also do want to inform I am not able to instantiate DM messages myself here, or do anything I would have been able to do on other forum platforms. I put the content before the platform, since many places I have been to have been quite stiff to me. I have no idea how this place will respond onto my request, but it is something that will unfold itself to me soon.

If a response where to take longer than one week I will assume my request is being denied and it can be expected that I will look elsewhere. If a respone is given, I will consider it seriously.

Yours Sincerely,


Aqua, there are only so many ways to make your posts both visible and hidden. One way is by interacting with the forum enough to get to Tier Level 3 (TL3), which gives Lounge access. Lounge access (and the posts in it) are only visible by other TL3’s. Google does not index or access these threads.

The other way is to make your post unlisted, which means it doesn’t show up in the forum and someone has to have the link to that an example of that is the Ritual Bloodletting thread, which has an invite thread and the “real” thread that is hidden, but not secret.

The only other way is a Private Message, which no one has when they first start out.

If you feel these options may meet your needs, then please do an introduction in the thread here


Thank you for the fast response. Appriciate it. I think TL3 could work out, if the TL3-thread does have a persistant edit option as a possibility, at least for my casus that is, and the option to have threads deleted upon the completion of the project. I would love to stick around till I meet a TL3 requirement, depending on what this does include, I did not find information on what a TL3 is on the website; or I am looking in the wrong spots of course!

In regard to if a TL3, I tend to write periodically and in very large quantities if I work on my manuscript. If there are topics of a more general nature it could be observed as me being very selective and slow to write. If TL3 is based on post count primarily, it will depend on the quality of interaction to do determine my progress; my level of interaction shifts depending on purpose of interaction.

I tend to not collect to advance, my progress I do foresee to be very slow. This is not a problem, I does open up some experiences after all… But, I do have to note a tier would not confirm quality of a reader if I may say so… Therefore, if there are discussions or original thoughts I would love to wait out till I get to TL3 through natural build up of a measurement of activity on the Forum…

But this would not adress the seclusion for the project if access is quantitative in orientation, and my hierophant will most likely not be willing to go through the same effort as myself to build up access requirements to a forum location in a community, I will have to think about this. If the community could read my work on the same level as my hierophant, or better, I will be totally fine to go along. But that will be something I have to quietly experience here to figure out… :innocent:

It all gives me quite mixed feelings, not one I can give a conclusive answer onto. Time will whirl around my mind for the moment I can lay out my horizon here or elsewhere… In regard to my introduction, I have given my introduction. And depending on environmental quality and -presenative I will open up enough to satisfy ones curious mind in time.

For now, I will contemplate on the matter. I expect to know what I am going to do within seven days.


It does not. Someone, like a Moderator could, but there is a time limit. Wiki posts do allow for edits, BUT allow for TL3 edits. Since journals are in a different category, regular posts, including wiki posts are NOT subject to preventing dissenting opinions), you will be dealing with others. There’s no way around this. If you’re looking for only a platform with no discussion or disagreement, this will not be it.

People disagree with me all the time, publicly even, this is part of the culture of this forum. If you’re looking for only a platform without discussion or disagreement (things must remain respectful), then this is not what you are looking for. You will likely need to form you own DIscord or maybe a Blog you control to get that.

They will need to or they will not have access. It isn’t hard. It requires interaction with the forum on many levels. It’s partially what helps cults from being established. We all curate and moderate the content on here, with the only exception being Private Messages, which can be moderated when Global Moderators are called.

If you’re looking to gain and curate a following, a flock, if you will, then please know that they will need to follow the rules, participate to get to TL3 (as you would), and allow for dissent on public posts, including the Lounge threads.

Please let me or any of the other moderators know if there are questions. Those would be @ReyCuervo @Nephenthe and @Veil . I’m the 4th. Plenty of TL2-3’s we’ve known for years that can help with things, too.

Not trying to persuade or dissuade. I appreciate the dialogue and openness. Helps us both, yes?


@Aqua it seems like you’re looking more for a private website? I have a (free) website and I have certain pages that are private and others that are password protected.

While I love the forum and being here, I’m here mainly to talk with others and share some thoughts. If the forum is difficult for you to navigate—which will hopefully get better in a few weeks when you’ve clicked around enough—you may want to consider posting private things first to a private website. That said, some people definitely post book-style threads and they’re amazing to read.

Also though, as @norse900 said, the Lounge is a great place for topics that aren’t open to absolutely everyone and if you interact with the community often, it’s not too hard to jump up a level.



Regarding forum navigation, I am sure practice does make familarity eventually, it does make things more interesting and aids memorisation, personal difficulties aside. If going onto systematical familiarity of forum systems for a little bit, I certainly do love to discuss topics, even my own writings, though in the past I have kept it seperated into forum chambers elsewhere that had a restricted write policy along with it though anyone could in theory do write in there; there they also did call it a Journal somehow.
The main difference was in separation of personal working space and discussion spaces, confessing the first one being quite rare on forums in general due to having the two symbiotically on a forum would require either dense member connections to make it work or an overflow of activity to densify other digital areas on a platform. Those two aside, depending on the extend it could also result in more management, I think a combination of the three is why forums often choose not to include it, but other reasons could also be a possibility of course.

Though I am not out to curate, cultivate or parificate (formal acknowledgement as part of a body in name of said body) a flock, since I have a deep going care for the Heritage and sharing it with likeminded, sharing in my lexicon also including adjusting own and known variables to better explainable dimensional inundation of results produced, read based on own findings and that of others. My ways are quite Flexible on that part.

To shift back to the initial point of the thread, the type of digital restrictions would not make for a suitable journal environment for me personally, so I will have to look for another spot. Being able to discuss topics and have some interactions here would be a nice substitute. One thing I could do, other than general participation in discussions of others, is every now and then offer discussions based on personal extracts of my own treatise… to sparkle my own creativity and figuring out nex topics that I could add to my work. It would by no means have the in depth ways I would have hoped to offer, but it is the least I could do I guess. When my treatise is finished, I will have to come up with a solution such as a private website, as mentioned before in this thread, to accomplish a proper reading demarcation and allow for editorial phases and so forth.