My adventures in Herbalism

This journal will be my dumping ground of my herbalism education adventures. It will have information I find, oil blends, herbal blends and spell work. This is a place for healing both mundane and Magickally.


I got into the herb, black tea before infants’ school, late 1960s. 1970s I used real coffee and caffeine tablets. In 1981 I got into the herb, tobacco and became a dedicated pipe smoker. In 1982 I discovered the herb, cannabis. I guess I’m an Herbal Man.

Of all the limited herbs I’ve used and tried to abuse, tobacco is the most sublime. You owe it to yourself to become nicotine addicted. My only and abiding regret is that I didn’t use tobacco earlier, like as an aid to weaning from my mother’s breast or sitting contentedly and quietly at the back of an afternoon classroom, in orbit; wasted on nasal snuff.



First off I wish I could pen this as the best comment. 2nd I can’t believe you’re old enough to have seen the sixties! I just don’t get that vibe from you!

In all honesty I am serious thinking about getting into hemp. One day when I have some land I would like to grow it. It does so much and uses far less then trees.


As you travel along your path, everything you do is either discarded or becomes part of your path; nicotine (tobacco) and caffeine are an intricate part of My Path, Magick and life. Nicotine has always been my only true friend.

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It seems I am collecting herb seeds but not really planting them yet. I feel like my life is too chaotic right now to tend to plants. I do have a pumpkin vine growing from my Halloween pumpkins that I should take better care of. I shall check on it tomorrow. I am hoping to start my seeds in the next month and I will post all I am planting before that.