My Halloween Tarot Spreads

I’ve decided to make a few spreads for the upcoming holiday. They’re all centered around “Halloween Themes”. So there’s a Spider Spread, Ghost, Skeleton, Jack O’ Lantern, and Coffin. These are intended for fun, but they might also handle serious themes. Obviously, use your discretion because I think all serious card readers have their (sometimes very strong) views on how card-reading relates to reality.

While the themes are cute, the cards’ meanings will probably be less fun and enthralling, more spooky, shadow-y. You’ll see some themes of duality (light & shade), hopes and fears, future telling, avoidance of issues, and others in these cards. These are meant to be revealing of the self (or whoever you’re reading for) in a deep way that makes no room for shying away from truths.

I think (most) anyone who decides to try these readings is familiar with the 78 standard cards we read. We might have ideas about what the darkest card is and we might also try to play down those cards in readings for whatever reason. If you’re going to play down dark cards, Don’t Touch These Spreads. They are designed to bring up shadow themes and darkness; that is literally the whole point. The cards are to be taken at face-value. No skirting around meanings and trying to convolute them into something prettier.

If you’ve recently been or are struggling with mental health issues, please be cautious, show yourself some care, and really consider whether you want to engage with these before doing so.

Because most of us are magicians, we might be much more comfortable with our shadows than others are. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a reaction to the card if you are the reading’s subject. It also means that you might need to use a little extra tact if you’re reading for another person. Just because your tolerance of the spooky, shadowy, darkness of yourself and perhaps humanity is high, doesn’t mean everyone’s is.

:ghost: These are not to be published elsewhere, in print or digital format including reposting to other locations.

(The only exception is that I, myself, may publish them in print or digital format elsewhere under my name.)


The Polarity Spider

The head, abdomen, and each leg is labeled with a number corresponding to a card that will be drawn for that placement. The left legs are all odd numbers, and the right legs are even. All odd numbers will be “light” and all even will be “shadow.”

This is a spread that is meant to highlight 2 sides (light & shadow) to 5 different situations. It’s meant to compare, side by side, how all people have within them and in their paths both light and dark regardless of situation, topic, or anything else. The Polarity Spider takes distinct aspects of a person’s life situation into consideration and asks the reader (and whoever the reading is about) to consider how both a light and a dark side to the topic coexist within a single person and their life; it demands the reader be able to rectify gaps between these polarities to understand how they make up and affect the reading’s subject.

Here are cards 1-10 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same or different persons.

The Spider’s Head: As Above.

What you should be aware is happening “above” you. These are things you should consider looking further at, toward, or simply registering as things that are happening and are/will be beneficial to you. They are “above your head,” so to speak and you would benefit from being more mindful of them.

Spirit guides may also be involved in this card. They may want you to see or pay more mind to something. This card may represent best possible solutions and (upcoming) situations as well.

The Spider’s Abdomen: So Below.

What you should be aware is happening “below” you. From (potential) pitfalls, to shadows lurking (whether literal or symbolic). This card shows what you need to be wary of falling into; what traps are lying below your feet and could prove dangerous or swallow you whole if you are not careful.

The Spider’s First Leg: SELF- Light

This card represents the light, the positive, whole, and brightest parts of the self. Of “you.” When everything is gone except you, at your core, this is the brightest you shine and the most “light” side of who you are. This is what attracts people to you (your “light”) and the positive that most people will remember from you even after they’ve/you’ve walked away.

The Spider’s Second Leg: SELF- Shadow

This card represents the shadow, the dark, incomplete, and most sharp or ragged edges of the self. This is likely what you are most afraid of being, and yet here it is reflected back as yourself. This is likely what scares other people about you too, whether they are conscious of it or not.

When you look in the mirror, what are you most scared to see, is this it? Either way, you might benefit from considering (for a few moments, not just a quick acknowledgement second) how this aspect became the shadow of the self.

The Spider’s Third Leg: EMOTIONS- Light

This card represents current emotions that are “light.” They may be widely displayed or kept internal. These are your brightest and most profound positive, light emotions. They are not anchored to a certain, specific life situation but rather are an accumulation of everything going on. How you’ve been feeling at your brightest moments and the feelings that drive you.

The Spider’s Fourth Leg: EMOTIONS- Shadow

This card represents the shadow side of your current and recent emotions. Be careful because this card can get quite dark, quite fast. This is the epitome of your darkness in feeling format, this is the depth of who you are when the lights are out and you’re alone left with only emotions. When the support of all else is stripped away, this is the darkness your feelings live in.

