My magick doesn't work

Tried to build an astral temple.
Doing magick there.
Focus again and again.

No results.

Putting all the senses.

Letting go.

No results.

Why is that so hard for me to get results?


I’ll be totally honest with you, I had and still have a hell of a time of a time with astral temple. The better you can visualize the the more real it becomes on the astral. It really requires repeated interaction with it to make it go from existing fleetingly on the astral to be there for a short while to being there awhile and then long term.

I was a really weak visualizer initially. It was a big task for me to master the LBRP abd be able to hold the star in the east still burning blue flame as I went to the the south and made the next star.

Practice really helps.


Astral temple doesn’t necessarily mean guaranteed results over working in the physical, but I will assume you’re doing this because you don’t have the space, privacy, or comfort of performing magick irl.

As with any working I guess I will ask… Did you layer it with other workings? Did you over-perform by throwing too many spirits at achieving your outcome? And most importantly… how long since you performed the ritual(s)?


Yeah i try again and again… Maybe i dont let enough time to magick to manifest?!?


That might very well be the case if you are trying “again and again”. Sometimes you just need to give your magic room to breathe and time to come to fruition.


My suggestion at this point, is to drop the astral temple completely and come back to it after you’ve found your feet. Astral temples can be fun, they can enhance your magick, they can give you a wonderful environment to practice in and they can, in and of themselves, be practice because of what it takes to create/maintain one.

But…if it’s not working for you. Then step away for a bit. You can’t say magick simply doesn’t work unless you’ve taken out certain variables of the equation and replaced them with new ones, or just eliminated them all together. Astral temples can be hard work, make sure your attention/energy is going to the right goals before spreading it out.

For me, my first steps in to magick were with no background, no magick training/education, and no tools. When I began understanding what was going on, I went in search of materials–both some context from the internet and some tools like candles. But I also went back to mostly tool-free magick for a while when I was studying because fire (fires, candles, incense, etc.) wasn’t allowed in the dorms.

So I suggest you take a step back from holding your rituals in the astral temple and put your focus somewhere else until you have a foundation of getting results. You can still spend time there and use it, just don’t do your magick/rituals in there until you’re seeing progress. Then, you can add it back in.


I think you might have found what is not working… Maybe i just put the energy in the wrong goal.

For instance i tried to make a spell to make a friend come back.

I drew a circle, calling the elementals, creating two green candles… And then i let the energy go. Maybe i should direct it to my friend ?!?


You’ve gotta put that somewhere! Magick works because we’re manipulating outcomes and drawing our goals toward us. If you’re pulling up all the power and then just releasing it, you’re not going to get anywhere with your goals. You have to channel that energy into manifesting what you want.


I will keep that in mind :grimacing:

From the spell i gave you above, how would you “order” it?

(I don’t work with any demon, i just call for water elementals and venusian sphere)


Sometimes, I’m afraid some things just don’t work for everyone. There are certain magical practices that, despite how much I liked them, I just couldn’t seem to get them to work for me. And there are others with which I didn’t feel the strongest connection with, and yet worked very well for me.

@Laurel_Spider’s advice is good! Taking a break can be very helpful if your new plan doesn’t work out.


If you’re asking me to design your ritual, you’re not going to get an answer you want. I’m a strong proponent of figuring things out yourself or falling apart trying.

Yes, I absolutely believe in raising each other up and helping one another in this community, but designing this ritual for you, that’s not helpful. You will benefit much more from figuring this one out than you will if someone hands you an answer key. And the reality is, that answer key is just one of many, find what you like and go with that.

If you’re asking for help on how to direct your energy, I have a few suggestions, but these are by no means extensive nor are they the best:

  • meditate more often, there’s a reason this is repeated so often
  • focus on your feelings and where they begin and where they go when you aren’t feeling them/when you release them
  • focus on visualizing where you want you energy to go and it getting there
  • put your hands several inches away from each other and feel the energy between them, figure out how to send that energy somewhere specific

Well said