My invisibility spell

This spell gives a very high quality degree of invisibility that works like a chameleon blanket around the caster. This needs to be done once every one to three months. It is very powerful when used properly.

You need:
Sandalwood oil
16 white tea lights
An athame ( to carve)
The seal of King Bael

Take one tea light and carve on the side “invisibility”, make an image of a half open eye on the bottom.

Anoint this carved candle with sandalwood say “who am I, where am I, which one of these is me? Puzzled be, puzzled be you cannot find me”

Say this 30-40 times while picturing mirror images of yourself surrounding you and displacing you.

Mix the candles so you do not know where the anointed one is.

Arrange the candles in 4 rows of four.

Place the seal of Bael before the candles
Light frankincense and ask King Bael for invisibility.

Light the tea lights

Try to trance and repeat “who am I, where am I, which one of these is me, puzzled be puzzled be you cannot find me”.

Repeat 5-10 minutes
Let the candles burn out


Your intent is for enemies (known or not), right? Hasn’t affected your friends and their remembering to contact you and whatnot, right?

Nice working.


a few years ago I was in significant arrears with immigration in the country I reside in. If they’d have caught me I’d have been deported. I needed time I needed two years to get my business of selling stones and accessories off the ground and come up the exorbitant sum they demanded.

I used this to run circles around them for years.