The Spider’s Fifth Leg: ASPIRATIONS- Light

There are 2 ways to read this card. First as something that you should aspire to(ward) and second as the light aspect of something that you are already aspiring toward. Please decide which it will be (for this card and the next–they will be the same) before pulling the cards.

This card represents what you are currently aspiring towards and the ways that it will be (or already is) something positive, joyous, worthy of your time and energy. It is the beauty and the good within your choices, hopes, and their fulfillment.

The Spider’s Sixth Leg: ASPIRATIONS- Shadow

Please see the above italics/first paragraph under “Aspirations- Light.”

This card represents the shadow side, or the dark side, of your current aspirations. It is about how your choices, hopes, and their fulfillment is negatively impacting you, others, or outside situations. This is the deepest darkness of why your aspirations are what they are, it is the bottom in the pit of how these choices can lead you into hell.

This card is not telling you that you’re choices are wrong, it is instead highlighting the darkness that can fester in the realm of wishes and striving toward something. It may also be showing a choice that is not for the best—if you’ve chosen to read this set of cards that way—and/or something you may want to stay away from. The most important with this card is that it is not always meant to be taken literally (although in some cases I’d imagine it is, like for example if your aspirations are in a dark career path), but is important to consider in whatever context you’ve chosen to read this set in. This card has the most leeway on how it is interpreted of the entire spread.

The Spider’s Seventh Leg: VIEW OF CURRENT SITUATION- Light

This card represents an objective (not as seen by the reader or subject’s reading, etc.) view of your current situation through a light lens. What positive, uplifting, happy, good things are happening at the moment for you? What is the best of your current situation and how does it feel to live that aspect of your life?

The Spider’s Eighth Leg: VIEW OF CURRENT SITUATION- Shadow

This card represents the shadow side of your current situation. What is hiding in the darkness (trying to get out and be known)? What is the darkest part of your current journey through life? How is it impacting you? Is it lifting you up, holding you down? Your current situation through the lens of shadows.

This can be helpful with coming to terms with a situation, feelings about it, or letting something go among more uses. It can also be helpful as acceptance. This card is not meant to show you something unchangeable or permanent, but rather to show you a dark side of what is currently going on in your life so that you may address it adequately and in a proper way. Perhaps it only needs to be seen/heard, but perhaps there is more there.


Ghostly Visions

There aren’t any numbers on the ghost, because of the “shape” Halloween ghosts are usually depicted as does not fit my spread well. Cards should just be placed vertically from top to bottom.

Ghostly Visions is a spread meant to draw attention to places where you are ignorant, or lacking in understanding with regard to some basics and/or “senses.” There is an additional card which asks what you are purposefully hiding as well. This spread brings the idea of ghosts’ lack of “being” into conversation with what we, as living people, might be unaware of and in the case of the last card, trying to keep others unaware of.

Here are cards 1-5 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same or different persons.

Card 1: Invisible to You

Halloween Ghosts have eye sockets, but no eyeballs.

This card represents something that you are not seeing (clearly), whether it is intentionally or unconsciously. There is something around you that you are not seeing, but is impacting you anyway. This card will show you what is currently invisible to your eyes.

Card 2: Unheard Voices

Halloween Ghosts do not have ears. They cannot “hear” what is being said.

This card represents something you are not hearing that you are being told or is being spoken about you. Whether it is being said directly to you and you are ignoring it, unable to understand, or it is being said about you behind your back, this card points to something you are not hearing (well enough). This is something you need to pay attention to. If you’re being told something and aren’t listening, that could have many potential consequences. If you are being gossiped about, that probably isn’t a good thing and you should consider what’s being spoken of outside of your presence.

Card 3: Denial

Sometimes Halloween Ghosts deny that they are dead.

This card represents something that you are denying. It could be literal, physical, emotional, financial, or fall into any other category. Denial may be convenient and less painful than acceptance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t challenge it. This card brings up something you are denying so that you can face it and handle it in an appropriate way.

Card 4: Untouchable

Halloween Ghosts are notorious for their inability to touch certain things; sometimes people, sometimes doorknobs, sometimes pens and other household objects.

This card represents the things that are are not touching–not because you do not want to–because you refuse to (put in the effort). This card might be about people in your life, job/career options, finances, or anything else. It shows what you are avoiding and asks that you consider why you are refusing to touch something and what can/should be done about that. While ghosts cannot touch something despite perhaps wanting to, you are in the position of avoidance. Ask what you are avoiding and contemplate it’s roll in this reading and in your life.

Card 5: Your Mask

Halloween Ghosts are often depicted as wearing or being made up of sheets. These sheets mask the ghost’s true self.

This card represents your “sheet.” It can be one of two things, or a combination of both. Be conscious of this before you draw. This card can represent the mask you wear, itself. It can show you what you are using to hide yourself (or an aspect or yourself) behind. The other thing this card can represent is what you are hiding. Some cards may be able to show both. You may choose to pull 2 cards, one for each.

The purpose of this card is to make you think about how you, yourself, are hidden from others. To bring your awareness to why you might be hiding and to question whether your mask, your “sheet,” is worth it? Are you gaining enough from this mask to continue its use? Are you losing enough by hiding (yet) that you need to focus on deconstructing this mask that has maybe been worn for years or even decades? Was this made made intentionally and has it already served its purpose? Was this mask created unconsciously and without your permission? Is it a result of other people in your life? Think on these topics and assess your ghost’s sheet.


Skeletons in the Closet

This spread has 7 cards, 1 for each “body part” I’ve decided to include. The cards may or may not seem relevant to their assigned “body part.” For clarity, I hope and not confusion, cards 1-3 should be stacked, 4 & 5 across from each other, 6 & 7 across from each other, 4 & 6 stacked, and 5 & 7 stacked.

The tarot spread, “Skeletons in the Closet” is meant to provoke questions about secrets from the past. It may also go hand in hand with traumatic situations and the secrets, shadows, and “dead” or “down to the bone” aspects of the self that have come as a result of them. This spread is not as light hearted as it may appear upon first glance; the cards might be hard to read or attempt to understand as they deal with serious topics. The cards you will pull are not meant to be superficial and fun, but rather authentic and truthful to the situation at hand and reality. They are meant to be deep and the ‘barebones’ of the truth.

Here are cards 1-7 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same or different persons.

Skull: Trapped Thoughts

This card represents the thoughts that are trapped–or kept a secret–within your mind. These are things you don’t (want to/often) reveal to others. Instead, they linger in your mind and attempt to torment you.

You are asked to consider why these thoughts are kept secret and how that affects you? You are asked to consider if they should be kept secret and why that might be?

Rib Cage: Hidden Feelings

This card represents feelings and/or emotions that you keep hidden and keep secret.

You are asked to consider why these feelings are kept secret and how that affects you? You are asked to consider if they should be kept secret and why that might be?

Backbone: Secrets that Hold You Up

This card represents the secrets that make you up, that comprise you, that have been the foundations you’ve learned and grown from.

This card might be a hard one to read, not because of the reading itself, but because of what it might signify about your sense of self, your past, the people that have been instrumental to your being, and more. There is much to be revealed here. This card shows you not that you have been made from illusions and not that (some parts of) you are illusion, but instead that things you have always seen as the truth, might be much more muddled than you have previously understood. This card might also call up some things you have been thinking might be falsities. Be careful in your reading of this card.

Left Arm: What You Wish You Could Tell

This card represents a secret you wish you could tell another, or others but feel you are unable to.

You are asked to consider why this is kept a secret and how that affects you? You are asked to consider if it should be kept secret and why that might or might not be?

Right Arm: What You Wish Could Never Be Known

This card represents something, a secret, you wish could never be known by another person–perhaps, but maybe not, also something you wish even you did not know.

You are asked to consider why you don’t want anyone else to know this thing? You are asked to consider how that knowledge–both the secret and that you do not want it (ever) known–affects you? You are further asked to consider what might happen if it were known and under what circumstances you might want it to be known or feel comfortable sharing it?

Left Leg: What You’ve Buried

This card represents something you have buried about yourself. It could be parts of yourself, something of your personality, something from the past, relationships, desires, or anything else that matters significantly to you.

You are asked to consider why you buried this when it was done? You are asked to consider how that affected and still affects you (it wouldn’t be brought up if it did not)? You are asked to consider under what circumstances you might think about or want to dig it up? You are asked to consider who you might present this information to if you did and why?

Right Leg: What Others Have Buried

This card represents something another or others have buried about you. It could be parts of yourself, something of your personality, something from the past, relationships, desires, or anything else that matters significantly to them and/or to you.

You are asked to consider why this might have been buried when it was done and why it remains buried? You are asked to consider how that affected and still affects you (it wouldn’t be brought up if it did not) and the other(s) involved? You are asked to consider under what circumstances you might think about or want to dig it up? You are asked to consider who you might present this information to if you did and why?


Jack O’ Lantern Fears

This spread takes into account fears and reckoning with them. It is 5 cards where 4 pertain to concerns/fears, and 1 card on resolutions.

Jack O’Lanterns were traditionally used to scare away spirits and other “frightening” things. In this spread, the Jack O’Lantern brings up the topic of fears, and also a potential way to handle them. 4 of the cards give insight into things you’re afraid of experiencing or doing, and 1 card on advice. This spread is not meant to be as intense as some of the others, although the cards will be accurate representations of the truth. The cards are placed at integral points of a Jack O’Lantern including the (removable/cut out) top, the eyes, mouth, the light inside the pumpkin, and the pumpkin itself.

Here are cards 1-5 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same or different persons.

The Top: What You’re Scared Will Open You Up

This card represents what you are afraid will open and begin to unravel your secrets. This is the “top” you keep overtop your fears, dreams, secrets, and everything you don’t readily share. This is the cap you keep over your fears to hold them in and out of your mind.

Eyes: What You Try to Scare Away

This card represents the things you are trying to scare away. From yourself, your life, your future, people close to to, and/or many other things. Jack O’ Lanterns were traditionally used to scare spirts, this card is about what you are trying to keep away.

Mouth: What You are Afraid to Say

This card represents the things you are afraid to say. Whether it be fear of speaking them aloud which might make them “true,” or fear of saying them to another person.

Pumpkin: Yourself

This card represents fears you have about yourself. Fears about your current situation, about your future, about who you are.

Flame: Absolution

This card represents a way to handle your fears, and move toward absolving them.


I’ll give it a shot to the coffin when I have the time.

And kudos to you for making your own spreads.


Aww thanks! & Hope you enjoy them.

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These are so cool, thank you!!


I can not emphasize how cool I find these. Thank you for sharing :ghost::spider::skull_and_crossbones::coffin::jack_o_lantern:


@Mythopoeia I’m so happy you like them!! Coming from someone that posts as much awesome and quality content as yourself, it’s high praise for me.

Happy a little boredom last night turned into something fun & festive!


Blush! :relaxed:

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At some point I’ll upload a few more. Probably a vampire, a bat, a spider web (I really can’t resist the creatures), and maybe a couple something elses. We’ll see.

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I really like these!! :jack_o_lantern: :ghost: :skull:

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I’ll be opening up a few more readings on the mega thread at some point (I’m really not sure when) for the next set of spreads. Here’s a preview of them since it seems the last ones were enjoyed and I wanted to do some less fear-based ones.

It is a bit of an effort and does take a bit to write these up and post them. So I’m planning on posting a few today, but can’t say all of them will be up before tonight.

Vampire Bonds - Romance

Vampyre Thief in the Dark - Where you energy is being spent/stolen

Web of Deceit - Things you are lying about and how that’s going

Potions Brewing - Things you are being lied to/deceived about

Bats in Flight - Familiar

Bubbling Cauldron - A future reading spread, what’s bubbling and boiling, soon to be cooked, in your cauldron

Witch & Broom - Your magick


These are so cool!

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Vampire Bonds

7 cards each focused on an aspect of a traditional Halloween vampire. These are used to provide insight into the nuances of a relationship between two people regardless of how “vampiric” the relationship may or may not be.

Curious about your (romantic) relationship? Vampire Bonds is meant to provide insight into several aspects of a relationship including the lighthearted fun side, but also includes more serious questions about what binds people together, what is given up for a relationship, and what sinks in deep. Each label corresponds to a question making a 7 card reading that provides accurate insight about something it relates to in the real world of romance and relationships.

Here are cards 1-7 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same of different persons.

Vampire Bite: What Binds You

Vampire bites are often said to bind a vampire to another.

This card represents what binds this relationship together. It is what binds you to your partner and them to you. This is what binds you into this relationship.

This is the bottom line of your relationship, this is what holds it together despite any problems that have arisen and may arise.

Bite Marks: What Scars

Vampire bite marks may fade, but scars are always a possibility with such things. Furthermore, vampires tend to bite many times.

This card represents what from this relationship has left or will leave scars on you.

You are asked to consider the worth of this scarring, what it means within and outside of the relationship? You are asked to consider if this is something you feel is positive, negative, worth it, too much, wanted, necessary, enjoyed, and/or despised? You are further asked to consider if these marks are painful, why they are or are not, if you want to continue to engage in that, and why?

Remember that tarot readings are not meant as judgement or judgmental in nature. This card is simply pointing to something that is leaving a (likely permanent) mark on you, address this without judgement, with understanding for yourself, and with honesty. Not all markings are bad, but neither are all marking good.

Fangs: What Is Scary

While vampire fangs might be fun and exciting, there’s also a certain fear connotation that they carry.

This card represents something that scares you about this relationship. It could be something simple and standard, or something much more niche. The intensity of this card will vary greatly across relationships.

You are asked to consider if this is “good” scarry, or something that needs to be heeded and walked away from? You are asked to consider how this impacts not only this relationship, but also others, and your life(style) in general? Finally, you are asked to consider what you gain from this fear?

Bloodlust: What Is Desired

Vampires have a profound desire for blood, so much so that they cannot “live” without it.

This card represents what is left desired in your relationship. This is not necessarily unfulfilled, but can also allude to something that you are still currently seeking or desire to (have) continue. Just as vampires lust for blood, humans have (sometimes insatiable) desires as well. This card brings up a desire you have in the hopes that you will pay more attention to sating it, however long that may last for before you need another dose.

You are asked to consider how well you (and your partner) communicate about your bottom line, necessary desires? You are asked to consider how having these met or going without them met affects you, your relationship, and your life(style)?

Cape: What Is Hidden

Vampires use their capes to hide themselves and also at times to transform in order to escape.

This card represents something hidden within your relationship and/or something that you are aware of but pretend does not really exist. What is being hidden from plain view, what is being avoided. Just as vampires use their capes to hide themselves and/or transform to escape, relationships also have their hidden (and avoided) facets.

You are asked to consider if you know of this hidden item (emotion, past, whatever it may be), and why it is being hidden? You are asked to consider why it is hidden? You are asked to bring it into the light, into the open, and explore it with your partner.

Pale (Sun Avoidance): What Is Given Up

Vampires are unable to be in sunlight, when they become vampires they are forced to give this up.

This card represents what you are giving up to be with your partner and in this relationship.

You are asked to consider if it is worth it? You are asked to consider why you are (okay with) doing this?

Up All Night: What Is the Best

Vampires sleep in the day and are up all night going about their vampire business.

This card represents the best of your relationship. It is (probably a large part of) why you are in this relationship, it is what keeps you engaged, interested, and wanting more. This is the fun, lighthearted, happiness you experience.


Vampyre Thief (in the dark)

This is a short 6 card reading about where your energy is going, why, and what you might want to do about about the situation–whether intentional or not. 2 cards take into account where energy is being taken, 2 where it is being given, and 2 are advice on the subject.

Vampyre Thief is a spread focused on vampirism and energy stealing/giving. It helps you to understand where your energy is going when you feel low on it, depleted, or just like it’s running off somewhere else. While energy is not the same as blood, both are necessary for humans to live and it’s important to understand how it’s being used. If you’re interested in knowing where you’re giving energy, where it’s being taken, and a word of advice on the topic, Vampyre Thief will help out!

Here are cards 1-6 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same of different persons.

Card 1: Why Your Energy Is Leaving You

This card represents the most common reason(s) that your energy is leaving you. Whether magick, mundane, or anything in between, this card calls your attention to why your energy depletes when you are neither giving it nor having it taken. This card does not need to signal that something is wrong, it’s simply spotlighting balance’s role in your energy release and highlighting the most prominent reason(s) you might feel low energy. This is a general card compared to the next ones and pertains to your whole person.

Card 2: Where You Are GIVING Energy

This card represents where you are giving energy. It does not have to be consciously or unconsciously, but could be either. This energy is given freely by you although it is not always to your benefit and might be causing some issues. If you are wondering where you’re dropping (spare) energy without trying to this is a good card to take a closer look at. This card can also show you where you are purposefully leaving energy and bring attention to which of your pursuits you are most (energetically) invested in.

Card 3: How to Regulate it being GIVEN

This card represents some advice on how to regulate the energy that you are giving out. While sometimes it might be necessary or wanted to use energy for certain purposes of “give” it in certain ways, balance and regulation are also important. This card presents a specific guidance for regulating the way you are distributing, or giving, your energy (away).

Card 4: Where Your Energy is being TAKEN

This card represents where your energy is being taken (forcefully, without your consent). It could represent a person (pay special attention to major arcana and court cards), a type of activity you do (whether hobby or addiction), or something else entirely. This is energy you are not meaning to “spend,” but that is being drained from you anyways.

Card 5: How to Regulate it being TAKEN

This card represents some advice on how to regulate the energy you are having taken. Because this energy is being taken and not given, this advice should be pretty helpful and it would be useful to take it into considering when you are warding, protecting, meeting with people or doing certain things (who/that may or may not have been referenced in the last card).

Card 6: What Needs to Change

This card represents what needs to change for your energy (levels) to be more balanced and stable. It is not instructing you not to give energy, nor telling you how that having energy taken can be prevented. Instead, this card is offering some insight into a specific way that changing your habits might help you feel more stable with your personal energy.


I love these. You have a real talent for making spreads!


Web of Deceit

8 cards to identify and give some information on a lie you are spinning, tell how it is going, tell how it will be going, and a word of advice about your situation with this lie or set of them.

Weaving a tall tale for the consumption of others? Is your web getting a little sticky for you and making it unable to progress or back out? Spinning lies about important situations that have some high stakes involved? Web of Deceit is a tarot spread that will address these issues for you. It will begin with a card confirming the lie at hand or your deceitful nature on this topic and give some added clarity on the subject you can understand the cards’ point of view. After that, look forward to judgement-free, solicited, tarot advice on how to handle this situation once you’ve been a shown a risk and your prey’s side of the web.

Here are cards 1-8 in order. “You” is used to signify the reading’s subject irregardless of whether the reader, querent, and/or subject are the same of different persons.

Card 1: The Lie at Hand

Spiders weave a web with space in between their silk to capture unsuspecting prey.

What lie is this reading referring to? What lie did you tell, allow to spread, or facilitate? A wideview of the lie at hand.

Card 2: The Lie’s Nuance

A spider’s web is sticky to all creatures that cannot walk it’s fine lines, this ability is their “nuance,” something that adds another layer to their plan of capture.

What is some additional information about the lie you’ve been fostering? Some clarity into what this situation is, what the lie is/was, and some additional context or feeling-related information that can help inform the rest of the reading. This is the main aspect of the lie that will be discussed in the reading.

Card 3: Spider’s Risk

When a spider approaches prey, it must decide if that prey is worth the fight it will put up.

When you lie, you take a risk. It might be small, it might be large. Ideally, it’s something you’ve contemplated before spouting the lie so that you might come up with ways to mitigate damage in case of issue. This card shows you the risk–not that you already taken–that currently stands if your lie comes apart at this moment or in the future from the stance of the present moment. Risk changes as time passes, sometimes it shrinks and sometimes it grows larger. What is the risk you face, now, if this lie comes apart at the seams?

Card 4: Prey’s View

A spider’s prey does not always see the web it lands in, but only because the web is cast wide. What does the prey see as it approaches?

Your “prey” might not be aware of the trap you’re setting, but they still have a perspective on the situation as a whole. This shows their view of what is happening in a broad sense. Consider this card with care, it will show you what they are seeing about the situation as a whole.

Card 5: Prey Caught in the Web

A spider’s prey, once in the web, has a much different perspective. Wrapped up, or fighting, being stuck in a web is no fun place to be.

What are they seeing from within your web? This card is more focused on the lie, itself, and not on the situation as a whole. This card should tell you how they are viewing your lie and ideally how much they have glimpsed into the truth.

Card 6: Struggles of Now

When prey lands in a web, there is always a struggle between spider and food.

What are your current struggles pertaining to this lie?

Card 7: Struggles of the Future

After a meal, or after a fight, a spider cuts its prey from the web to keep it clean and make it less visible from others.

What will your future struggles related to this lie be?

Card 8: The Spider’s Move

What the spider does from the moment its prey is caught to when it’s meal is finished.

What is some advice you will benefit from hearing about this lie and situation? Something you need an answer to, something that will help you moving forward with this.


You’re very sweet! Thanks for the support!!